Chapter 37: 24 hours date (Part 1)

Chapter 37: 24 hours date (Part 1)

If there was a person that would feel no sense of guilt from brutally forcing me awake, that person would certainly be Suyang. It wasn’t only because I was his assistant, mainly because he lacked human emotions. He was an abnormal embryo who didn’t know how to put himself in the position of others…

“Ah!! Go back to your room!” I finally couldn’t stand the noise that Suyang was making. I reached my hand out of my blanket and randomly threw an item at him. He was standing outside of my bedroom door.

The knocking finally stopped.

I poked my head out of my blanket to investigate as I stared at the direction of my door. The tightly shut door was opened just a crack. I could also see Suyang’s resentful expression.

*Dong dong dong dong* the knocking continued once more. He was like a woodpecker.

“Honestly, what do you want?” I snapped as I took a quick glimpse at the cell phone next to my pillow. It was midnight. I got up in a whoosh and made up my mind. Fine! You won’t let me sleep? Then let the damage be done to both of us! 

“Get up!” Suyang ordered. At least the knocking finally stopped. But seeing half of Suyang’s head was even more terrifying.

“If you want to come in, then come in! Stop standing outside and pretending to be a ghost!” I roared. “Boss, even if I’m your employee, you can’t be like this!? Don’t you know I have been severely sleep deprived because of you? Do you have any idea how important sleep is to a woman?”

Suyang disregarded my anger and put on a solemn face. “Don’t put the blame on me just because you look old.”

He entered my room and happened to step on the item that I had randomly thrown at him momentarily ago.

It was my undergarment.

We both blankly stared at it. In a split second, Suyang’s expression froze. His mouth was opened; the wings of his nose enlarged, and his pupils magnified.

In the next second, he whirlwind kicked my undergarment. I watched as my pink undergarment flew in the air like an arc. I never thought something like this would happen.

I. Swear. I. Was. Honestly. Throwing. Something. Random…

Suyang’s swaying pupils made eye contact with me. I felt ashamed and quickly hid underneath my blanket and hollered, “You! Get out!”

“You’re a young woman! What kind of young woman would randomly throw something like this…” Suyang sighed, “Who is going to marry you if you’re like this?”

“None of your business! Get out! I need to sleep!” I grumbled. However, I heard Suyang’s footsteps getting closer and closer. He began to shift my blanket. “Don’t come here!”

“You’re a young lady, how can your temper be so fiery?” Suyang still refused to leave me alone. He didn’t show any signs of leaving.

“Boss, today is Sunday. Even assistants can get public holidays off, right? Can’t you just let me sleep? Is it that difficult?” If I can’t get my way by being rough, I’ll be soft. I began to plead nicely with Suyang.

“Today is Sunday. It is the day we go on a date. Don’t forget. You lost last time.”

I didn’t say a word.

“Lin Yixin, did you hear what I said? Hurry and get up. We have to get going.”

I didn’t want to hear to Suyang’s voice, so I covered my ears.

“Lin Yixin, I’m going to count to three. If you don’t get up, I will have no choice but to use force!” Suyang warned. He grabbed the blanket and was about to lift it.

No! He can’t lift the blanket! At this rate, I have no face to face him! ….I refuse to let him lift the blanket no matter what! 

I forcefully held onto the corners of my blanket. I used all the strength I had since birth to resist Suyang. Perhaps my determination was too strong, so Suyang couldn’t do anything to me.

“Wait until after I’m awake. Be good! Waiting for the ladies is an important lesson that all gentlemen must go through. It is unavoidable for men to wait for women on a date!” I don’t even know what I was saying anymore. All I wanted was for Suyang not to lift the blanket.

Right now, the only person I wanted to go on a date with was the God of Dreams.

“No, I guess I have no choice but to take emergency measures.” Suddenly, I didn’t feel Suyang’s presence anymore. A second later, I felt something drilling inside my blanket.

I heard “one, two.” Then, my entire body was in the air. Although I was still hidden beneath my blanket, I was confident that Suyang had lifted me and the blanket up together.

I silently sighed on the inside. Who would have thought such a skinny guy would have so much strength? However, a part of me didn’t believe he could maintain this. So, I tightly gripped on the blanket with both hands. I was afraid to be dropped.

“Ai ai ai! Put me down! Put me down!” With the blanket between us, I smacked Suyang.

“Are you awake now?”

“I’m awake! Awake! Now, put me down!”

Suyang immediately released me and my entire bundled body fell onto the ground. I poked my face out of the blanket and breathed in fresh air. I could see Suyang above my forehead. He raised his hands and calmly said, “I put you down.”

“Are you crazy? Do you want me to die from the fall?” I scrambled up with difficulty as I punched Suyang with my weak fists. “What time is it right now? Why must we go on a date at this time? Are you a lunatic? Are we going on a madman date?”

My attack seemed to have no effect on Suyang at all. He looked down at his watch and stated, “You have already wasted ten minutes of my time. We only have 23 hours, 55 minutes, and 23 seconds left together. I’m going to give you an additional ten minutes to change. The time starts now. 600, 599, 598….”

Suddenly, Suyang began to countdown on his own.

I didn’t want to, but when I heard Suyang counting down, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. So I hastily stood up and rushed to find clothes to change into. Then, I went to the washroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

From the crack between the bedroom and the washroom, I could see Suyang sitting on the couch. He was counting down as he attentively stared at his watch.

Suyang is my mortal enemy. Did I slaughter him in my previous life? Why must he torment me so much in this life?

By the time I was completely ready to report to Suyang, he had already counted to negative 1584.

“You are so slow….” Suyang lifted his head and glared at me, frowning.

Suyang, you should be grateful for socialism. If killing was not illegal, you would’ve already died thousands of times under my blade!

“It's already very fast for a woman! I didn’t even wash my hair!” I showed Suyang my hair, and he had a disapproval glint in his eyes as he pushed me away.

“Starting from now, our 24 hours date is effective. Although, we’ve already wasted a lot of time since you’re so slow. But that’s ok. As a gentleman, waiting is a very important lesson. So, I forgive you.”

Wasn’t this what I said earlier? Suyang was already putting my words into practice? 

“I want to know why the date must begin at midnight? Are we going to a nightclub?” I was very anxious. If we were going to a place like a nightclub, the lighting and crazy people there will make it even harder for me to figure out who's human or ghost.

“No! We’re not going to a nightclub. Don’t worry about it. I have already planned this ahead of time. I only need you to listen and cooperate.”

Cooperate? If he didn’t mention it, I would have forgotten that I was only Suyang’s assistant. My job was to help him get into his character for his novel. We weren’t actually going on a real date.

Ugggh. Why couldn’t he simply write his murder mystery? Why must he include a love element? At the end of the day, I was the one who had to suffer…

When we left, my hot bodyguard was currently sleeping very soundly across the hall. Deep down, I sighed. Even a ghost can sleep better than me….I couldn’t even compare to a ghost.

While I thought to myself, Suyang stepped over my hot bodyguard.

Both my mind and body were exhausted as I entered the car. The drive was almost two hours long. During the ride, I kept dozing off. I secretly glanced at Suyang from the side angle. He said I was wasting time. The time he spent driving was wasting time!

Since we were silent in the car, sleepiness began to attack me once again. The nodding doll at the front of the car made it especially difficult to stay awake. The doll was holding onto a plant as it smiled and nodded at me.

It was supposed to be a cute decoration, but to me, it was a prop for hypnosis. The longer I gazed at it, the more tired I felt. I yawned a few times in between, to the point where tears were about to come out.

Just as I was about to shut my eyes again, a white hand appeared in front of me, waving. Initially, I thought it was Suyang’s hand. I wanted to lie and say I wasn’t tired. But I saw his two hands on the steering wheel…

Then, I took a look at the rear mirror and saw Xu Weishan’s hand.

She was sitting at the backseat.

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