Chapter 47: Confronting the fake Xu Weishan

Chapter 47: Confronting the fake Xu Weishan

I passionately finished my story and lifted my head to gaze at Kevin. His expression was grim. Surely, he must have sensed something was wrong by now.

“Kevin, have you notice the person around you….”

“Lin Yixin!”

While I was in the middle of my sentence, I was suddenly interrupted by an explosive voice. All the emotions I had built up instantly vanished. Not to mention, I was so startled that I quivered and fell over lopsided. Kevin and I craned our necks towards the source of the fury. Suyang had kicked and destroyed the door and was aggressively storming in our direction.

Suyang made a beeline en route to me. Due to his speed, he brought along a breezy wind. When he crouched down in front of me, there was another breeze and my loose hair swayed along.

The moment he had arrived, he began to lift my arms and legs to inspect me. “Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” He asked frantically.

“Of course I am fine. What happened? How come you’re so out of breath?” I held onto Suyang’s hand and he dragged me up from the ground. With my other hand, I patted the dust off my butt.

Suyang didn’t respond. He didn’t release my hand either. Instead, he placed me behind him and sternly confronted Kevin. “The basketball court is a public facility. How can you lock the doors? The cost of the door can be written off. Your family has connections with the school, right? You guys fix it.”

Kevin didn’t have a reaction. He has been in a dazed state ever since listening to my story. I was quite certain he wasn't able to process Suyang’s words at the moment.

I should give him some space. Perhaps he'd be able to connect the dots.

As for Suyang…

I secretly glanced at the hand that Suyang was holding. I leaned forward and whispered over his shoulder, “Were you afraid something had happened to me, so you purposely came to save me?”

Honestly, I was only teasing. My goal was to loosen the heavy atmosphere.

“Yes, I came because I was concerned about you. I saw this guy dragging you away from the monitoring room. I thought something bad was going to happen, so I rushed here.” Suyang frankly admitted. I was left speechless.

“Uh...oh…” I lowered my head and swayed my body left and right. Deep down, my heart was blossoming.

Suyang was concerned about me. I could still recall how he ran over gasping for his breath. Aww, just how anxious was he!?

“Let’s go. There’s no point of you staying here. Plus, you’re no longer a student here.” As Suyang spoke, he released my head and walked towards the door.

Suyang’s sudden release made me feel a sense of loss. I remained standing stiffly at my original spot. I felt like an important part of my heart had been taken away. It felt so empty.

Seeing how I wasn’t following him, Suyang stopped walking and turned back to yell at me, “Why are you standing like a fool? Follow me!?”

“Uh...oh…” I discontentedly headed towards Suyang. But I turned around to take a quick glimpse of Kevin. Was it my misconception? How come his rear view seemed so distressed?

While I was observing Kevin, Suyang appeared in front of me like a ghost. He urged, “You’re still not leaving?”

“You’re blocking me!” I wanted to confirm my view on Kevin, but Suyang spread his arms and stopped me.

“Move!” When I tried to take a look on my right, he would block me on the right. When I tried to go left, he would block my left.

I don't know why he was acting like this…

Anyhow, after a lot of nagging and shoving, I was kicked out of the school by Suyang.

“Go home! Hurry up and go home!” Suyang yanked me by the arm and flung me out of the school. He stood by the gate entrance and waved like I was a dog.

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

“I have one more class to teach in the afternoon. You return first.” Suyang gave me a bright smile, and my entire world lit up.

“Be good. Behave and go home. Stop wandering around! This is your boss’s order. Understand?” Suyang emphasized his tone.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, boss. I will behave and obediently return home….”

Although these words exited my mouth, my internal thoughts were the opposite. When was I ever obedient? Suyang’s teaching time is my vacation time!

After saying goodbye to Suyang, I took the public transportation to Xiao Xin’s hospital. Ever since the day he spat blood and collapsed in front of me, I’ve been worrying about him. I kept wanting to find an opportunity to visit him.

(At the hospital)

After asking around, the nurse gave me Xiao Xin’s ward. From the window, I could see that his bed was the closest one to the window. The weak Xiao Xin had his eyes tightly shut as he laid on the bed. Sitting next to him was the fake Xu Weishan. Who knew how long she had been there for. She was currently lying down to rest.

Dazzling sunlight broke through the window and gently spilled over the two of them. Another patient beside Xiao Xin was afraid to wake them up, so he was trying to turn over very awkwardly. As I observed from the outside, I couldn’t help but chuckle from this hilarious scene.

To Xiao Xin, she was a good sister.

From time to time, a thought would appear in my mind. Should I just let her go?

The real Xu Weishan’s body had already been turned into ashes. In addition, after so long, no one seemed to have found the fake Xu Weishan suspicious. She must be a wonderful actress. Who would believe my words?

Should I just let her go?

Whenever I see the relationship between the fake Xu Weishan and Xiao Xin, there would always be a bitter taste in my mouth.

Should I just let her go?

But what about the real Xu Weishan? She was a wandering ghost because of resentment. She was still here because her wish hasn’t been granted yet.

If only I didn’t have the ability to see ghosts...

I lightly pushed open the door and walked towards Xiao Xin’s bedside. I secretly lifted the blanket and noticed that the fake Xu Weishan was holding onto Xiao Xin’s hand the entire time. The fake Xu Weishan’s face was very pale. She looked completely opposite of her regular well put together self. Her eyes were closed, and her eyebrows were knitted. She looked so withered that I felt merciful.

I couldn’t help but keep forgetting that she was indeed a killer.

I stood there for quite some time watching them. Suddenly, the fake Xu Weishan appeared to sense my presence and her body shifted a little. She lifted her head and made eye contact with me.

Her eyes were red. It looked like she was on the verge of crying. When she saw me, there was a flash of shock. However, she quickly recovered. “Why are you here?”

“I have been waiting for a while. Let’s have a chat.”

“I have nothing to talk to you about.” The fake Xu Weishan rejected me. She made it clear that she wasn’t interested in speaking with me at all.

“Are you honestly going to live like this forever? Using someone else’s identity?”

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