Chapter 40: The discovery

Chapter 40: The discovery

Suddenly, I realized Xu Weishan was missing. She came with me, was it ok she didn’t return with me? Being a ghost was sure easy. She could get to places in a whoosh.

Shortly after, Suyang entered the car. On our way home, we didn’t say a single word to each other. I honestly couldn’t take the silence, so I pressed down on a radio station to listen to the broadcast.

“This is…..”

The host’s voice just came on, but Suyang turned it off.


“I don’t like listening to broadcasts.” Suyang responded. He had reverted back to his cold state again. He was no longer the warm and smiley Suyang who patted my head. How could a person change so quickly?

“Don’t look at me like that.” Perhaps Suyang was uncomfortable by my resentful gaze.

“Boss, don’t you think it’s a pity?”

“What’s a pity?”

I was thoroughly defeated by him, “Um...becoming a professor and enrolling me into the University. It must have required a lot of work for you to get us this far. Are you actually ok if I quit?”

“So are you implying you want to continue going to school?”

“No no no! Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding!! That’s not what I meant...I’m just curious, and wanted to ask.” I violently shook my head back and forth. I didn’t expect my casual sentence would push me so close to the overhanging cliff.

“The school had invited me a while back to be the literature visiting professor. It isn’t as complicated as you may think.”

I was stunned, and decided to ask all the questions necessary to get things clear. “Boss, based on your age, you shouldn’t have completed a Ph.D degree yet. How could you be a visiting professor? Also, boss, what type of author are you? I went on the web to search your name but I couldn’t find anything…”

“You went on the web to search my name?” Suyang raised his brow and looked at me.

“Don’t misunderstand! I was only curious! That’s why…!” I blurted. I tried my best to make myself seem less pathetic.

“Also, who says I don’t have a Ph.D degree?”

“But you're only….”

Suyang snorted, “Humph, you still can’t accept the fact that I’m a genius? I received my doctoral degree at the age of 24. Ha, commoner….” Then, he shot me a glance.

Oh, sorry! My clumsy eyes failed to see you were a genius. As expected, there was a fine line between a genius and a madman.

“I feel very relieved to hear you say this. I was afraid if I resigned from school, I would have wasted all your efforts… little did I realize you are such a man of talent!” I sarcastically emphasized the words 'man of talent'.

“It’s good that you know your boss is a genius. From now on, you should treat me better.”

“Yes….on Monday, I’m going to resign from school!” I couldn’t conceal my smile; the main reason was because I could quit school, the other was due to Suyang’s excessive self confidence in himself. It was quite amusing. He probably had no idea how ridiculous he looked when he praises himself!

“By the way, I have something else I need to do. You go home and rest first. Can you take care of yourself? Do you want me to call Shen Shaoqian over?” Suyang asked. The car had just entered our city.

“Don’t call him! I'll be fine. Also, I’m your assistant. Why can’t you tell me what you’re doing? Why can't I come with you?” I carefully pressed.

Suyang didn’t budge. “No need. You go home first. This is your boss’s command. Plus, don’t you always want to slack off?”

“No….” I mumbled quietly. Then, I swallowed down the words that I had wanted to say. Suyang was being considerate of me. But whenever it came to anything outside of his work, he would always maintain a clear distance between us. I may be his personal assistant, but he only gave me permission to deal with the trifle matters of his life.

Was he too cautious? Or I wasn’t deemed as trustworthy in his eyes?  

After Suyang took me home, I curled up on the sofa by myself as I watched my ghost cat and dog fight each other. All the window curtains were pulled up and it was a dusky kind of atmosphere. The setting allowed me to deeply contemplate on my thoughts.

For some reason, I felt like there was an invisible screen called 'no trust' between us. I was Suyang’s assistant, yet I wasn’t allowed to ask or know anything above his work. My teeth were restless as I began to chew on my fingernails. My eyes turned towards Suyang’s bedroom.

Suyang had never allowed me to enter his bedroom. What was inside? What secrets do Suyang have hidden? I had no idea. Then, I snapped out of my zone. When did I start to care so much about these things?

I recalled reading from a book: When you fall for someone, you will notice everything about him. You will notice how he treats you, the methods he’d use, his attitude, and so on. That was my current situation.

As I thought about it, I felt like there was a fire burning from within me. I couldn’t set it free, neither could I suppress it.

While I was feeling very fretful, a pair of empty eyes stared at me from across the kitchen door. It was Xu Weishan. She was currently lying behind the door and secretly peeking at me through the gap. Huh? When did she become so modest? 

“What’s wrong? Why are you watching me?” I quietly asked.

Xu Weishan appeared to hesitate a little. Then, she floated towards me with a conflicted expression. After a few moments later, she floated towards the entrance and signaled at me to follow. I think she wanted to take me somewhere.

I sighed. Since I had promised to help her, I must keep my words even if I had to beg others.

After putting on a thin jacket, I followed Xu Weishan and walked for a long time under the chilly night. Then, we took the public transportation for an hour before we arrived at a deserted area. I looked around my surroundings and noticed there was only darkness. There were also some unknown insects making their insect noises. It was awfully frightening.

“Why are we here?” I shivered as I timidly asked.

Xu Weishan disregarded my question and continued to lead the way. There were no streetlights around, so even though her motive was unknown, I could only continue to follow her.

Suddenly, she stopped and pointed at the ground beneath her feet.

“What?” I followed her hand gesture around her ear as I blinked my eyes and came to a realization, “You want to tell me there is something here!?”

Xu Weishan nodded slowly. She shifted over to give me room so that I could attentively observe the area. I turned the flashlight on from my cell phone and noticed the soil at that particular spot was indeed softer than the soil around its area. Using the flashlight, I could see that there weren’t any plants or weeds growing on top of it.

I crouched down and asked Xu Weishan. “If I had known earlier, I would have brought some tools with me. You want me to dig this with my bare hands?!”

She didn’t reply for a long time, so I gave up. I rubbed my hands together and lifted up my sleeves. Then, I began to dig with my hands. Fortunately, whatever that was buried under wasn't buried too deeply. After digging a hole of around ten centimeters deep, I felt a hard object.

I borrowed the light from my flashlight and picked up the item with my hand. It was a silver bracelet.

It looked so familiar. Have I seen it somewhere? I scrutinized it. Ah! I remember now! When I was possessed in Xu Weishan’s body, I had seen it before. This was the silver bracelet that Kevin gave her!

I looked on the inside of the bracelet. Sure enough, Kevin and Xu Weishan’s names were engraved on it.

If the silver bracelet was here? Does that mean Xu Weishan’s body was also here? So, after she killed her older sister, she brought the body to this desolate area and then attempted to destroy the corpse? 

The more I thought about it, the colder the breeze felt from behind me. This was a good place to get rid of corpses. If I end up encountering an evil spirit, that would be bad. I hesitated as I swallowed down my saliva and turned to negotiate with Xu Weishan. “How about we come back tomorrow?”

She shook her head.

Fine, I’ll follow her instructions and find her corpse. 

There were two reasons why the fake Xu Weishan had still not been discovered. Firstly, she looked exactly the same as her twin sister. Secondly, the real Xu Weishan’s body hadn’t been found.

The moment I realized Xu Weishan’s body may be under my feet, I began to feel very shaken and uneasy. I found a random wooden stick around me and began to dig at the same spot that I had discovered the silver bracelet. After digging for another twenty centimeters or so, the wooden stick struck a metal box. There was a “ka” sound.

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