Chapter 31: The unexpected visitor

Chapter 31: The unexpected visitor

I was thoroughly bewildered by all of this. “I” pulled the fake Xu Weishan up from the ground and calmly asked, “What happened? No need to be so dramatic. Tell me naturally. What happened to your face….?”

“Elder sister, please lend me 200k! I owe people money. If I cannot return it, I’ll be dead for sure.”

“200k?!? Where would I get so much money from? You’re only a student! How can you owe someone 200k?!” “I” was stunned that my younger sister had requested such a huge amount. Deep down, Xu Weishan was thinking whether she had this amount.

“I don’t have time to explain right now. I really…..”

While I was listening to my sister’s excuse, suddenly everything turned black.

I also felt a cool sensation from my head down to my toes. So chilly!

I tried to move my fingers, it worked! I have returned back to reality?!

I took off the eye mask and saw a restless Grandmother Meng pacing back and forth. When I took a look at myself, I realized I had been splashed with a bucket of cold water. My entire body was soaked.

*Ahhh choo!* I sneezed. Before I could ask Grandmother Meng what had happened, she was rushing me off the bed.

“Get up! Get up!” She smacked me like I was on fire. Next, she anxiously placed all the tools she had taken out back inside a huge trunk. Her movements were smooth, as if she had done this a couple hundred times before.

“What’s going on?” I wiped some water off my face and hair. I wanted to scold her, but seeing how busy she was, I didn’t know how to begin.

“Hurry! Hurry up and help me! He’s almost here! Quickly, help, and pull down all the black curtains.” Grandmother Meng’s sentences were all over the place as she urged me.

Although I was confused and didn’t know what was going on, I obediently followed her instructions since she was behaving so frantically. I began to pull down all the black curtains that were blocking the light from entering the room.

Intense lighting pierced through the room. Since I was in the dark the entire time, it made it somewhat difficult for me to adjust. Now that I could see the apartment, it actually looked quite ordinary. It was only strange because Grandmother Meng had purposely hid all the sunlight and used some special lights to create a creepy effect.

“The air conditioner! Turn off the air conditioner!” Grandmother Meng was panicking so much that she pressed the warm breeze button on the remote control instead.

At this moment, someone suddenly knocked on the front door. Both me and Grandmother Meng froze. We heard the door unlocking.

“This! Put all the curtains into the drawer! Hurry!” There was no time to waste. Grandmother Meng rolled all the curtains into a ball and threw it at me. After I caught it in my arms, Grandmother Meng pushed me into a room, “Remember, regardless of what happens, do not come out. Understand?”

Just like that, I was kicked into the bedroom. I was so confused. Could it be a bad guy knocking the door? Was Grandmother Meng in some sort of debt? Was it dangerous for me to be here?

All types of worrying scenarios began to emerge from my mind. I held onto the curtains as I placed my ears on the door and attempted to hear the activity from outside. There were no sounds at all.

“Aiya...wei…” I sighed. Then, I left the door and stuffed the curtains into the drawer. Afterwards, I sat down cross-legged on Grandmother Meng’s bed as I analyzed the Xu Weishan’s situation. Based on what she had shown me, she was killed by Xu Weishan in a fury because she didn’t lend her money. So does that mean the fake Xu Weishan was a very dangerous person?!

Suddenly, I recalled how she had threatened me a few days ago; it truly gave me chills. I have never came across such a vengeful person before…

My luck was very bad these days…

But if the fake Xu Weishan had replaced the real Xu Weishan for so long, Kevin should have definitely sensed something by now, right?

Then again, which normal person would think of replacing their sister’s identity? ….perhaps if I could guide Kevin a little, he’d be able to connect the dots. He seemed rather bright.

But what on earth was going on with Grandmother Meng?

I was starting to feel impatient on the bed. Not to mention, I was currently drenched from head to toe. She didn’t even give me a towel. Grandmother Meng was so cruel. She ruthlessly cut my finger and splashed a whole bucket of cold water on me -there wasn’t a single drop left.

Couldn’t she have used a more humane gentle method to wake me? For instance, a slap or something?

I indistinctly heard a man’s voice from outside. Once again, I quietly tiptoed towards the door as I bent an ear to listen.

It was a man! A man’s voice!

I opened my mouth wide in shock and made a big assumption. Could it be Grandmother Meng’s boyfriend?

Based on how jittery Grandmother Meng was, this person definitely didn’t want her to play around with eccentric spiritual things.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t speak badly of her since I am part of this group as well….

“You were playing with those messed up things again, weren’t you?” Oh, she was caught? Hmmm, surprisingly, the man’s voice sounded younger than I thought.

“No! See? There’s nothing here!” Grandmother Meng quibbled.

“Then I’ll search! If I search and find something, then what?” The man exclaimed.

“Oh my wonderful grandson, now that you have grown up and you have ability, you speak to Grandmother in such a forceful tone. I can’t believe you don’t trust me. When you were little, if it weren’t for me….”

“Can you not bring up that incident every time we argue? Don’t you have any other tactics?” The man irritably grumbled. However, he did seem to abandon the thought of searching for suspicious articles.

Ohhh, so it turns out Grandmother Meng’s grandson has arrived. He doesn’t want his grandmother playing with ghosts and demons. No wonder Grandmother Meng is so nervous.

But why must she splash water all over me? After her grandson leaves, I’ll definitely get a fair deal from this! Hm, maybe I’ll tell her to give me 50% off for this appointment.

“Grandmother, you often have difficulties sleeping, right? I bought you a pillow that should help with sleep. I’m going to put it in your room!” I could hear his footsteps approaching closer and closer.

Ah?! He was going to come in here? I stared blankly at the door. My legs began to tremble.

Oh no! What should I do? Where can I hide?

“Ah?! Xiao Su. Don’t go inside the bedroom. I can bring it in later!” I could hear the desperation in Grandmother Meng’s voice as she tried to stop him. But it was too late…

Huh? Xiao Su? That name sounds so familiar…No wonder the man’s voice sounded so familiar. Could it be?

No, I can’t sit here and wait for death. It's better if I run out! Thinking of this, I took off my jacket and covered my head with it. Deep down, I planned to count to three and storm out.

After rushing for two seconds, turning right would lead me straight to the main exit. Lin Yixin! You can do it! I mapped out my entire route as I cheered myself on.

“One, two, three….”

I ran up to the door, just as I was about to grip and push the handle, someone from outside had already opened the door. I completely lost balance and fell forward. The person in front of me promptly avoided me and I fell down flat on the ground…

“Ah…!” Three people’s voices rang in the air.

One was a horrific yell, another was a guilty yelp, and lastly was a painful wail.

I fell flat on my face. Then, I stealthily arched my back and looked up. Through my cowering body, my jacket revealed my eyes. I made eye contact with the handsome and familiar face.

Grandmother Meng had already covered her eyes because she was too afraid to witness the following situation.

The male MC that I had collided. He scooped down and scrutinized me. Then, he pulled the jacket off my head and shockingly exclaimed, “Goldfish?!”

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