Chapter 58: The Shen siblings

Chapter 58: The Shen siblings  

Since the punk was acting so arrogantly in front of me, I deliberately wanted to annoy her. So, I loosened up and casually stated, “I am already living with him. Shouldn’t it be obvious what type of relationship we have? You’re still a child, so you shouldn’t know too much!”

As I expected, my words angered her. She gritted her teeth like she wanted to tear me in two. But I felt great on the inside. Who told her to mess with me on one of my moody days?

I thought she was going to leave, so I was about to close the door. But suddenly, the child shoved me with a surprising amount of strength and directly forced herself in.

“Suyang brother! Suyang brother!” She shouted and headed towards his bedroom.

“Ai! You can’t!” That's a place even I haven’t been in! I ran to stop her. But it was too late. Shen Shaonu had already opened the door.


“Ah…” This was the first time I’ve seen Suyang’s room. I couldn’t help but suck in my breath.

I could barely restrain my laughter. Suyang’s room was totally different from what I had imagined. Since his room had always been strictly prohibited, I had always assumed Suyang’s room was a place where he’d gain inspiration for his writing. So, I imagined he had all sorts of weird things inside.

Instead, he had items piled up at every corner. His room was filled with all sorts of mangas, CD roms, Gundams, and action figures. It was as if this place was occupied by the fictional worlds of anime, comics, and games.

Initially, I merely thought Suyang was a handsome otaku. Who would’ve thought he was an anime manga otaku!?

I was thoroughly defeated by Suyang. I never knew he had this side to him. So, I took out my cell phone and quickly snapped a few photos because I wanted to remember this marvelous moment. After all, I wasn’t the one who opened his room. It was…

Oh shit! I almost forgot that the adolescence love-struck girl was going through Suyang’s things! It appeared she was searching for something in particular.

I couldn’t allow her to keep doing this. So I quickly shut the door and blocked Shen Shaonu. “Enough! What are you looking for?!”

“I’m looking for Suyang brother!” Then, Shen Shaonu shoved me aside and bent down to peek under the sofa.

I was speechless and icily laughed. Is this child crazy? I kindly reminded her, “Do you honestly think your Suyang brother would be underneath the sofa? Even a rat wouldn’t be able to fit…”

“Shaonu, stop it!” A stern voice rang from behind me. I turned around and noticed the solemn Shen Shaoqian. He looked like a completely different person from the drunkard he was yesterday.

Shaonu turned around from searching and guiltily placed her hands behind her back, “Bro….”

Bro? A huge question mark popped up inside me. This girl is Shen Shaoqian’s little sister? Shen Shaoqian. Shen Shaonu…. I should’ve made the connection from the start!

“You aren’t ashamed to come here at all?” Shen Shaoqian angrily stormed over as he seized Shen Shaonu by the ear.

What’s going on? I remained a silent observer.

“You little punk….I finally caught you! Give me back my money now!” Shen Shaoqian still hadn’t released Shen Shaonu’s ear.

“No! That’s my money now. Why should I have give it back?”

“Why does a child like yourself need 50k? Give it back now!”

“No! No!” Shen Shaonu began to shriek. Shen Shaoqian increased his strength and her voice began to turn squeaky. “You were the one who said you felt sorry for me so you wanted to give me some pocket money! You must keep your word!”

50k? Could Shen Shaonu be the person who cheated 50k from Shen Shaoqian? Wow, these siblings are truly something else.

“Damn you! You got me drunk and then stole my money! If you actually wanted pocket money, don’t you think I would give it to you? But you! Tell the truth! Are you giving that money to the boy every month?!”

“Not even….” Shen Shaonu’s aura was clearly much weaker now. “Zhengyang doesn’t have any family of his own. He’s all by himself. So I want to help him…”

Shen Shaoqian nodded and bitterly stated, “Do a good deed? Wow. Amazing. Using your brother’s money to do a good deed!”

“Just let me off this time! Also, I haven’t gotten even with you for what you did yet!” Shen Shaonu retorted.

Shen Shaoqian sneered, “Oh yeah? What do you want to say?”

“First of all, who is she?” Shen Shaonu gave me a dirty look as she coldly stated.

“She is a tenant here and Suyang’s assistant.”

“Ah...assistant!” Shen Shaonu gave me a devious look as she nodded and smiled. “I knew it. Even if Suyang brother was hungry, he wouldn’t eat any radish or salted vegetables. Psssh… you’re just a worker….”

“Don’t! Go! Overboard!” I gnashed my teeth as I growled. What’s wrong with radish or salted vegetables? They taste good and are nutritious! How dare she look down on radish and salted vegetables?  

Plus, they were having a sibling argument. Why am I getting unjustly attacked during their internal battle?

“Shaonu, how could you say something like that?” Shen Shaoqian ruthlessly snatched a cushion from the sofa and threw it at her to teach her a lesson. “You should be acknowledging her as an older sister. How can you say the truth so blatantly in her face?”

Finally, someone helped me! Yay...wait? It doesn’t sound right? Oh my goodness. My young spirit is utterly being tore down by the Shen siblings today.

“Anyhow, bro, how could you introduce Mi Fan to Suyang brother? The moment I found out, I rushed here. Too bad I wasn’t able to prevent him from going.”

“Why are you trying to meddle in adults’ affairs? Stop with the garbage and give me back my money!”

“Humph! Mi Fan is an evil person. I will never approve of her and Suyang brother!” Shen Shaonu yelled.

“Why would it matter whether you agree or not? What makes you think you have the right to get involved in Suyang’s business? Return my money!”

It was quite obvious that Shen Shaoqian only wanted his money.

“It’s all your fault, Shen Shaoqian! You are single, but why must you have to worry about Suyang brother’s status? Worry about yourself first! You’re not young and you don’t even have a girlfriend. Aren’t you ashamed? I heard that mom and dad have been so naggy that you don’t even dare to go home…”

Perhaps Shen Shaoqian felt like he was losing face, because he gazed at the silent me and rushed to cover his sister’s mouth as he warned, “No one will think you’re mute if you say fewer words!”

“I want to talk!” While they were fighting with each other, Shen Shaonu managed to free her mouth and continued, “Even when you get girlfriends, you get scammed. You get cheated money and love. So it’s safer if you just keep your money with your sister! I can be your savings account. You can come get your money when you’re eighty years old.”

“It would be a miracle for me to live until eighty with a sister like you!” Shen Shaoqian sighed, “Shut up! No. Go home with me. I have to talk to you about life!”

Shen Shaonu bit Shen Shaoqian's arm and escaped from his grasp. “I’m not going home until I find out where Suyang brother and Mi Fan are meeting!”

At this moment, I was thinking, can’t you two argue at your own home instead of here? Don’t bother me…

I was getting tired of standing. So, I sat on the couch and crossed my legs as I continued to watch the siblings bicker.

“I don’t know where they are meeting! I only gave Mi Fan’s contacts to Suyang. He is the one who set up the date.”

“I knew it! But...ha!” Shen Shaonu proudly pulled out a little piece of paper out of nowhere. “I know one of Suyang brother’s habits. He has a tendency to write important things down. Sure enough, I found this in his room!”

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