Chapter 144: Move back with me

Chapter 144: Move back with me

After work, I directly went to Suyang’s apartment. My memories were gradually coming back to me. Last night while I was drunk, Suyang carried me back here!? I recalled seeing upside down elevator buttons…. Oh God! Who could give me back my memories? 

*knock knock knock*. But there was no response from within. 

He’s not home? But he said to meet here… I stared at the password device at the door. Was it still the same code? If he left it the same, then

I was getting a bit emotional and pressed the code from three years ago. The door went “ka cha” and opened. 

Suyang never changed the password. I was kind of touched. The moment I entered, there was a heart-shaped rose display in front of me. In addition, there were lit candles everywhere. 

Suyang was in a suit and stood right across from me with a bouquet of roses in his hands.

“What are you…” I was stunned. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this type of scene. My words were stuck in my throat and it was tough for me to make any sounds. 

Suyang slowly walked over like a prince from a fairy tale. Except, I wasn’t a princess or Cinderella. 

“You left a letter for me three years ago. In the letter, you said perhaps we might reunite again in the springtime. I thought it would’ve been in March when the flowers bloom. I didn’t think it would be the springtime after three years.” 

“You…” I foolishly accepted the roses from Suyang. A second later, he had pulled me into his arms. 

“Regardless if it’s March or three years later, the fact that you’re back is the most important thing.” 

Suyang wrapped his arms so tightly around me that I could hear his heart beating. Or perhaps, it was the sound of my own heartbeat. 

Wait, so what is going on now? I decided to sort out everything and lightly pushed him away. “Can you tell me what’s happening right now? Are you trying to get back with me?” 

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“But…no! Everything is happening too fast! I’ve only been back for three days…” 

“You need time to get accustomed to it? If you want, I can chase you. We’re working for the same company anyway. It’s easy for us to see each other.” Suyang casually stated.

“Oh yeah! The company!” I destroyed the romantic atmosphere as I turned on the light, “Today, I came here to discuss important matters with you. Can we pretend not to know each other when we’re at work?”

Suyang nodded. “We can.” 

“You promise?” He agreed so easily? That doesn’t seem like Suyang’s style. 


There was a condition. I knew it!

“You have to move back here.” 

“We’re no longer in a relationship like three years ago. Why do I have to move back here?”

“Because…” Suyang went to his room and pushed out a familiar looking luggage. “Your luggage is already here. I have already checked you out of your hotel room.” 

“How the hell did you do that?” I was flabbergasted.

“Simple.” Suyang took out my identity card from his pocket. “When you weren’t around, I went through your wallet and took out your identity card along with your bank card. Then, I smoothly helped you completed the checkout procedures.”

I was speechless. “Mr. Suyang, do you know that you’re committing a crime? How dare you take my identity card and bank card without my consent? I can call the cops on you and get you arrested!” 

“So, are you going to call the cops and arrest me?” Suyang tried to make an innocent face.

“I won’t call the cops. Just give me back my stuff. We’ll call it even.” I was trying to bargain with him like I would bargain with a child. 

Suyang shook his head like a rattle-drum. “I guess you still don’t understand my point… you haven’t gotten any smarter in three years!”


“My point is, if you want me to keep our relationship a secret, you have to move back here. If not, then don’t blame me if my mouth accidentally slip soon…” He threatened with a cunning smile on his face.

“You’re still the same as three years ago. All you know how to do is to threaten others!” I refuted. 

“Thank you for the compliment!” Suyang went to the kitchen to grab a ladle to extinguish the candles one at a time. Meanwhile, he was speaking too, “What a waste of my romantic gesture. You really don’t want to be my girlfriend again?” 

I sat on the couch and solemnly questioned Suyang, “Don’t you hate me? I left without saying a word.” 

“Hate you for what? At the time, it was obvious why you left. We just never talked about it. I already knew that day would come. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. I was caught off guard. Also, as I had predicted, we would meet again.” 

“So what is our relationship now?” 

“Who knows…?” Suyang grinned at me in a naughty manner. “Bed buddies?” 

“You’re so inappropriate!” I snapped at him and gave him a killer glare. “When are you going to grow up!?” 

Suyang left the last candle on. Then, he turned off the lights and ran to me. With his back facing me, he lifted his shirt up. “I’m inappropriate? Look at your glorious achievements from last night!” 

The faint lighting from the candle revealed Suyang’s back. It was covered in purple and red scratch marks.

I guiltily stared at my nails. How could it create so much damage? It has only been three days since I last cut my nails. 

I smacked Suyang’s back and comforted him. “As a man, you can’t even handle a little bit of pain?”

“That’s not true. I actually felt very overwhelmed from favour with the huge gift you gave me last night.” 

“What happened last night? I don’t remember anything!” I held onto my head. I had a headache the moment I tried to think about it. 

Suyang covered his mouth in shock. He was acting like those little maidens that were bullied in ancient times. He joined his thumb and his middle finger and extended the rest of his fingers as he pointed at me, squealing, “You dare to forget? You beast! You ate everything whole!!” 


“Are you playing with me? Put your girly fingers away! Holy moly. Has your brain been damaged after three years?” I ruthlessly smacked Suyang’s fingers.  

“I am teasing you.” In a second, Suyang reverted back to normal. “Yes, we haven’t seen each other in three years. I miss you so much that my brain is damaged.”

Suyang kept attacking me with sweet words. At this rate, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to endure it.

I lightly coughed twice. “Who is the beast? You’re the one who took advantage of the weak while I was drunk!”

“You can’t blame me. You were too eager. I was forced.” Suyang shrugged his shoulders. He sounded like a skillful player. 

“You’re full of shit! …the same as you were back then!” I changed the topic and began to look around the apartment. I walked to my old room. “Here…”

The moment I opened the door and turned on the lights, I froze. My face darkened. 

Damn you! I caught you! You dare to blame me for being heartless? You changed my room into a study room! I guess he really enjoys living the single life! 

Wait, why am I getting so emotional? I can’t show my emotions. Calm down! Calm down! I can’t let Suyang see how affected I am! 

I pretended everything was fine and turned off the room light. “So you changed my room into a study, eh?”  I coldly asked.


“When did you change it?”

“About a week or two after you left? I don’t remember…” While Suyang was thinking about it, I began to strangle his neck. I used all the strength I had. “You dare to say I’m heartless? You changed my room into a study a week after I was gone!?!! Ahhhh!!”

Am I seeing things? Why is Suyang smiling while he's being strangled?

Seeing how he looked like he was going to suffocate, I released him. “What are you laughing at?” 

“I’m laughing at you. Verbally, you say you have no plans to get back with me. Yet, you care so much that I changed your room. What a liar! The drunk Lin Yixin is so much more honest than the sober Lin Yixin!” Suyang smirked.

“I’m just annoyed. It’s understandable. Imagine if someone was totally in love with another person…but the moment she was gone, he changed her room….” I began to interrogate. “Why did you change my room?”

“Because I decided!”

“Decided what?”

“I decided that the room is no longer yours. When you return, we will never separate again.” Suyang whispered.

“What the hell…” Suddenly, I remembered something. “Grandmother Meng. What would she say if she knew I was back? No, I can’t stay here!” 

Then, I turned around to grab my luggage to leave. Suyang rushed over to take my hand that was holding onto the luggage. “Granny…” He looked depressed, “passed away last year.”


“Granny passed away last May.” 

Wow, I had to find out about this huge news through Suyang’s mouth. I felt so bad. I couldn’t raise my head because I was so ashamed.

“I’m sorry. I…” I didn’t purposely want to remind you of the pain….I didn’t end up saying that line. 

Suyang interrupted me, “Three months after you left, I stopped writing. At the time, I hid in the study daily to read. I didn’t care about anything else for a year and a half until granny became very ill.” 

“Her final wish was that I would get back on my feet and become strong again. So, she requested a close friend to help me contact the Xu clan corporation. As you already know, I’m no longer ‘Du Yu’. I’m now the marketing manager for the Xu clan corporation.” 

“Why did you stop writing novels?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like my fingers were weak. I couldn’t type or hold onto a pen anymore.” Suyang held onto my face and forcefully made me gaze into his eyes. “The moment you left, you took away all my inspirations and soul.” 

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