Chapter 53: So freaky!

Chapter 53: So freaky!

I felt like I had entered a maze. Whose words were real? Whose words were fake? Strangely, I never saw Xu Weishan’s ghost again…

She was like the wind that had disappeared from my life.

“Why?” After hearing Hong Xiaobei’s story, I went to visit Grandmother Meng. I had my arms on my waist as I demanded answers from her.

“What?” She appeared to be surprised by my sudden visit and didn’t move from her seat for a long time.

“Why is it that the story I heard from the ghost is different from the story I heard from a person? Didn’t you say I could experience her thoughts if I allowed Xu Weishan to enter my body? Could it be that what I saw wasn’t the truth?”

Grandmother Meng lowered her head as she thought about it. “When you allow a ghost to enter your body, you’re only temporarily allowing her to occupy your mind. That way, you can see her thoughts. However, if she has the intentions to lie to you, then what you see would naturally be based off her imagination.”

“She could do that?” I opened my mouth wide. I felt like all the strength had been sucked out of me as I weakly sat down on the chair, “So… I was lied to?”

“Were you lied to by the ghost that you came with last time?” Grandmother Meng leaned her body forward as she leaned forward.

I nodded, “It appears that I was.”

Being deceived by Xu Weishan was like getting hit at the back of my head by a stranger. The more I thought about it, the more speechless I became. “She came to me like a victim, begging me to help her capture her killer. But it turns out she was the one who caused her own death. What the hell?! How could a person be like this…?! Ah! No, how could there be a ghost like this?!”

“Not all the ghosts in this world are good. There are also bad ones. Since there are bad people too, naturally there will be bad ghosts as well.” Grandmother Meng tried to comfort me.

“Why are you telling me this now?” I resentfully responded. “If I had known the information I was shown could’ve been fake, I could’ve prepared myself!”

“I told you beforehand! You probably forgot on your own!”

“Huh?” I shook my head and instantly lost confidence, “R-really?”

“Perhaps, I have forgotten to say?” Grandmother Meng seemed confused herself.

While she was scrambling through her thoughts, I raised my voice, “Of course you didn’t tell me! If not, how could I have been deceived?!”

Although that was what I said, deep down, my memories were vaguely beginning to surface. I think Grandmother Meng had warned me once. At the time, I was probably not paying attention.

Grandmother Meng suddenly changed the topic in another direction. “By the way, how is my treasured grandson doing lately?”

“How’s he doing? The same as usual….he eats well, sleeps well, still has a poisonous tongue and a heart of stone.” I casually replied.

“Are there any women he’s getting closer with? Do you know whether he likes anyone right now? Or maybe….”

Deep down, I thought to myself. Suyang is a fickle person. When he's happy, he would appear to love or pamper you. But when he's grumpy, he would ignore you…. Whoever that he likes will suffer a lot of bad luck! 

“The woman that he’s closest with is me! Granny, am I an insider that you have placed around Suyang? No! On a work relationship level, Suyang pays me a salary. I refuse to leak out any of my boss’s secrets. This is the basic principle of an assistant!”

“Do we have a work relationship? We’re talking as sisters! ….it’s a common topic. Come on. Let’s talk about our grandson.”

I felt a stab in my chest and nearly spat out blood. I had totally forgotten that we were sworn sisters!

“Granny, can you not joke around? Granny, how old are you? How could we be sworn sisters?”

“Being sworn sisters has nothing to do with age. Plus, I’m trying to prevent you from having inappropriate thoughts about my Suyang!” Grandmother Meng grinned. Suddenly, her smile froze on her face.

“What? What? Why did your expression change so suddenly?”

All of Grandmother Meng’s wrinkles were scrunched together. She was motionless. It was making me feel very apprehensive.

“Don’t move! Let me see you.” Grandmother Meng firmly stated as she began to flip my eyelids and browsed up and down.

“What’s going on?”

“Did you secretly try to allow a ghost to enter your body again?” Grandmother Meng solemnly questioned me.

I blankly stared at her, “Of course not! Didn’t you say that I should only do it under your supervision? ….what? Did something happen to me?”

“Unfavourable blood, pale complexion, dark eye socket…”

Deep down, I thought to myself...Are you sure it’s not due to Suyang’s torture?

“Based on your current state, if you didn’t physically give a ghost permission to enter your body, then the ghost must have attempted multiple times to enter your body without your consent. Fortunately, she didn’t succeed.”

Grandmother Meng’s words were too horrifying. I felt goosebumps all over my arm. All of a sudden, everywhere began to feel very cold…

“So are you saying that Xu Weishan secretly tried to enter my body? Why?”

“You dripped your blood for her. That is equivalent to signing a contract. She has the rights to enter your body. From the looks of it, she had evil intentions and wanted to replace you to continue living in this world!”

“So freaky?! Thinking back, there was a time when I was out. Originally, I was totally fine, but suddenly everything became very blurry. By the time I woke up, I was at the hospital. Was that related to her?”

“I think so. You lost consciousness because the ghost wanted to enter your body and forcefully dominate your consciousness. Fortunately, she was unfamiliar with the procedure and failed.” Grandmother Meng leaned back against her chair as she frankly stated.

Who would’ve thought Xu Weishan was such a terrifying person? I was kindhearted enough to help her, yet she wanted to replace me? What’s the difference between this and killing me? 

“So what’s going to happen to me now? Do I have to hide from her forever?” I frantically glanced at Grandmother Meng a few times. She seemed so relaxed that I began to stomp my feet, “This is related to my life! Can you attach more importance to it?”

“Don’t worry….the contract will naturally lose its effectiveness as time passes. Meanwhile, wear this for self-protection.”

Grandmother Meng handed me a necklace. She said it could prevent ghosts from getting near me.

I held onto the ugly necklace that had a ghost drawn on it and thought to myself. Oh God! How can I be so unlucky? I was targetted and used by an evil ghost. What’s even more pitiful is that my life is dependent on a necklace. 

This was the first time I felt like the path home from Grandmother Meng’s was so endless.

Underneath the streetlamp, I could see a drunken ghost. He was holding an empty liquor bottle. It could be a dangerous weapon...stay further from him...stay further from him..

Furthermore, recently, there was a car accident around here. As a result, there was a new ghost around. He had only passed away a few days ago, so he didn’t want to leave this world. I must stay further from him….stay further from him…

Also, I always saw the high school girl ghost at the intersection. She was holding onto her report card. Ah! She made eye contact with me….no…. Must stay further away from her...stay further away from her…

All these ghosts I was familiar with suddenly seemed so evil. Why are they watching me? Do they want to replace me too?

Due to my unstable emotions, I didn’t even look at my hot ghost bodyguard’s face when I had returned back to the apartment.

Remember, my hot bodyguard’s face is his everything! That’s the reason why I keep him around!

Now, I was even afraid to make eye contact with my ghost pets. I had shrank my body into the sofa as I watched them play. Normally, I would be gazing at them with a satisfied expression. But today, I kept thinking that they want to replace me. What if I end up in the newspaper? Headline: Wow! A woman that acts like a dog! 

Simply imagining it was nauseating.

Suyang’s shoes were by the entrance. I assumed he was busy in his own room.

I turned on all the lights in the living room as I continuously stroked the necklace with my fingertips.

For the past 25 years, this was the first time I had encountered a ghost that wanted to harm me. This shock will take me a long time to get over. As the saying goes, “Once you’ve been bitten by a snake, you’ll be afraid of a rope for ten years.”

“Merciful Buddha... Merciful Buddha….” I muttered.

Before my butt could warm my seat, my cell phone rang. I was startled. It was an unknown number.


“I know you’ve been watching me.”

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