Chapter 52: Hong Xiaobei’s story (Part 4 *final*)

Chapter 52: Hong Xiaobei’s story (Part 4 *final*)

Xu Weishan weakly leaned against the wall as she icily laughed. Earlier, she had secretly went through Kevin’s phone. She noticed there was a girl in the photo album who looked exactly like her. However, she was wearing a fast food uniform. It was clearly not her.

At that moment, Xu Weishan felt like she had been betrayed by her family and lover.

She put away her kindhearted image and exposed her true jealous, crafty nature. Xu Weishan secretly vowed that she will get revenge: You two treated me like this. I’ll definitely not let you guys go.

A few days later, Xu Weishan received a text from Hong Xiaobei. Hong Xiaobei wanted to meet her at a very deserted place. She said she had something important she wanted to discuss with her.

“Perfect….” Ever since Kevin saw Hong Xiaobei, it was as if he had gone through trauma. He refused to pick up any of Xu Weishan’s calls. He wouldn’t even leave his house.

Before their appointment, Xu Weishan went to the supermarket and bought a knife. She placed it in her million dollar bag.

The meeting place was an abandoned old chemical factory. Combined with the black, gloomy clouds, it seemed like the perfect setting for a crime to take place.

Based on Hong Xiaobei’s body language, Xu Weishan could instantly tell she wanted to borrow money. Deep down, she hollowly laughed. Now, simply the look of Hong Xiaobei’s face irked her.

“200k? Why do you need so much?” The previous Xu Weishan would’ve lent it it Hong Xiaobei regardless of the amount. However, the moment Xu Weishan thought of her sister and Kevin’s conversation, all she felt was hatred.

I’m begging you not to say this. Please, treat my sister well.”

The more she replayed Hong Xiaobei’s words in her mind, the more bitter she felt.

Was she pitying her? She was actually being pitied by someone so poor and low in society? All along, she had appeared in front of Hong Xiaobei like a savior. She will absolutely not allow their positions to switch!

No matter what, Xu Weishan could not swallow this down. So, she firmly refused Hong Xiaobei’s request.

“I know this request is unreasonable. If it weren’t for a fact that a child I know is in need of an operation, I wouldn’t ask you for the money either, sister. But I really have no other choice. Sister, please help me! I only need 200k and the child will be able to go through the surgery. I will eventually pay you back….” Hong Xiaobei pleaded.

“Pay me back? How are you going to pay me back? Ever since we have met, how much have you taken from me? How are you going to pay back?” Xu Weishan coldly responded, “Also, why do you always ask me for money?”

From the dim lighting, Hong Xiaobei clearly noticed Xu Weishan’s tone had changed. Her facial expression had also turned somewhat sinister.

“Sister, what do you mean?”

“Let me tell you, Kevin’s family is also very rich. If you’re so in need of money, why don’t you take advantage of his gold mine? Actually, no. You two have met a long time ago. You probably already know he is rich. Could it be that you’re doing it on purpose? True. It’s probably not good to step into two gold mines at the same time. You have to wait until one of them stops producing before you use the other…”


“I already know about the two of you. You think I need your charity to gain love?” Xu Weishan violently lifted Hong Xiaobei’s chin and angrily screeched, “You think I would be grateful to you? Well, you’re wrong! Your method is the biggest insult to me!”

“Sister, I didn’t…” Hong Xiaobei didn’t try to stop her sister. She couldn’t think of a reason to resist. She only wanted Xu Weishan to calm down so she could listen to her explanation.

“Shut up. Let me talk. Actually, I should be thankful to you. You prevented me from telling others about your existence. Now, even if you disappear from this world, no one is going to know!” Xu Weishan reached out inside of her bag and took out her knife. She was about to make her move.

Hong Xiaobei frantically avoided the shining knife just as it was about to pierce through her body.

“Sister?” Her eyes were wide. She couldn’t believe that Xu Weishan, her biological sister, was trying to kill her. Hong Xiaobei’s arms managed to stop Hong Xiaobei’s knife from coming down. She was shaking uncontrollably.

“Seeing how you’re about to die, I’ll tell you the truth. I honestly really like Kevin. Considering how much I’ve helped you, please be kind and help me out for once. Silently depart to another world so that he can forget you.”

“You’re insane!” Hong Xiaobei managed to push Xu Weishan’s hand away from her direction. After all, Hong Xiaobei had been working all sorts of hard labour jobs her entire life. Naturally, she was physically much stronger than Xu Weishan.

Hong Xiaobei could vaguely see a sewer behind Xu Weishan. As long as she could shove Xu Weishan to that direction and throw the knife elsewhere, she’ll be ok.

Thinking of this, Hong Xiaobei began to implement her plan.

“You….” Hong Xiaobei’s strength surpassed her expectations. Xu Weishan was very anxious. If she didn’t succeed today, then she'll never have the opportunity again. And if Kevin found out about this, he'll definitely leave her.

Xu Weishan bitterly sighed on the inside, why has she allowed him to affect her so much?

During their struggles, Xu Weishan thought about making a final strike. She desperately used all her strength as she pushed and shoved. Suddenly, Xu Weishan appeared to have stepped on something and slipped forward. Her chest happened to land on the knife that Hong Xiaobei had successfully taken away a second ago.

At that moment, all was silent.

Xu Weishan’s body twitched as she stared at the knife that had entered her body. Then, she fell backwards. She didn’t even have time to say her last words. In ten seconds, there were no vital signs left.

Everything happened too quickly. Hong Xiaobei never shifted from her original spot.

“Sister….” Hong Xiaobei crouched down and lightly tapped Xu Weishan’s body. Her hands were covered in fresh blood. Hong Xiaobei almost lost consciousness as she collapsed onto the ground. “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?”

She frantically looked around her surroundings. There wasn’t even a ghost in sight. In this type of circumstances, how could she explain herself? Regardless of which way one would look at it, she was the killer.

Who would believe her that Xu Weishan had fell over and accidentally killed herself? 

Hong Xiaobei took out her cell phone and hysterically tried to find someone to contact. The only person she could think of was Kevin.

“Save me...what..what am I going to now?”

The moment Kevin picked up the phone, he heard Hong Xiaobei sobbing. Initially, he was at home sulking. But now, he was extremely alert. “What happened? Stop crying. Tell me the story. Where are you now?”

By the time Kevin had arrived, Hong Xiaobei was sitting next to Xu Weishan’s body. Her eyes appeared empty as she stared fixedly at the ground.

Now that Kevin had arrived, Hong Xiaobei slowly opened her mouth. “I didn’t do it on purpose. Sister wanted to kill me. So….so I grabbed the knife. And for some reason, she fell over and crashed into me. And now...what am I going to do?”

It was as if she was narrating someone else’s story. Hong Xiaobei was calm by now.

“What happened to you?”

Hong Xiaobei shook her head as she intently gazed at Kevin and desperately tugged on his sleeve. “Is it because you don’t believe me? You think I killed her?”

Kevin tried to comfort Hong Xiaobei and lightly patted her head. “I trust you. So you must trust me too. I will help you solve this problem. Don’t be scared. Let me think about what to do…”

If they called the cops, no matter how he explained it, Hong Xiaobei was going to be imprisoned.

So in the end, in order to protect her, Kevin brought Xu Weishan’s body to the deserted countryside. Then, from his car, he took some gasoline and poured it over Xu Weishan’s corpse and lit it up. The fire will destroy all the secrets and turn them into ashes.

Kevin turned to Hong Xiaobei. “From today on, you are now Xu Weishan….”

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