Chapter 143: The reunion sex

Chapter 143: The reunion sex

Lin Yixin grabbed her bag and whispered to Song Qianqian, “He’s coming to arrest me! I-I have to escape!”

“Huh?” Song Qianqian didn’t understand Lin Yixin. She watched her stumble her way out. Qianqian decided to hold onto her as much as she could. “You drank too much. I’ll take you home.”

“No! I can walk by myself!”

“What’s up with her?” Guo Zijun came out to ask.

“She is drunk. I’ll take her home first and come back later.” Song Qianqian replied.

Although Lin Yixin was drunk, she was sober enough to know that she could not allow anyone from the company to know that she was staying at a hotel. So, she continued to shake her head and yelled, “No! I can return myself! Both of you go back inside! See you tomorrow! Byeeeee!” She waved and then left with her bag.

After waiting for a long time, there were no signs of taxis anywhere. Lin Yixin leaned against a lamppost as she rolled her eyes and grumbled. “What type of shitty place is this?! How could there be no taxis around!?!”

At this moment, Suyang was wandering the streets looking for Lin Yixin. He had parked his car in the parking lot by the work building. Currently, he was strolling along the street nearby.

This street is filled with restaurants. If she's at a gathering, she's probably somewhere around here.

As expected, in less than three minutes, Suyang found Lin Yixin leaning crookedly against a lamppost.

Her body reeked of alcohol. Just as Lin Yixin was about to collapse and fall asleep onto the ground, Suyang caught her.

Lin Yixin could feel someone holding onto her. She turned around and touched Suyang’s face. “What type of taxi driver are you? You’re too slow! I’m going to file a complaint!” she slurred.

“You think I’m your taxi driver?” Suyang lightly laughed. “Climb up.”

Lin Yixin obediently got onto his back. She was in a great mood as she swung her two legs and hummed a song.

“I’m on the streets and found a penny… then I handed it to the police officer…” Before she finished her song, she had already fallen asleep.

Suyang chuckled. His life was probably destined to be in Goldfish’s hands forever. How could he find her so cute in this drunken state?

“Where do you live now?” Suyang wasn’t sincere at all. He was whispering. Clearly, he didn’t want Lin Yixin to hear.

“If you’re not going to tell me, then I can only take you back to my place!” Suyang continued to mumble. “Alright. It has been decided! You can only blame yourself for not speaking up….” Suyang couldn’t help but praise himself. He's truly a genius! A genius!

He was still living where he used to live. The moment Suyang parked, Lin Yixin woke up. However, she thought she was still dreaming.

The entire time, Suyang assumed they were going to have a romantic reunion. But the moment he carried Lin Yixin out of the car, she recognized the area and began to struggle out of his embrace. After she got out of his arms, Lin Yixin began to flap her arms up and down as she ran around in the parking lot.

“Oh no! Oh no! Concubine Xiang has turned into a butterfly and flew away! Concubine Xiang has turned into a butterfly and flew away!”

It took a lot out of Suyang before he managed to restrain her and forced her to get into the building.

Along the way, Lin Yixin was resting against Suyang’s shoulders and shouting with excitement, “Oh! I know this place! This is Suyang’s home! We have to take the elevator! There’s an elevator! I used to live here. 27th floor! Yeah! Hurry and press the 27th floor!”

Suyang touched his ear; it was heating up. The moment they entered the apartment, he threw Lin Yixin onto the couch before even taking off his shoes. He totally didn’t care to treat the fairer sex well.

Suyang massaged his sore arms. Then, he watched as Lin Yixin began to roll back and forth on the couch. Too bad for her. He hadn’t exercised for a long time.

He sat and rested next to Lin Yixin. But before he knew what was happening, Lin Yixin had climbed up and fell on top of him.

She reeked of alcohol, but it wasn’t a discomforting scent. In fact, it was very seductive and luring. Suyang observed Lin Yixin. Her eyes seemed kind of zoned out and her red lips were slightly parted. Her collarbone was faintly showing.

“I feel like you’re very different from three years ago.”

“Really?! In what ways?” Lin Yixin sat upright as she wrapped her arms around Suyang’s neck and pushed herself closer towards him.

“You’ve become more likeable.”

“This Emperor likes how you haven’t seen the real world and states the truth.” Lin Yixin grinned and she gave Suyang a rough kiss on the cheek. Since she was so intoxicated, she had no idea this was real life.

Suyang decided to play along with her role play. “I thank the Emperor for the compliment!”

“Great! This Emperor has decided to bestow you the title of Empress. From now on, you’re the biggest boss of this Emperor’s harem!” Lin Yixin proudly bragged.

“This concubine wants to ask your Majesty how many sisters does she have to live with?” Suyang shifted his face closer towards Lin Yixin.

Lin Yixin humphed, “This Emperor only wants one cup of water.”

“You’re thirsty?” Suyang stood up. He was about to pour Lin Yixin a cup of water. But, she tugged his arm and stopped him from moving. Then, Lin Yixin fell against him on the couch. She laid on top of him and looked down, purring lightly on his lips. “I mean, I will choose a spoonful of water from the whole ocean.”   

Suyang was the face she had thought of day and night. Since the alcohol had numbed her brain, Lin Yixin was purely following her subconscious desire as she passionately kissed Suyang.

At first, it was very gentle. But in no time, their tongues began to tangle. She knew it wasn’t a dream anymore. It was real. The man she had been craving for all this time was in front of her. She continued kissing until she ran out of oxygen. Then, she got up and boastfully gazed at Suyang.

“Your kissing technique has improved.” Suyang murmured.

Lin Yixin chuckled, “Of course! This Emperor had not wasted his years doing nothing! Do you know what I have been doing all these years?”

Suyang stood up and candidly carried Lin Yixin into his bedroom. “Oh? I want to know what you’ve been doing these past few years.”

Lin Yixin was worried she would fall off, so she wrapped her arms around his neck tighter. Then, she placed her head against Suyang’s chest and angrily muttered, “How could you not know?”

“I haven’t seen you in three years. How would I know?”

“Stupid!” Lin Yixin was thrown onto the bed. She closed her eyes and had her hands supporting her face, “These past three years I’ve been…”


“Busy missing you….”

When Suyang heard her response, he was very satisfied. He gently removed Lin Yixin’s hands from her face and brushed the hair away from her face.

“Me too. These past three years, I’ve been busy thinking of you…”

“Really?!” Lin Yixin looked troubled. “Then why didn’t you come find me? Why didn’t you call me?”

“I was afraid to leave. I was afraid you would come find me while I was gone.” Suyang whispered. Then, he slowly kissed Lin Yixin as his hands began to swim all over her body.

Lin Yixin no longer tried to avoid the physical contact like she had three years ago. Instead, she welcomed Suyang’s advances. The two of them gradually took off their clothes.

Lin Yixin happened to touch something hard. Then, she used all her strength and smacked her hand against the light switch. The lights in the room instantly turned off. Suyang was a bit spooked and he stopped what he was doing.

Lin Yixin was panting; her face flushed. “It’s better with the lights off….”

“I got it.”

Then, no more words were spoken. Instead, slow moans and raspy gasps continued throughout the whole night.

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