Chapter 60: Lu Zhengyang

Chapter 60: Lu Zhengyang

But when many people began to gather around the coffee shop, I realized something serious must have happened. The first thing that popped into my mind was that it was related to the teenager who rushed by me.

So, I also ran towards the coffee shop. By the time I had arrived, it was already after the incident.

The coffee shop was a complete mess. All the customers were gathered together at the corner, while Suyang had the teenager pinned down with his hands behind him. Shen Shaonu was anxiously kneeling beside Suyang while looking flustered and confused.

As for Mi Fan, she was standing at a relatively safer spot. However, her face was white as she held onto her chest. It appeared she had gone through shock and wasn’t fully healed yet.

My eyes turned towards the *zzz* sound that was bubbling from the wine bottle. The bottle was shattered. If my guess was correct, it wasn’t alcohol -but sulfuric acid.

And his intended target was Mi Fan.

Is this the person Shen Shaonu was talking about?

How deeply must you loathe someone in order to want to splash sulfuric acid on her?

Based on Shen Shaonu’s expression, she probably had no idea the teenager was going to do something like this.

“Customer, we have already called the police. This is considered an intentional harmful act. Customer, are you hurt anywhere?” A staff member went up to Mi Fan and asked.

“I’m fine…” Mi Fan turned to Suyang. “I am his target, so it is not a good idea for me to stay here. Perhaps we can continue our chat in the future, Author Su.”

After her statement, Mi Fan coldly left the scene. Her face was calm like nothing had happened.

“You bitch! Come back! I’m going to kill you! Kill you!” As Mi Fan departed, the teenager struggled and snarled; his eyes were red with hatred.

“Lu Zhengyang, are you insane? How could you do something like this?!” Shen Shaonu shouted as she continuously punched the guy she referred to as “Lu Zhengyang”.

This wasn’t the ending I was hoping for… everything happened so differently from my imagination.

“You know him? Shaonu, this was part of your plan?” Suyang yelled angrily.

“Suyang brother… I didn’t think something like this would happen. He is my friend. Can you please release him first?”

“No! What if he goes insane again? We’re remaining in this position until the police gets here!” Suyang’s face was dark. This was the first time I’ve seen him like this. It was quite unnerving.

“Can we not call the police? If the police comes, he might be detained as a criminal! Plus, Mi Fan has left. I don’t think she is going to pursue charges. I can compensate the losses for the owner here!” Shen Shaonu desperately pleaded.

“This isn’t something that I can decide. It depends on what the owner wants.” Suyang indicated Shen Shaonu to go talk to the coffee shop owner.

The result was that the talk failed…

At the end, the police arrived and took Lu Zhengyang away. Shen Shaonu was too concerned, so she left with them. As for me, I had to finally face Suyang.

“Are you alright?” Since Mi Fan wasn’t injured, Suyang must have protected her. He had to protect her and restrain Lu Zhengyang at the same time. Fortunately, he didn’t appear to have injuries.

“I’m fine. Did you come with Shen Shaonu?” Suyang didn’t want to waste time and got straight to the point.

“I came because I was curious. I didn’t know something like this would happen.” I mumbled.

Since Suyang was questioning me like this, it increased my guilt level. I lowered my head and didn’t dare to make any eye contact with him.

“She’s a child fooling around. How can you also do the same?” Suyang criticized me.

“I didn’t know… I didn’t know her friend would do something like this… it’s my fault for not watching her carefully. I…”

“Couldn’t you have sent a text message to me when you knew she was following me? If you weren’t fooling around with her, then this would've never happened.” Suyang snapped and dragged me out of the coffee shop.

The moment we were out of the coffee shop, I flung his hand off me. “Are you blaming me now? I already told you I didn’t expect something like this to happen. Do you think it was within my control? How would I know the boy wanted to kill Mi Fan?”

“I didn’t say that. But I feel like your actions are very immature. Because of you, Shen Shaonu, and the boy, Mi Fan was in danger. If I wasn’t here to protect her…”

“Isn’t Mi Fan ok? If I could recall, she walked out of the coffee shop just fine!” I didn’t care that others were watching us as I screamed at Suyang. “Do you think I called that crazy child? What does this have to do with me? If I had known this was going to happen, of course I would’ve notified you! Haven’t you known Shen Shaonu for years? Shouldn’t you know her character well enough? Even her brother couldn’t detain her, and you think I can? I feel like I came at the correct time for you to vent. It’s not easy for you to find a woman you’re interested in. But your assistant who lacked vision and two punks ruined it for you. So now you’re in a bad mood, right? Sorry for ruining your future happiness!” I bitterly shouted. I didn’t know where I got the courage from, but I exploded and didn’t leave a single word out.

The more I said, the more wronged I felt. Tears continued to welled up in my eyes and I was no longer able to make eye contact with Suyang. I didn’t care if he was still angry as I shoved through the crowd and left this suffocating place.

That jerk! Asshole!

I was upset at myself for crying over this. I cursed as I walked and kicked a discarded soda can. I pretended the soda can was Suyang and kicked it until it was deformed.

After walking for a long time, I was exhausted.

I went to a nearby park and sat on a swing. I was still boiling mad. I began to mutter to myself, “I thought the child was going to play a joke. Who would’ve thought he would be a madman carrying sulfuric acid? I am so unlucky! Why couldn’t he think of why I was here instead?”

Wait a second. Lu Zhengyang? Shen Shaonu’s friend’s name sounded very familiar!

I spun around on the swings like a fried dough twist as I scrambled through my mind searching for his name.

Lu Zhengyang? The rapist Lu Wenxue’s son, Lu Zhengyang?

I remember now! He was the son of the suspect, Lu Wenxue! That was the case that Mi Fan had reported! It was last year’s rapist case that shook the entire nation!

I remember his name because some disrespectful reporters had exposed the names of Lu Wenxue’s family members as well.

I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I lost control of my feet and began to spin around in circles on the swing.

“Ahhh!” Everything began to look very blurry and my world was spinning. I was so dizzy…

With great difficulty, I managed to stop. Fortunately, my train of thought remained. Could it be that the reporter Mi Fan and the police revealed his father’s sins, so Lu Zhengyang wanted to get revenge on Mi Fan?

No. That can’t be it. If that was the case, why would Shen Shaonu be on his side? From the degree of hatred Shen Shaonu had towards Mi Fan, the story can’t be as simple as that.

Perhaps, there was information I can use against Mi Fan!

For some strange reason, I really wanted to find out what happened this time. People say women should not make life difficult for other women. But I purposely wanted to dig through her past and see what terrible things she had done to evoke such a deep hatred within Lu Zhengyang -to the point where he would want to pour sulfuric acid over her…

Since I was still mad at Suyang, I didn't return home until it was dark.

I stared at my phone. There wasn’t a single text message or call. From outside, I looked up at the apartment. The windows were dark. Suyang isn’t home yet? It's so late. Where could he be?

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