Chapter 146: Suyang’s analysis

Chapter 146: Suyang’s analysis 

“If you won’t open the door, I won’t give you your pyjamas. You want to sleep in the bathroom? Hahahaha!” Suyang began to chuckle.

“You!” I was furious. “Fine! I’ll open just a crack. But if you dare come in, you’re dead!”

“I know! I know!” He sounded so impatient. I could tell he really wasn’t listening.

I sighed and unlocked the door. Pressing my back against the wall, I stuck out my left hand and said, “Hand it over now!”

I was feeling the air but didn’t feel the pyjamas at all. So, I lost patience and poked my head out. I noticed Suyang was leaving the door open with one foot. A second later, he forced himself inside.

“Ahhh!” I screamed. I didn’t think he would actually come in.

Clearly, Suyang came in unprepared. He was just staring at my body without saying a word.

“Ahhhhh!!!” I grabbed a random towel and threw it over Suyang’s head. Since it was too slippery, I fell down on Suyang. I was still screaming, “No! No!”

“You…..” Suyang was trying to break out but I wouldn’t allow him to open his eyes. Then, I stomped on his body and ran to the bedroom with my pyjamas.

By the time Suyang came in, I had already changed into my pyjamas. I was glaring at him from the bed.

“I’m very disappointed in you.” I had my arms on my waist. “How could you lose to your desires?”

Suyang ignored my anger and showed me a charming smile. Then, he took out his hair dryer. “Let me help you blow dry your hair. Or else, you’ll have a headache.”

I took the hair dryer from his hand. “No need. I can do it myself. You are sleeping on the couch tonight!”

“Aiya!” Suyang sat down next to me and nudged me with his shoulder. “Why are you so shy? Last night, we’ve already seen each other naked. If you still think it’s unfair, I’ll sacrifice myself and let you see again!”

Then, Suyang began to undress himself. He took off his top.

“Stop!” Just as he was about to take off his pants, I had to yell.

“Turn around and let me help dry your hair.” Suyang took the hair dryer from me and turned it on. A blast of warm air began to spiral above my head. Suyang’s movements were gentle and pleasant.

“Why did you cut your hair short?” Suyang asked.

“I think long hair is too annoying. Doesn’t this look much neater and cleaner?”

“True. You also look younger.”

“Are you implying that I didn’t look young before?” I growled.

Suyang didn’t say anything. Instead, he blasted the hair dryer higher.

“You!” I was so mad I couldn’t talk.

Since I had short hair, it was dry in no time. I could feel the weight of my hair turning lighter and lighter. Soon, Suyang switched off the hair dryer and smoothly rolled himself onto the bed with the blanket wrapped around him.

“Go sleep on the couch!”

Suyang pretended not to hear me. He turned his head the other way.

“If you’re not going, I’ll go!”

Just as I was about to head to the living room, Suyang suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his arms.

Suyang lowered his face and sleepily murmured, “In this household, you’re not allowed to sleep anywhere else aside from this room. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

“Really?” After the bathroom incident, I basically had zero faith in him.

“Mm. We still have to go to work tomorrow. Let’s go to bed earlier….” Suyang enveloped his arms around me and placed me onto the other side of the bed. Then, he closed his eyes.

I was speechless… Tomorrow we still have work. Let’s go to bed earlier? Did that really come out of Suyang’s mouth? I still had no trust in him, so I purposely went to a far corner and secretly peeked as I observed his back view.

I felt uneasy… Is Suyang really going to bed?

Wait! What am I hoping for? Isn’t it good that he’s well behaved? This is for the best! Stay like this! Then, we can both get through this night in harmony. 

Time slowly passed by, but rather than feeling sleepier, I felt more and more awake. I reached out my hand to take a look at my cell phone. It was already 11pm.

I honestly couldn’t sleep. So, I began to poke Suyang’s still back with my finger. “Are you asleep?”

“Mm hm…” Suyang sounded weak and helpless.

“Liar. If you were asleep, you wouldn’t have responded. If you’re still awake, turn around and let’s chat!” I was talking to Suyang’s back. He was topless.

“What do you want to talk about?” Suyang didn’t turn around. He was still using his weak voice.

“I want to know how you entered the company. I’m talking about the Xu clan corporation.”

“I already told you. Granny knows someone from the company. That’s how I got in.”

“Don’t tell me the person your granny knows is the current director, Yao Youfan?”


The current director?! Really? I instantly sat upright and was practically climbing on Suyang. My hands were tightly holding onto his strong arms. I could see his eyes were tightly shut.

I was a bit hysterical. “Really? Yao Youfan and Grandmother Meng knew each other? Oh God!”

Suyang suddenly opened his eyes but didn’t respond to my question. Before I could react, he seized my arm and wrist and flipped me over. He pressed me down and panted, “Can’t you tell I’ve been trying to suppress myself this whole time? Stop trying to seduce me! Or else I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to hold back!”

Suyang’s face looked a bit pink, but I could care less, “Are you very close to Yao Youfan?”

“Why are you asking about her? Could she be the reason why you entered the company?”

As expected, Suyang figured it out with one guess.

“I can’t tell you that. It’s confidential.” It wasn’t my fault. Before conducting any business, a confidential agreement was always signed between parties.

Suyang went back to his original side and laid flat on the bed. “If you won’t tell me the reason why you entered the company, I’m not going to tell you anything about Yao Youfan either.”

“Don’t be so stingy!” I whined.


“How about this…” I suddenly thought of a great idea. I wasn’t sure if it would work though, “Due to some reasons, I can’t tell you my purpose for being here. But you could guess! Make use of your super great imagination you had when you were an author. When the timing is right, I’ll give you hints.”

“Hm...let me think about it.” Suyang gazed at me with his lips pursed. “You definitely didn’t enter the company based on your abilities. Someone of authority must have somehow gotten you in. As for why you’re here, it’s because it’s to make your job easier. You must need access to something. As for why you’re arranged into my department, the person knows that my sudden appearance has something to do with Yao Youfan. This means that the person behind you probably wants you to go through me to attack or accuse or find out something about Yao Youfan?”

Suyang was going through one layer at a time. “Based on the recent news, the person who would be interested in going against Yao Youfan would probably be related to the Chairman Xu’s will. The allocation of his estate was quite strange. So… the person behind you is Xu Chuqiao?”

I nodded and clapped. “I didn’t even have to give you any hints! My dear, you’re a genius!”

“Haha, just a bit. How did Xu Chuqiao find you?”

“I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Lin Yixin of the Ghost Firm. Our firm specializes in all sorts of cheating, tracking, investigation sort of affairs.”

“Ghost Firm?” Suyang instantly shivered. Then, he gave me a look of disdain. “Are you trying to get me to be your client in bed?”

“Ah! No! Don’t misunderstand!”

“Ghost Firm? What sort of name is that?” Suyang seemed to be confused by the name of my firm.

“Ghost? It’s the literal meaning.”

“...Ah! I get it!”

“Anyhow, now that you've guessed most of it, you know my purpose for being here. Can you help me out?” I leaned against Suyang’s arm and began to blink my sparkling eyes at him.

“Aren’t you an investigative firm? Investigating shouldn’t be a difficult task for you. Why must I help you?” Suyang continued to act cool and collected.

I shook my head at Suyang. “But it would be faster with your help... Time is money! Can’t you help me? You can’t help me at all?”

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