Chapter 147: Never tease a man in bed

Chapter 147: Never tease a man in bed

Suyang finally gave in. “Fine. Yao Youfan was granny’s client. So it’s true that I entered the company with her assistance. Alright? But that’s it for our relationship. I don’t know anything about her and Xu Chuqiao’s family issues.”

“How about based on your interactions together? What type of person do you think she is?”

“You don’t know what type of person she is? Aren’t you here on commission? How could you not know anything and ask me instead?” Suyang was starting to question my capabilities.

“You can’t blame me! Who would’ve thought I would encounter you on my first day of work! I freaked out so much, I didn’t do any investigation! Instead, I came running to find you today.”

“Oh? Now that you mention it, I’m feeling a little touched…”

“Don’t act so smug! If it weren’t for what happened last night, I wouldn’t have wavered.” I said with thick skin.

“But what are we going to do? You’re sent by Xu Chuqiao. On the outside, I’m on Yao Youfan’s side. Doesn’t this mean we’re against each other?”

“Originally, if I could see Chairman Xu’s ghost, I would be able to figure out the truth. But I think he has already reincarnated. I haven’t sensed or seen his presence at all. Can you give me an opportunity to see Yao Youfan? Ideally, it would be best if I can spend some time with her one on one….”

“According to granny, you went to learn spiritual techniques. How did that go?”

“Use your imagination. Guess!!”

“Why do you keep telling me to guess?”

“Who told you to be so intelligent? It’s not my fault!”

“Not guessing. I could tell you’ve learnt well.”

I grinned. “You have sharp eyes. I’m no longer the Lin Yixin from the past!”

“By the way, if you want to see Yao Youfan, there’s a company event happening in a few days. All the people with high authorities will be there along with everyone else. On that day, I’ll help create an opportunity for you to spend some alone time with her.”

“Really?!” I was surprised. “As long as I can have some alone time with Yao Youfan, I’ll be able to figure out what happened to her. I’ll know everything and finish half my job! But how are you going to let me see her one on one? There will probably be a lot of people that day…”

“Don’t worry. A wise man always has his ways.” Suyang declared.

“Suyang, after Xu Chuqiao and Yao Youfan’s case is over, bring me to see Grandmother Meng. I want to pay her a visit.”

“Mm. Ok.” Suyang nodded solemnly. But a second later, there was an unknown object grabbing my chest.

My face turned black and I glared at Suyang. “Move your hand away!”

“I helped you with such a big task! Shouldn’t I receive some sort of reward?” Suyang had a crafty smile on his face, “I guess you still haven’t figured it out. Never try to tease a man in bed…”

“You didn’t…” Before I could finish my sentence, Suyang’s lips covered mine. The atmosphere became super intense right away. I couldn’t see anything except for the man that filled me with desire.

It was another sleepless night…


I spent the next few days at work shaking to the core. It was a constant battle of the wits. Once again, it was prove that I wasn’t suitable to be in a workforce environment.

Deep down, I decided to never personally take on a case if I had to work under a disguise for a company.

During the morning meeting, rather than paying attention to the CEO’s month end summary, Suyang kept peeking at me with a serious expression. I was sitting at the farthest end.

After giving him several warning glares, Suyang finally paid attention at the meeting. But when it was his turn to speak, instead of looking at Xu Chuqiao, he kept looking at me. At the end, he even directed a question to me. “Am I correct? Lin Yixin?”

I had zoned out the whole time he was speaking. When I lifted my head, I could see everyone’s eyes on me. So, I could only respond with thick skin. I smiled and nodded, “Yes. The manager is correct. I totally agree with the manager’s words.”

Also, whenever Suyang headed to his office, he would come by my cubicle and secretly pinch my face. Then, he would try to electrocute me with his charming eyes.

He was always in a great mood. On the contrary, I was always living in fear that someone would discover our relationship.

To stop him from misbehaving, everyday, I would tell him hundreds of times to stop playing around.

Another issue was Guo Zijun. He was still trying to challenge me from time to time. I honestly wanted to tell him straight up that I was only there temporarily. I wasn’t there to compete with him for the job.. He needs to calm his ass down and stop trying to pick fights with me. I honestly had no idea how he has so much time to start shit.

After enduring several days, it was finally the day of the company event.

Normally, at 8pm, the work building would be empty with its lights on. However, today, it was bustling with activity. The event was held in one of the banquet halls. I wore the same black formal dress I had bought from last time and searched for Suyang amongst the crowd.

In order to avoid suspicion, we purposely left at different times. He left 20 minutes before I did. Logically speaking, he should already be here.

While I was searching for Suyang, Xu Chuqiao’s secretary stood from afar and made eye contact with me. Then, I received a text message: CEO Xu is waiting for you on the 23rd floor. 

I nodded to indicate that I had received her message and took the elevator to the 23rd floor. Compared to the banquet hall, the 23rd floor was eerily quiet. The lighting was very dim and there were no one on this floor. I would be surprised if a ghost suddenly popped out.

“CEO Xu?” I pushed open the door of the conference room. I didn’t dare to enter until I made sure there weren’t anything freaky or strange.

For some reason, I felt like the atmosphere was abnormal. While I was hesitating whether I should back out or not, rushed footsteps suddenly appeared behind me.

I turned around in alarm, but before I could scream, I was forcefully shoved against the table. My head also struck against the table and I was very dizzy. My hands were tightly locked and I couldn’t fight back at all.

I had no idea why he was acting like this. I fearfully stared at him, “CEO Xu, what are you doing?”

Xu Chuqiao had a vicious expression on his face. His scarlet eyes were glaring at me. He looked like he could see through me. He hollered, “Speak! Who are you!?”

I didn’t understand what he meant. I wasn’t sure what was going on.

“What are you talking about?” I couldn’t even get up. “Whatever it is, let’s talk about it in a proper manner.”

“Still acting? This whole time, I thought you were hired by me. Who would’ve thought that you’re part of Yao Youfan’s team? Tell me what she wants you to do! Did you purposely get close to me to find out my weakness? Then, you’ll force me out of my position?”

“I think there’s some misunderstanding going on.” I wasn’t sure why Xu Chuqiao was acting like this, but I definitely couldn’t allow this misunderstanding to continue. “I’m not from Yao Youfan’s team! Release me first and we can talk.”

Xu Chuqiao coldly snorted, “You’re still denying it? My people told me you and the marketing manager Suyang are in a relationship. How dare you lie about it?”

“What kind of logic is that? Where did you hear this from?”

“I have photos as proof. Someone snapped a shot of you two entering the same apartment building together. I urge you to explain yourself while I still have patience. Or else, I am not going to go easy on you even though you’re female!”

Xu Chuqiao began to tighten his hands around my neck. I was having trouble breathing.

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