Chapter 149: Na Wei’s decision

Chapter 149: Na Wei’s decision

Son? What!? Is she talking about Xu Chuqiao? But that’s her stepson?! I thought Yao Youfan has no children of her own? Xu Chuqiao should be Xu Sen’s only son… unless Xu Sen and Yao Youfan has another child of their own? Is that why Xu Sen gave Yao Youfan his entire estate?

Suddenly, I was seeing another memory. When was this?

In front of me was Xu Sen’s house. Everyday, Yao Youfan would pass by here after work and stare at it for a long period of time.

Eventually, the house vanished from my view.

At the time, Yao Youfan looked quite young. But why was she staring at this house on a daily basis? Perhaps she had planned on marrying into this family long ago?

Were they secretly dating at the time? Or were they still strangers?

Based on her age, they should’ve already encountered each other. But there weren’t any signs of their relationship whatsoever. The only thing she did was stare at the house everyday on her way home from work.

On one specific day, it was a weekend. Yao Youfan purposely wandered here on her day off. She clearly knew where her destination was.

Suddenly, from far away, she heard a child crying. Yao Youfan followed the cries and noticed a boy on the ground. He was holding onto his knees and sobbing loudly.

Yao Youfan rushed over to the child’s side. “Child, are you alright?” The child was only six or seven years of age. Since he was in too much pain, he wouldn’t stop wailing. He couldn’t hear Yao Youfan’s voice.

“Stop!” Yao Youfan harshly commanded. The child was astonished and instantly stopped crying. However, his tears were still sadly lingering on his eyelashes.

“You’re a man, how can you cry!?” Yao Youfan took a tissue out and wiped the tears and snots off the boy. “This auntie will take you to the hospital, ok?”

The child shook his head. “My mommy told me I cannot leave with strangers.”

“Then where’s your mommy? This auntie will take you to her.”

“Mommy went out. I was the one who secretly snuck out of my house.”

Yao Youfan sighed and rubbed the little boy’s head. She patiently soothed, “Then this auntie will take you home, ok? Do you live nearby?”

“Yes!” The child pointed to the most glamourous villa from where he was sitting. “That’s where I live.”

Yao Youfan’s heart thumped. My heart also thumped as well. I wasn’t sure why her heart was thumping but I was pretty sure the boy was Xu Chuqiao!

“Can you walk?”

Xu Chuqiao shook his head.

“This auntie will help you clean your wounds and then carry you home, ok?” Yao Youfan gently lifted Xu Chuqiao into her arms. She looked like she would never let go.

Xu Chuqiao felt a bit stuffed and was hesitant, but nodded in the end.

Xu Chuqiao probably had no idea that the auntie who helped him will eventually be his stepmother!

Strangely, no disgust could be seen in Yao Youfan’s eyes. Weren’t women usually jealous? He was her lover’s son!? Could it be that she didn’t love Xu Sen?

I was confused by Yao Youfan’s actions. But I was the one who forced myself into her consciousness, so I couldn’t understand her thought process. I could only make guesses by following the memories.

Yao Youfan carried Xu Chuqiao to the entrance of the villa.

“This auntie has to go now. You can enter on your own, right?” Yao Youfan placed Xu Chuqiao down.

“Mommy says I need to thank those who have helped me.” Then, Xu Chuqiao gave Yao Youfan a deep bow. He politely stated, “Auntie, thank you for bringing me home.”

“Your mother taught you well…”

Yao Youfan noticed a security guard was heading their way and quickly left. She hid and watched from a corner.

The moment the security guard realized their young master was injured, he immediately freaked out. He picked up Xu Chuqiao and exclaimed, “My ancestor! How could you run out and injure yourself?!”

“I ran and tripped.” Xu Chuqiao pouted, “If daddy notices, he is going to yell at me again…”

“Of course! But right now, we need to take you to a doctor right away! Or else, you might get an infection! The security guard rushed to carry Xu Chuqiao back into the villa.

Yao Youfan appeared to be reluctant to part with Xu Chuqiao. It was as if her eyes could see through the door. I didn’t understand what was going on. At the time, Yao Youfan looked like she was still in her 20s.

Suddenly, something that I never would’ve expected occurred in front of my eyes. Yao Youfan, Xu Sen and Xu Sen’s first wife were sitting together.

What's going on? They all know each other?!

“Please, I’m begging you! You’re the only one I can trust!” Na Wei appeared to be pleading with Yao Youfan. She had her hands on Yao Youfan’s hands.

“I can’t do something like that to you. It’s too cruel. You’re making a mistake.” Yao Youfan flatly refused. Next to her, Xu Sen’s face was also very dark.

“We have no other paths we can take…. Sen’s parents have been pushing me non stop. They are demanding to know why I’m still not pregnant yet. They've already disliked me from the start. If they know I’m infertile, they’ll definitely kick me out of the Xu family!”

Suddenly, Na Wei got onto her knees. “Just once! Can you help me!? Please bear Sen’s child for me… please!!”

“When I was in trouble, you helped me. You’ve even saved my life once. I am willing to do anything for you. But if I sleep with your husband, that’s a betrayal to you. I’ll never do it.”

“No! This is what I want! Please!! Give Sen a child!!!! I have no other solutions. I really have no other paths to take….”

Xu Sen was quiet. He loved his wife and didn’t want to do anything that would betray her. But, his parents were also being very forceful. As a husband, it was his fault that he wasn’t able to protect her.

“I really can’t promise you… this type of thing is forever. How could you bear to see your child when you know it was mine? I don’t want you to regret it. Wei, you need to wake up!”

“If you’re so unwilling……” Na Wei wiped away her tears and sat on the couch with no emotions. “I’m sorry…”

Before Yao Youfan could figure out the meaning of her words, she felt a wave of dizziness. She felt as if all her strength had been sucked out of her. She fell onto the couch.

“When you came, I drugged your water…”

“You!” Yao Youfan couldn’t believe her friend would do such a thing. “What’s wrong with you?!”

“I really have no choice...just this once! If you get pregnant, it would be God’s will. If not, it cannot be helped. Youfan, I’ve helped you countless of times. Please forgive me.” Then Na Wei stood up and gave Xu Sen an eye cue as she coolly left the room.

When Na Wei left the room, Xu Sen slowly rise and picked up Yao Youfan. He took her to the second floor.

“Are you really going to do this? I know you love Wei…. you can’t betray her….” Yao Youfan weakly stated with her remaining conscience.

Xu Sen didn’t say anything. He only carried Yao Youfan with a dark face. He was willing to hurt another woman for his wife. At that moment, he was a sinner. He was hurting two women at the same time.

Two months later, Yao Youfan’s body reacted. When she arrived at the hospital, the doctor told her she was two months pregnant.

The person who was the happiest to hear the news was Na Wei. She instantly gave Yao Youfan a house to give birth and lots of great conditions. She wanted to compensate for her conscience.

Yao Youfan knew she would lose Na Wei as a friend the moment the child was born. Since she was already pregnant, she decided to go along with her wish. After giving birth to the child, she will depart forever.

But plans have a tendency to change. It wasn’t until Yao Youfan gave birth to the child that she realized how difficult it was to part with him. He had lived inside her body for ten months. She was his biological mother. The intense emotions she was experiencing wasn’t something she could just separate from.

When Xu Chuqiao was born, his tiny little fingers tightly wrapped around Yao Youfan’s thumb. He had no basic knowledge but he knew he had to use all his strength to hold onto his mommy.

Yao Youfan thought it was magical. On the second day after Xu Chuqiao was born, she personally delivered him to Na Wei’s arms. Yao Youfan knew the longer she held on, the harder it would be for her to let go.

Her son became Na Wei and Xu Wen’s son and he was loved by everyone in the Xu family. Yao Youfan knew that her son would live a much better life with Na Wei, yet she couldn’t help but stare at the glamourous villa her son lived in.

The saddest thing was that she had no idea what her son looked like. She would gaze at the villa only because she knew he was inside. She was satisfied as long as she could admire the building from afar.

In the end, after Na Wei’s death, Yao Youfan thought of marrying Xu Sen in order to resume her mother position.

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