Chapter 59: Watching from a distance

Chapter 59: Watching from a distance

“You entered Suyang’s bedroom?” Shen Shaoqian yelped. Then he turned to me. “You also saw it too?”

I pretended to be deaf as I spread out my hands. Based on Shen Shaoqian’s reaction, he should be familiar with Suyang’s room.

“Shaonu, I’m warning you. Don’t do anything weird. Or else, if Suyang gets mad, even I can’t save you.”

“Suyang brother will not get mad at me over that woman!” Shen Shaonu took out her cell phone and began to look up the address on the piece of paper.

“Oh, this again!” Shen Shaoqian shook his head hopelessly and weakly sat down on the couch. He gave up.

“Huh?” Shen Shaonu seemed to have discovered something. She looked surprised and then frowned. I leaned over because I wanted to see her screen. I was curious to know why her facial expression changed so negatively.

“This place is so far from home….” Shen Shaonu muttered to herself.

“So what if it’s far?” I couldn’t help but blurted.

“Normally, if Suyang wanted to meet casually, he wouldn’t choose to go such a far distance. I have a very bad feeling about this!” All of a sudden, Shen Shaonu acted like a detective as she rubbed her chin and narrowed her eyes.

“What type of feeling?” Since Shen Shaonu sounded so convincing, I was beginning to think like her too. Perhaps Suyang is truly interested in this reporter?

“I told you. I only introduce the ones that matches…” Shen Shaoqian proudly stated from the couch.

But before he could continue, Shen Shaonu picked up the cushion he had thrown at her earlier and furiously approached her brother.


“It’s all your fault! I blame you! Ahhhh!” Shen Shaonu shouted and began to attack Shen Shaoqian with all her might. “If Suyang brother ends up with that evil woman, I’m going to make you die for your offense! You criminal offender! Take this! Take this! Ha! Ha!”

Shen Shaoqian was trying to protect his head. He didn’t have any opportunity to strike back.

“You can hit the body but not the face! Hitting the face will hurt my self-esteem!” Shen Shaoqian hollered.

Yes! Go go go! Left! Right! Right! Left! Haha!  

I was watching from the side and thinking, Shaonu. Hit harder! Ideally, use your fists! After all, I agreed with her. Suyang wouldn’t have gone on this blind date if it weren’t for Shen Shaoqian.  

It seemed like she was tired. Shen Shaonu was panting loudly.

“Where are you going?” I watched her walked towards the door.

“What do you think? Obviously, I am going to interrupt their meeting! There is absolutely no way I will allow that woman to be with Suyang brother. They can’t even be friends!”

Suddenly, I was cool with Shen Shaonu. The corners of my mouth curved into a smile. I think a good show was about to start!


Shen Shaonu and I were hiding behind a scrub around the corner. Out of nowhere, she pulled out a pair of binoculars and closely observed Suyang and Mi Fan chatting in a coffee shop.

Humph! They seem to be enjoying themselves

Speaking of Mi Fan, while we were on our way, I searched her up on the internet. She was an attractive reporter and was known as the Goddess of exposing crime. She was loved by all the people and a great example for newbie reporters. Practically, all the searches of her showed positive results.

Psssh.. Loved by all people? I already know two people who doesn’t like her. Me and Shen Shaonu.

“I came to ruin their date. Why are you here?” Shen Shaonu still had her guard up against me.

“I-….honestly, I’m not a fan of Mi Fan. I’ve disliked her from the start. The proverb says it best, ‘An enemy’s enemy is a friend’. Plus, Suyang is my boss. If Mi Fan successfully becomes my boss’s girlfriend, she’ll probably get rid of all the women around him. Most likely, I will lose my job…”

“Yes. An enemy’s enemy is a friend. You’re right!” For the time being, Shen Shaonu allowed me to inspect with her. “But do you have any idea on how to ruin their date?”

“Ruin their date?” I lowered my head and thought about it. “Why don’t we approach them upfront?”

Shen Shaonu shook her head. “If Suyang brother sees me, he will know I was behind this. We need to think of a way where we won’t be exposed. It has to be natural…..ah, got it!”

Shen Shaonu suddenly thought of something as she took her phone out and made a phone call.

“Hello? Zhengyang? What are you doing right now? I see Mi Fan. Do you want to come? Ah. Yes. Ok. I’ll send you the address and wait for you here!” She ended her short conversation with the person. Currently, Shen Shaonu was beaming.

“Who did you call?” Seeing her cunning smile, I felt like something bad was about to happen.

Shen Shaonu looked at me and the corner of her mouth curved upwards. She whispered in my ear, “The person I called is a friend of mine. He’s also someone who cannot live underneath the same sky as Mi Fan. The moment he appears, I’m quite sure Mi Fan will have much more to worry about than her date.”

“He’s that powerful?” I asked suspiciously.

“Just wait. Soon, the evil woman’s greed and evil nature will be exposed!” Shen Shaonu bitterly declared. I was starting to think that the hatred Shen Shaonu had towards Mi Fan was not simply restricted to her being Suyang’s date.

*Pa* *Pa*!

Shen Shaonu and I were smacking mosquitoes left and right. There were so many mosquitoes in the shrub. But Shen Shaonu didn’t seem to waver at all as she patiently waited for her friend to arrive.

I thought the mosquitoes in shrubs don’t target humans? But I already had two huge bites on my neck. I was so itchy…

I was physically and emotionally exhausted from fighting with the mosquitoes. Eventually, I was no longer able to focus. It was as if all my bites had decided to activate their itch at the same time. I was so uncomfortable.

“I can’t handle this. I have too many bites. I’m going to go to the store to get some anti-itch spray!” I told Shen Shaonu.

“Hmm. Looks like your blood is tastier better than mines? I haven’t gotten a single bite yet. Big sister, your blood type is the O, right?”

“I’ll discuss my blood type with you after I come back.” I turned around and struggled to get up. My legs were quite numb from hiding for so long. Then, I slowly and quietly headed towards the direction of a pharmacy.

I bought a bottle of anti-itch spray and sprayed some on my neck. It had an instant cool and refreshing effect. I felt much better. However, I wasn’t brave enough to return to the shrub again. I was standing on the side of the road pondering what I should do next. Should I go home first? After all, Shen Shaonu seemed to know what she was doing

“Ah!” Someone from behind me ran into my shoulder. He didn’t even apologize. The teenager walked by me with his head lowered. I held onto my shoulder and noticed he was swaying while holding onto a wine bottle. Is he drunk?

“A punk that lacks common decency!” I rubbed my painful shoulder as I blurted at his back view. Suddenly, I felt a blast of cold air coming from behind me. I slowly turned around and noticed a white-haired old man. He was glaring with me with his two bloodshot red eyes.

“Ah!” I was so frightened that I took a few steps backwards and yelled without the intentions of doing so.

He was a bit transparent. It was a ghost!

I realized everyone’s eyes were on me and I closed my mouth. I pretended I wasn’t the person who had screamed as I closed my eyes and hummed a song.

“Old man, you’re so scary. Old man, you’re so scary! Old man, I don’t know you. Can you please not stare at me like this?” I muttered like a broken record. After a few seconds, I felt like there was no movements. So, I cracked my eyes opened.

The old man was gone. He was following closely behind the teenager.

But worse of all, my actions had caught the attention of all those around. Strangers on the streets, staffs from the stores, and volunteers that were passing pamphlets on the road were all giving me odd looks. To make the matters worse, Suyang had discovered me from the coffee shop.

The moment we made eye contact, I thought to myself, oh shit! What should I say if he asks me why I am here?

As I planned to slip away, I noticed Shen Shaonu standing up. But her destination was the opposite of mine. She was running towards the coffee shop.

What happened?

I thought she said she didn’t want to expose herself? Why's she making it so obvious now?

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