Chapter 57: Shen Shaonu

Chapter 57: Shen Shaonu

I couldn't think of a reason, so I continued to be a hypocrite. “Umm.. go if you want to. It’s not like you will lose a piece of meat.”

Don’t you normally do the opposite of what I say? Go and fight me! Go against me! Use your malicious mouth and devilish heart to attack me!!! Hurry!

“Alright. I will go.” Suyang clapped his hand and decided.

“Thank you, God! I have finally completed my assignment. Thank you, Yixin.” Shen Shaoqian grabbed my hand to show his appreciation.

Hearing Suyang’s answer, I felt like a leaking balloon. I sat down on the sofa in low spirits. I had a bitter smile and wanted to punch Shen Shaoqian’s handsome face several times.

Thank Socialism for saving you. From now on, live kindly! (tl: I don’t get it…)


I'm so sad… Now I've finally experienced the term 'curiosity killed the cat'  

Today was one of the most depressing days of my life. In the morning, I watched Suyang get ready for his blind date.

When we went on our fake date, he didn’t even attempt to dress up! Humph!

Suyang was fixing his hair. “I might not be home for dinner tonight. There’s no need to wait for me.”

“Ok.” My mind was all over the place as I recklessly pounded the keys on my laptop.

“Also, there are no more popsicles in the fridge. Make sure you buy them before I return. I want the mung bean flavour. Twenty of them. Understand?”



“Alright! Why do you have so much garbage to say today? Hurry and go! I'll deal with the stuff at home. You don’t have to worry about it!” I roughly closed my laptop and yelled.

“Why are you….so….” It was rare for Suyang to recoil, “sheesh, I am leaving… why are you rushing me…!”

After Suyang closed the door, I couldn’t suppress my frustrations any longer. I took off my slipper and threw it on the ground. “Ah!!! I’m so annoyed! Ahhhhh!!”

After calming down, I took a deep breath and held onto the wall. I imitated Suyang’s tone of voice from earlier. “I might not be home for dinner tonight. There is no need to wait for me….humph! You think I’m going to wait for you?! Don’t overestimate yourself! While you’re not home, I’m going to eat everything. I won’t even leave a tiny pea for you! Don’t come home for dinner. If you have game, don’t come home to sleep!”

I reclined on the sofa again and opened my laptop.

My keyboard was making kaka noises, and there were a bunch of nonsense characters displayed on the monitor. Did my laptop crash? Uggh, even my laptop is against me.

“No. You need to wake up, Lin Yixin. You cannot like Suyang! He is like the sun in the sky. He isn’t someone an ordinary person like yourself can have. It’s better you give up early and be his honest assistant. Your current life is quite good. Don’t be upset over something like this, understand? It’s not like he’s your boyfriend. You have no right to get angry or be upset.” I stared at my black screen laptop and reminded myself.

But the more that I said, the more upset I felt. By the end of it, I dejectedly rolled off the sofa and laid on the ground.

Suyang had already left for thirty minutes. They have probably met by now.

What are they doing now? Eating? Chatting? Watching a movie?

If they're eating, what type of food are they eating? Could they be dining at a romantic western restaurant? Or perhaps having elegant Japanese cuisine? Or friendly Chinese food?

Suyang seems to be quite interested in Mi Fan. They should be having a great time?! Suyang and Mi Fan….

I know I shouldn't be thinking of them, but I couldn’t control myself. I moaned about my imaginary illness and continuously rolled back and forth across the floor.

I rolled from the living room wall, all the way to the living room window.

Another thirty minutes passed -

“Ah! He had already been gone for an hour! But he still hasn’t returned yet!” I bellowed. Although Suyang told me not to wait on him for dinner, deep down, I was secretly hoping that the door will open the very next second.

Now, I somewhat understood how pets felt when they were left at home by themselves.

*Di di di di* Someone was pressing the door password.

Is Suyang back? I hastily stood up and pretended none of this had happened. I randomly grabbed a book from the bookshelf and hopped onto the sofa as I opened it. I must give Suyang the misconception that I had been reading the entire time.

After after a few minutes later, the buzzer was still beeping, but the door remained closed.

I thought it was strange, so I went to open the door. The moment I pulled the door open, I saw a girl bending down with a red notebook filled with different combinations. She was attempting to try all the combinations.

She was stupefied to see me.

“What is that?” I spoke to her like an adult as I expressionlessly pointed to the notebook she was holding.

“This isn’t Suyang’s…sorry! Looks like I went to the wrong place…” The young teenage girl muttered to herself.

“You are a thief?” I didn’t know where I had the guts to confront her so openly.

“No no!” The girl instantly waved her hands. Then, she looked at the number of the apartment and seemed to hesitate. However, she quickly gave me an explanation. “I came to find someone. But I may have entered the wrong floor. Just in case, is this Suyang’s home?”

This girl looked around seventeen or eighteen. She was wearing a school uniform and had a name tag: Chengxin Female High, Shen Shaonu.

A High school student?

“This is Suyang’s place. But you are…”

“If this is Suyang brother’s place, then who are you?” In literally a second, the girl’s eyes flashed. She went from kind to hostile. In the blink of an eye, she turned from an angel to a devil.

“Oh! I know!” Shaonu smacked her head. “You’re the cleaning auntie, right? Suyang brother is so ridiculous. If he wanted someone to clean for him, he could’ve simply ask me. Why waste money to hire a cleaning maid?” As she spoke, she was about to enter.

Cleaning auntie? CLEANING AUNTIE?!?!

The words collapsed on me like a rock. It was as if they had directly landed on my heart. I was injured everywhere…

“Stop right there!” I blocked the entrance with one hand and refused to let this punk inside. “Is this your home? You think you can enter whenever you want?”

“Auntie, you’re too conservative!” Shaonu laughed at me. “I know the owner of this place. If you don’t believe me, give him a call.”

“You punk. The owner you’re looking for isn’t here right now. I live here and I don't know you!”

“Auntie, what are you saying? Why would you live here?” Shaonu’s eyes narrowed. “What is your relationship with Suyang brother?”

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