Chapter 35: Basketball court assistant

Chapter 35: Basketball court assistant

The wind gently blew into the office as it lifted the window curtains. The fragrance of flowers gradually transmitted into the room. The wind loosened my hair and touched the left side of my face. Subconsciously, it made me feel a bit itchy and I wanted to scratch myself. But Suyang grabbed my left hand just as I was about to raise it.

His whole body enveloped around me. The second button of his shirt had mysteriously came undone, revealing his white collarbone that happened to be aligned with my line of sight.

How could a man be as pale as him? He's nearly transparent?!

As Suyang spoke, his Adam’s apple began to roll up and down. I was fascinated and couldn't stop staring. His silky voice entered my ears, “Firstly, make some efforts in your choice of clothing. Secondly, concentrate in class. Ideally, make eye contact with me. Thirdly, smile more. Fourthly……”

Suyang paused for a second. Then, he reached behind my head and lightly tugged onto my rubber band. My ponytail came undone and my hair spilled over my shoulders.

“Your hair looks better this way.”

My right hand was tightly gripping the table. I didn’t know how to respond. Suyang gradually came closer. I tried to inch away as I attentively watched his pupils drew near. I shifted my focus onto his rosy lips…

What am I thinking?

“You….” Suyang crooked his head, “feel hot?!”

“Huh? No…..”

“Your face is super red. You’re not hot?! Do you have a fever?!” Suyang suddenly took a few steps back. He covered his mouth and nose, “If you have a fever, don’t infect me!”

What fever….I placed my hands on my blushing cheeks, “Umm...the office feels a bit hot…”

I left the table and walked towards the window. I leaned out to breathe in fresh air.

“Do you remember the four points I mentioned?”

“Four points?” Earlier, I was so focused on watching Suyang that nothing he said had entered my mind. I shifted my vision onto the ground outside, “Ah...four points. I r-remember.”

“Speak the truth! You’ve forgotten already, correct?” Suyang saw right through me.

“Hahaha….” I turned around and laughed awkwardly. I raised up my forefinger, “One more time… just repeat once more!”

Suyang icily smiled, “Your Goldfish title is truly well deserved. How am I supposed to feel anything if you’re always like this?!”

“Absolutely! Yes yes yes, I’m so stupid that you cannot fall for me. So what should we do now? I’ll do whatever you want.” Unintentionally, I happened to cast a glance outside and noticed Kevin walking by.

“At this rate, this is not going to work… forget about the teacher student relationship, let’s go on a date!” Suyang blurted. His explosive statement shocked me so much that my arm almost slipped twice from the window ledge.

“What? Are you crazy? What nonsense are you speaking!?”

“I’m serious. Let’s try to go on a date. At least, we’ll see each other as the opposite sex.”

I have never….wait! Is he implying that he never sees me as a woman? 

Kevin was about to disappear from my horizon. I have things I wanted to ask him. So, I ran to Suyang and patted him on the shoulder, “Boss, continue to think of a constructive plan we can implement. I have something urgent to do, so I have to go now.”

“Goldfish! Lin Yi….Your boss is talking to you. How dare you not listen?!” Suyang angrily yelled behind me. But his voice got cut off once I shut the door.

I quickly ran down the stairs and managed to catch Kevin right before he disappeared. I loudly called out to stop him. It was rare to see him without Xu Weishan around. I clasped my hands behind me and appeared very cheerful, “Wow, what a coincidence! Where are you going?”

“Nowhere in particular. I’m just going to the basketball court to play ball.” Kevin took a look at where I came out from and asked, “Were you at Professor Su’s office?”

“How did you know?” Based on my memory, Kevin didn’t take Suyang’s course.

“Well, this is where Professor Su’s office is located, so clearly you came from there!”

“What the hell? Suyang isn’t the only professor here…”

Kevin nudged me with his shoulder, “Look at you. We call him Professor Su, yet you call him Suyang…. Plus, last time, Shanshan and I have already decided to help you two keep the secret.” He teased.

“Ah…..” I had almost forgotten that Kevin was one of the witnesses from the incident at the hotel. “We only spoke for a bit, but now I have nothing to do… so bored…”

I stood closer to Kevin as I brightly smiled and waited for him to continue. A fool would be able to tell I was hinting, I’m bored! Whatever you’re doing, bring me along!

Kevin looked at me and then whispered in my ears, “Were you and Professor Su speaking words of love to each other?”

“What?!” For a second, I thought he was a certain sister from the gossip association! If it weren’t for the fact I was trying to break into the internal enemy’s side, I would never give any attention to this lousy kid!

Deep down, I rolled my eyes. But on the surface, I was smiling as I tried to demonstrate my most youthful side, “Let’s not talk about me and Su. Oh yeah, you’re heading to the basketball court. Is it outdoors or indoors?”

“It’s an indoor court. I am going to practice shooting.”

I clapped my hands, “What a coincidence! I heard the basketball association is looking to recruit an assistant. I want to try out, but I don’t know where the basketball association office is. Let’s go together!”

“Really? I didn’t hear anything about recruiting an assistant….” Kevin tilted his head as he murmured to himself.

Actually, that was a random comment. Why would I know anything about the basketball association? Fortunately, Kevin wasn’t suspicious. He had his heart set on asking about me and Suyang. He went as far as making a solemn vow to reassure me, “Don't worry. I swear to God I will keep your relationship with Professor Su a secret. So, tell me about it! How did you two meet?”

“Eh...we just met! How did you and Xu Weishan meet?! How long have you two been together?”

“We also met naturally… there’s nothing more to say.”

I asked such a simple question, yet Kevin totally disregarded it. I felt like he didn’t want to talk about Xu Weishan. Was it because he could tell the current Xu Weishan was different from the old one? Perhaps he was stressed about it?

Anyhow, I wanted to find out more about Kevin and Xu Weishan, but Kevin wanted to know more about me and Suyang. Ultimately, neither of us were able to obtain any important information from each other.

“How come Xu Weishan isn’t with you today? Aren’t you two normally together? I saw her in class earlier…”

“She left already. She goes to the orphanage every Wednesdays after school.”

“Orphanage?” My ears perked up; this may be important information, “What is she doing at the orphanage?”

“Her parents recently used her name and created a charitable foundation. They have been contributing to a particular orphanage. She said the children from there are too pitiful, so she visits them every week.”

I nodded half-heartedly, “Wow, she has such a kind heart!”

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a person who killed her own biological sister would donate to a charity. There must be something fishy about this orphanage! 

“This is the office, I’ll come with you. I’m very familiar with the president of the basketball association, I can help you say a few good words.” Kevin confidently stated. He had no idea that I had used the assistant thing as an excuse.

“No need. I can go on my own.” I tried to stop him.

But it was too late, Kevin had already opened the office door. He casually entered like it was his house. Then, he loudly shouted at the guy with glasses, who was sitting by an office desk, “I heard you guys are looking to recruit an assistant?”

In my head, I was thinking of all kinds of excuses. Surprisingly, the guy with the glasses replied, “Oh? How did you know? We haven’t posted the flyer yet!” He revealed a poster that was even taller than himself. “I’m currently working on the poster to hire an assistant! Looks good, right?”

“No need. My friend wants to be a basketball court assistant. Take a look.” Kevin pushed me inside. I made direct eye contact with the guy who had acne all over his face.

“Mm.. actually, the only requirement we need for this position is sufficient time availability.”

“We’re in the same class. When I’m available, she’s available.” Kevin did all the talking for me. So in silence, I was pushed to a position where I could no longer back down.

“Please register! From now on, you are a member of our basketball association!” The guy raised his two hands like he was waiting for me to enthusiastically give him a high five.

I gave him a high five and awkwardly smiled, “Please treat me kindly.”

Just like that, I was a 25 years old "university student" who became the basketball court assistant without somewhat intending to do so. It wasn’t until afterwards that I found out my job was to help them pick up the balls, sweep, deliver water and towels on a daily basis.

It was no big deal. It was similar to my situation at home. But instead of serving one person, I was serving a group of individuals. Strangely, the group was easier to serve than the individual at home. In addition, unlike the guy at home, watching these young guys play basketball gave me some youthful energy. All Suyang did on a daily basis was play video games on his couch. He only moved his fingers.

With Suyang, a day felt like a year.

Nighttime. After I waved goodbye to the last person, I was all alone in the empty basketball court tidying up. Today, I finally experienced the saying, “You made your bed, so now you lay on it.”

But in return, I was able to gain something important. Now, I know Xu Weishan goes to the orphanage every Wednesday. I felt like a famous detective and was quite proud of myself. Suddenly, the doors of the basketball court opened, and someone came in.

Since I was tidying up, I was quite far from the entrance. Hence, I wasn’t able to see the person clearly, “Sorry, the gym is closed for today….”

When I walked closer, I realized it was Suyang.

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