Chapter 48: What the hell!?!?!

Chapter 48: What the hell!?!?!

The moment I uttered those words, the fake Xu Weishan had a huge reaction. Without warning, she stood up with her fists clenched as she glared at me with her bulging eyeballs.

Her extreme reaction surprised me and I was scared. But fortunately, this was the hospital. She couldn’t do anything to me in a public space.

Suddenly, the fake Xu Weishan’s cell phone rang, and it shattered the tense atmosphere between us. She picked up her phone and gazed at it for a few seconds. Then, she let out a sigh and seemed to have calmed down. After hesitating for a bit longer, she finally made up her mind and reached for her jacket as she turned to me. “Let’s go out and have a talk.”

Seeing her initiate made me panic a little. Was it because of her cell phone?

“Why can’t we talk here?” I mumbled.

“There are people here. We need to go to a quieter place. After all, our conversation isn’t something that should be broadcasted to the public.”

I gulped down my saliva and tried to remain calm. Quiet place….. what type of quiet place? 

I was hoping to find a noisy area. For example, the food market.

The type of quiet place she meant turned out to be a coffee shop near the hospital.

I guess that was fine. Although there weren’t many customers at this hour, at least there were service workers there. If something happened to me, I could be saved. Also, I was close to the hospital.

On our way to the coffee shop, the fake Xu Weishan was shaking a lot. I was honestly worried she was going to lose consciousness. So the moment we arrived, the first thing I did was order a dessert for her. She had been taking care of Xiao Xin all day, I was certain that she hadn’t eaten.

“I can’t stay here with you for too long. I need to take care of Xiao Xin.” The fake Xu Weishan’s voice was barely audible.

“I know. I won’t take too much of your time; just the time it takes for you to finish the cake. After you’re done eating the cake, our talk is over.” The dessert had arrived, and I pushed it to her.

“Ever since the first time I met you, I already knew you were different from the others.” The fake Xu Weishan took a fork and jabbed through the cake. The silky smooth chocolate from within continuously flowed out.

I really want to eat it….

I attentively gazed at Xu Weishan as she took her first bite. I held onto my breath and asked, “What type of feeling is it?”

“Like it was meant to be.”

“Meant to be? Your encounter was destined….is it sweet and soft??”

“Huh?” The fake Xu Weishan was confused by my words. “What is sweet and soft?”

“Oh….” I sluggishly stared and pointed at the cake, “It’s very delicious, right?”

*Pa!* The fake Xu Weishan slammed her cell phone in front of me. I was so intimidated that I was instantly pulled out of my chocolate cake world and brought back to reality. I glanced at her cell phone, confused. I began to shift my body backwards. “What are you trying to do?”

The fake Xu Weishan unlocked her cell phone in front of me. Then, she opened her latest text message. It was the one she was reading earlier. Kevin had sent her something:

I think Bai Silu knows something. She came with Weishan’s bracelet. We must be prepared. 

W-....what!?!!??!?!!? I felt like I had been betrayed by Kevin. I was so stunned that I couldn’t close my mouth. K-Kevin knew all along this Xu Weishan was fake!? They were working as a duo!?!? I-I was fooled?!

“Are you here to represent my sister? Represent the real Xu Weishan to demand repayment?” Xu Weishan gave me a bitter smile. It was very different from her usual strong attitude.

“What the hell is going on? What do Kevin’s words mean?” I tightly gripped onto my coffee cup. I needed security. After seeing Kevin’s text message, I felt all the blood in my body running cold.

“I have a story. It’s about a pair of twins. Do you want to hear?” The fake Xu Weishan lightly tapped her drinking glass and a clear crisp sound rang out.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“My real name is Hong Xiaobei…..”

Just like that, I began to listen to the twin’s true story.

During the spring of 21 years ago, a pair of twins were born in this city. To most families, this would be a great news to celebrate. But to the mother of the twins, this was like thunder on a clear sky. Originally, she was already a single mother. Now, she had two children to raise instead of one. For a jobless woman like her, this was undoubtedly a very heavy burden.

Not long after giving birth, a financial backer said to her, “As long as you’re willing to give up your children and follow me, I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life.”

Because of this line, two infants were left crying outside of the city’s orphanage underneath a broken umbrella on a rainy night.

It was fate.

The younger sister was first adopted by an average family. A week later, the older sister was adopted by a wealthy family. The sun rose and set. Spring left and autumn came. One of them carried an old backpack and enjoyed eating snacks at a vendor stall after school, while the other carried the latest brand name bag and enjoyed the attention and love of all the influential business people of the world. The two sisters lived under the same city without knowing each other’s existence for 19 years.

The older sister’s name was Xu Weishan, while the younger one was Hong Xiaobei.

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