Chapter 51: Hong Xiaobei’s story (Part 3)

Chapter 51: Hong Xiaobei’s story (Part 3)

“Follow me!” He forcefully dragged Hong Xiaobei and stuffed her into his car. Then he speedily drove away and took her to his apartment.

“Oh! I have came here before! I remember fried chicken. Mmm where is fried chicken? I want to eat fried chicken….” Hong Xiaobei was on the floor hugging Kevin’s table as she foolishly grinned. She was drooling.

Kevin shook his head. “Ugh, so gross.” He picked Hong Xiaobei up and brought her to his room. After putting her on his bed, he began to straddle over her and loosened his clothes.

“What are you doing?” Hong Xiaobei asked with no expression as she stared at Kevin.

As Kevin removed his clothes, he calmly explained, “Can’t you tell? I’ve thought about it. From the way you’re acting, one day while I’m not around, you’re going to get raped. If that is the case, why don’t we have sex first? So in the future when you think back, you won’t have any regrets.”

“What? Are you crazy? I’ve told you before. If you’re going to do something strange to me, I will….” Hong Xiaobei didn’t really believe Kevin would do anything. She thought he was joking around. So she only pointed her finger to warn him. But before she could complete her sentence, Kevin grabbed her hand and their lips touched.

“You….” She couldn’t hide the shock from her voice. Kevin’s other hand was busy untying Hong Xiaobei’s clothes.

“Release me!” After struggling, Hong Xiaobei managed to free her hands as she began to continuously pound on Kevin’s back. She realized Kevin was not joking with her.

Hong Xiaobei was very frightened. Due to the lack of oxygen, her brain wasn’t able to function well. She began to tremble. Just as she was about to surrender to Kevin, she suddenly became sober. In a moment of desperation, she bit Kevin’s mouth and then kicked him off the bed.


“Are you crazy?” Kevin yelled as he touched his lips. There was blood seeping out.

“You’re the one who is crazy!” Hong Xiaobei shouted. She took a pillow from the bed and threw it at Kevin, “How can you do something like this to me?”

The two of them glared at each other without saying a word. One of them sat on the bed with her hair in a mess; while the other stood with his clothes in disarray.

After a long period of silence, the two gradually calmed down from their impulsive behaviour. Kevin brought the medical box over and handed Xiaobei an ice bag to apply it on her left face. As for Hong Xiaobei, she poured the rubbing alcohol onto a cotton swab and began to help Kevin disinfect the wounds on his face.

“Are you seriously going to continue living like a zombie?” Kevin was the first to break the silence.

“I don’t know.” Hong Xiaobei thought her life was a joke. What's she going to do from now on…? She had never thought about it. Every night when she closed her eyes, it was as if she could see her future -a pitch of darkness.

“Last month, Xu Weishan returned from England. She’s the person who looks exactly like you.”

For a long time, Hong Xiaobei didn’t respond. Kevin continued, “Aren’t you curious about what happened? After I met up with her, she actually confessed to me. What a joke. I haven’t seen her for so many years, yet suddenly….”

Kevin was observing Xiaobei’s expression. “When we were little, she often bullied me…...perhaps I have became too handsome. I guess it’s normal that she’s smitten by me.”

Kevin’s words caused Hong Xiaobei to coolly laugh. “So what? Are you two together now?”

“Nope. I told her it was too sudden. She said she will give me time to consider.” At this moment, Kevin pinched Hong Xiaobei’s chin and flirtatiously gazed at her, “Tell me, what should I do?”

Hong Xiaobei’s eyes flickered for a moment, but it quickly vanished. “Why are you asking me? If we look the same, it means she’s naturally pretty. Plus, she has a good family background. A talented lady from England matches a rich master like you. No?”

“Are these your true thoughts?” Kevin seemed disappointed. He didn’t get the answer that he was hoping for.

“Of course. Although we’re twins, we have different lives. Whatever that is happening in her life is not related to me. At the end of the day, we’re only two strangers.”

“You’ve never thought of meeting her? In any case, both of your adopted parents are dead. You have no one else you can rely on.”

“My reliance….” Hong Xiaobei continued to repeat the words like she was possessed. Her eyes gradually turned dim. “Forget it, she has her own life and I have my own. I’ll just pretend not to know anything. We’ll go our separate ways. Also, I’m already an adult. I can figure out how to live on my own. Right?”

This was all an act. Because deep down, Hong Xiaobei didn’t want to reveal her weakness to Kevin.

However, the creditors began to arrive like a swarm of bees. Hong Xiaobei had just finished paying for her mother’s medical bills and funeral. What money did she have left? Since she had no other options, she went to find Xu Weishan.

That was the first time she met up with her twin sister. Xu Weishan was shocked. After hearing Hong Xiaobei’s story, she realized she was also adopted, and Hong Xiaobei was her younger sister.

Their meetup was very touching. They both took turns telling each other their stories and life experiences. But the one who was deeply moved was Xu Weishan. After hearing Hong Xiaobei’s story, she felt very sorry for her little sister.

“Sister, can I borrow 100k from you? Currently, I have no more money to pay the creditors. I….” Hong Xiaobei really hated how she had to beg, especially since this was the first time they met up. It should be a touching moment, yet she was awkwardly asking for money.

“There’s no need to say anything else. I can help you pay your debts.” Xu Weishan grasped Hong Xiaobei’s hand to give her strength. “You’ve suffered so much all these years. Now that we have reunited, you can share all your sadness and stresses with me.”

This was the first time Hong Xiaobei experienced family warmth ever since her foster parents had passed away. She was thankful God had not abandon her and allowed her to meet such a kindhearted sister.

As for Xu Weishan, she decided to keep Hong Xiaobei’s existence a secret. She never brought up the adoption topic to her parents. She wasn’t an idiot, and knew what was best for both parties.

Eventually, while they were together, Hong Xiaobei found out from Xu Weishan that she was currently dating Kevin. They haven’t been together for long, only two months.

Hong Xiaobei sighed and silently calculated. It was probably around the time when she had put down her pride and contacted Xu Weishan.

After a season had passed and their relationship had stabilized, Xu Weishan finally decided she wanted Hong Xiaobei to meet Kevin. Although she hid it from her parents, she didn’t want to hide it from Kevin.

But thinking of their past, Hong Xiaobei was worried that Xu Weishan would be hurt from it. So Hong Xiaobei firmly rejected Xu Weishan’s request to meet Kevin.

Throughout the past year, thanks to the money that Xu Weishan had given her, she was able to clear all her family’s debts. Perhaps the money wasn’t a big deal to Xu Weishan, but to Hong Xiaobei, it saved her life. Xu Weishan was the one who had rescued her from the edge of Hell. So how could she appear in front of Kevin?

It wasn’t that she thought highly of herself, but just in case. In case Kevin’s mouth slips… case he wavers….

Surprisingly, Xu Weishan didn’t tell her in advance and invited her to the coffee shop. It had been a year, and once again, Hong Xiaobei saw the person sitting by the window.

From time to time, she would think of him…

Hong Xiaobei quickly left. The next day, she personally contacted Kevin. Their meeting was not warm or sweet. They didn’t even say hi.

Hong Xiaobei instantly declared her position and concerns. “Let’s pretend we don’t know each other. I don’t think we should ever see each other regardless of how strongly my sister push for it. If we meet, it’ll be bad for everyone.”

Kevin massaged the side of his head. Hong Xiaobei’s words had triggered a headache. He bitterly responded, “After a year, you purposely contacted me only to say this?”

“Yes, I’m afraid that we might accidentally meet one day. So I wanted to discuss with you first.”

“I’m not as stupid as you think I am!”

“Oh really? I forgot….well, I’m going to go now.”

“Wait!” Kevin held onto Hong Xiaobei, “Are you cutting all ties with me now?”

“You should cut all ties with me. I don’t want my sister to misunderstand us. After all, you two are together now.”

“Misunderstand? What is there to misunderstand? Since you guys have reunited, I can also bravely tell you the truth. I like you. Clearly, I liked you first. I’m only with her because you never gave me a reply and kept ignoring me. What? Now, I am going to tell her that for the past year, you were her replacement!” Kevin hollered.

Hong Xiaobei didn’t know why Kevin had become so enraged all of a sudden. But hearing his shameful words truly worried her. “Shut up! I’m going to pretend I never heard what you said. Don’t ever say something so ridiculous again!”

“You still kept my number. Doesn’t that show something? If you really didn’t want to remain in touch with me, then why didn’t you delete it?” Kevin angrily retorted.

Kevin had actually inserted his number into Hong Xiaobei’s phone without her knowledge. Hong Xiaobei realized it after she got home last year when she noticed his number in her contact list.

Originally, she was going to delete it. But ultimately, she never ended up pressing the delete button.

“Hong Xiaobei, I’m not afraid to tell you. Yet, you’re afraid to admit it. I give you my true heart yet you refuse to see it. I’ve had enough. For the past year, the whole time I've been with Xu Weishan, she had always been your shadow…”

Hong Xiaobei’s appearance was like an explosive device. Without warning, all of Kevin’s hidden thoughts erupted.

“Please, I’m begging you not to say these things. And please, I’m requesting you to treat my sister well.” It sounded like a pleading and warning at the same time.

After this, Hong Xiaobei left. Kevin didn’t stop her. As Kevin gazed at Hong Xiaobei’s back view, he felt very depressed.

They both thought it was their last time meeting, but unexpectedly, their conversation was overheard by Xu Weishan. She had been following Kevin.

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