Chapter 148: Digging through the memories

Chapter 148: Digging through the memories

I attempted to kick him, but Xu Chuqiao spread my legs apart and stopped me from moving. It was a position that could easily be misinterpreted if another party were to see.

I calmed down and gasped, “Please release me so I can give you an explanation. I can’t run anyway.”

Xu Chuqiao considered my suggestion and turned on the lights of the conference room. When the lights came on, I closed my eyes because it was hard for my eyes to adjust. I vaguely saw someone rushing in. Before I knew it, Xu Chuqiao was pulled off me and knocked down with a punch.

I opened my eyes and realized it was Suyang.

Just as Suyang was about to strike Xu Chuqiao again, I rushed to hold onto his fist. “You can’t hit him! He’s my client! And he is CEO Xu!”

Suyang appeared to be very agitated. I let him calm down while separating the two of them so that there was a safe distance between them.

“Are you alright?” Suyang held onto my face as he inspected for injuries. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m fine.” I shook my head. By now, the misunderstanding was probably even bigger.

Darn it! If Xialing knows that a client is suspecting me because Suyang and I got back together, she would definitely laugh to death! As the owner of the firm, I have no face left! 

Unprofessional, lack of ethics, a love fool, etc…. I could already foresee all the criticisms..

“How are you going to defend yourself now, huh!?” Suyang’s punch was so harsh that Xu Chuqiao’s left cheek bone was green. He staggered to get up from the ground. Then, he took out a pile of photos from his pockets and threw it in front of me.

They were photos of me and Suyang embracing each other on our way home.

“Your request to hire me to investigate your late father’s will is not fake. It is unrelated to my personal life.” I picked up the photos from the ground. “These pictures are meaningless.”

“So you admit it?”

“I admit we are in a relationship, but that is not related to Yao Youfan. I’m hired by you. I’m on your side.”

“Do you think I’m a 3 year old child whom you can easily fool?”

“Listen to my explanation! Suyang isn’t who you think he is. He doesn’t know the internal battles between you and Yao Youfan. In addition, he doesn’t care either. Our relationship will not affect my investigation with you.”

Xu Chuqiao tried getting closer but Suyang stopped him. “You can stay where you are. We can hear you from here.”

“Do you think I’m still going to trust you? You’ve been fired.” Xu Chuqiao glared at me with hatred. It was as if he had fire coming out of his eyes.

My mind began to buzz. I'm fired?! I have never been fired from my new job before… it magnified all the criticism I had imagined a few moments ago. 

Just as Xu Chuqiao was about to leave the room, my mind came up with another idea. I cannot lose this client. Without thinking, I blurted, “Xu Chuqiao, if you dare to leave this conference room, I will tell Yao Youfan you’re investigating her!”

The moment I said those words, I began to reflect. I'm threatening a client… Lin Yixin! What are you doing?! 

Surprisingly, my words were very effective. Xu Chuqiao stopped and faced me. “You are on her side!”

“I’ll prove it to you with my action that I’m not on Yao Youfan’s side. Give me a day and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“I’m not going to trust you anymore.”

“Just give me a day. Tomorrow, by the end of work, I’ll have everything ready.” I sincerely ensured Xu Chuqiao.

Unexpectedly, this deepened his misunderstanding towards me. “It only takes a day? If it was that simple, then what have you been doing for all this time? Are you going to run to Yao Youfan to discuss tactics with her now?” he sneered.

“Promise her and tomorrow I’ll hand you my resignation letter along with her report.” Suyang suddenly spoke up.

“What did you say?” I didn’t understand why he would involve himself in this.

“If you think I’m on Yao Youfan’s side, you'll have one less enemy if I quit, right?” Suyang calmly analyzed.

Xu Chuqiao didn’t respond for a long time. He was probably considering it.

If Suyang loses his job because of me, I would feel so guilty… but if Xu Chuqiao agrees to this condition, then I will have the opportunity to clear my name. I definitely can’t lose this client! 

“Fine, I’ll give you a day and see what type of story you can come up with!”

Yes! I still have a chance! Thank God! I sighed a breath of relief and stated with confidence, “Tomorrow, I’ll have everything figured out.”

Xu Chuqiao left the conference room in anger; leaving us by ourselves. I collapsed on the chair. “Sorry for causing you to lose your job…. But do you know where Yao Youfan is right now? I seriously have no time to waste anymore.”

“You don’t seem like you’re racing against time. Look how listless you appear.” Suyang crouched in front of me. “I didn’t like this job to begin with. I don’t mind quitting. Plus, if you lose Xu Chuqiao as a client, you won't be the only one who’ll be stressing. I’ll also have a headache.”


“I just lost my job, so you’ll have to feed me! If you lose your client as well, who's going to feed me?” Suyang shamelessly exclaimed.

I began to stare into space as my vision became blurrier. “Oh yes… my pretty boy, I can’t lose Xu Chuqiao. Or else, my firm will lose its reputation and I’ll be a joke. Then, we’ll both starve and die on the streets….” I mumbled.

“C’mon! Gather your energy!” Suyang grabbed onto my shoulders and began to shake me. “Didn’t you say you want to see Yao Youfan! You’ll be able to finish half your job if you can get some alone time with her?! Let’s go find her now!”

“Tonight is our last chance…” I weakly stated. We got up and left the conference room. Suyang took me to the 40th floor to Yao Youfan’s office.

Currently, Yao Youfan was a bit drunk from drinking and was resting against a chair. She seemed a bit annoyed by the interruption, but the moment she saw Suyang, she smiled.

“Oh! It’s Suyang! Why are you here?” It was obvious that Yao Youfan was fond of Suyang. But it wasn’t like the opposite sex type of attraction. It was more like a motherly son type of care.

“Hello, chairman. I’m a new hiree, Lin Yixin!” I introduced myself in a simple manner. But Suyang added, “I heard from the secretary that you’ve drunk quite a lot and refused to go home. So, I decided to bring someone to massage you to help you relax and get you out of your drunken state.”

“Really? Massage can help you when you’re drunk? That’s the first time I’ve heard of something like that…” Although Yao Youfan was skeptical, she agreed to it because I was recommended by Suyang. So, I began to massage her back.

Now, all I had to do was wait until she became sleepy. Once her mind was at the weakest state, I’d be able to get into her consciousness and go through her memories.

Suyang decided not to hinder me and went out to keep watch. He left me and Yao Youfan by ourselves.

“Chairman, if you’re drunk, why don’t you want to return home?”

Although I said those words out loud, deep down I was thinking, good think you didn’t go home! Or else, where would I have gotten this one on one opportunity!

I was just making a casual comment but Yao Youfan responded, “I don’t want to go home! It’s too empty at home. I like companionship. Being at work is good!” Yao Youfan sighed and then slowly fell into a slumber.


Slowly, I entered Yao Youfan’s consciousness and went through her memories. Right now, the scene before me was the day that Xu Chuqiao’s father passed away.

Xu Sen was lying in the VIP room. Next to him were countless of machines that were keeping him alive. It was obvious that he didn’t have much time to live.

“I…” Xu Sen’s eyes were shut as he struggled to speak. Due to the ventilator, Yao Youfan couldn’t hear him. Yao Youfan gently raised her hair and leaned towards Xu Sen’s ear. She whispered, “What did you say?”

“I’m sorry… I…I’m…” Xu Sen was struggling to squeeze out each word from his teeth. He was in tremendous amounts of pain.

Yao Youfan seemed to know what Xu Sen wanted to say. She held onto Xu Sen’s bony left hand with her left hand as she lightly patted Xu Sen’s chest with her right hand. She seemed to be comforting him. “There’s no need to say anymore. I understand.”

Hearing this, Xu Sen lightly nodded.

Suddenly, the machines made a sharp, piercing beep. There was a straight horizontal line being displayed. Xu Sen’s life was over. From what I could see, Xu Sen was still holding onto Yao Youfan’s hand up until the very last second.

Perhaps Xu Sen wanted to apologize, but knowing that Yao Youfan wasn’t resentful towards him allowed him to rest in peace with no regrets.

Strangely, Xu Chuqiao was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps, during this time, Yao Youfan was always the one who accompanied Xu Sen. She may have made up for Xu Chuqiao’s absence since he was so busy. I wouldn’t eliminate the possibility that Xu Sen may have willingly decided to leave his entire estate to Yao Youfan.

The machines coldly announced the end of life. However, Yao Youfan did not sob or scream. She was abnormally calm as she quietly sat next to the deceased Xu Sen. She didn’t even call the doctor.

In my opinion, this woman wasn’t heartless. Instead, her pain was the type that couldn’t be described in words.

After a long time, Yao Youfan finally opened her mouth. “Old Xu, you must be tired. Now you can finally rest. Don’t worry, I will take good care of our son. Trust me.”

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