Chapter 142: Why are you wearing a high collar shirt?

Chapter 142: Why are you wearing a high collar shirt?

“O-of course! What do you mean?”

“Nothing. I was just thinking about how you were last night. You drank the most out of all of us. Yet, you were determined not to get escorted home. So, I was wondering whether you actually made it back.”

“I did make it back… but did I leave by myself last night?”

“Yeah. You were insane! You couldn’t even walk a straight line. I’m surprised you made it back!”

So that means Suyang didn’t appear at the BBQ shop. When did we meet then? While I was walking blindly on the streets!? I narrowed my eyes. I think I’m starting to remember….

My intuition told me that Suyang’s hot gaze never once turned away from my direction. So, I shrank my head and hid behind the cubicle.

I knew I couldn’t hide forever. But I still haven’t thought of an explanation for last night’s occurrence.

Explanation! Explanation! Oh yeah! Logically, Suyang should be the one giving me an explanation! I drank too much. My mind wasn’t conscious. I was the victim here!

No no! I can’t think like that! I’ve heard that when I’m drunk, I act like a female version of Shen Shaoqian. I hug everyone in sight. I wrap my arms around everyone. I am a mess….

“Lin Yixin, the manager is calling you.” Guo Zijun said from his cubicle.  

“What?” I responded with a shaky voice and fearfully poked my head out.

“Aren’t you overreacting a bit too much?” Guo Zijun ridiculed me, “I know you were punished by the manager yesterday, but it’s still not too late to fix your relationship with him. Don’t make him wait too long or else you’re going to get yelled at again.”

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. Sigh. What will come will always come. Although the distance between my cubicle and Suyang’s office was less than 7 metres, it felt like an endless execution ground.

I wished my legs were only 1cm long. That way, it would take me forever to get to his office

Suyang had a crafty smile on his face until I entered his office.

“Manager, is there something you need help with?” I didn’t know where to put my arms. Today, their existence felt like a surplus.

“You took forever to come into my office, yet you slipped out of my apartment so fast.” Suyang teased.

The moment he said those words, I quickly turned around and locked the doors behind me. Then, I reminded him. “Shhh! We are at work right now!”

“This company permits dating amongst coworkers. Don’t worry.”

Suyang casually leaned back against his chair. Right now, I was the only one in panic mode. “This has nothing to do with dating within the company. This is an issue between the two of us! We can’t let anyone know about it!”

“Our issue? What issue do we have….?” Suyang grinned. He obviously knew what he was doing. Ughhhh he was so despicable!

“Why are you wearing a high collar shirt? You don’t find it hot?”

“Why are you asking the question when you already know the answer to it?” I spoke through my teeth.

Suyang stood up; not bothering to hide his cheerful mood. “Actually, I wouldn’t have gone so overboard. But last night, you wouldn’t let me go. That’s why I….” Suyang murmured. Then, he slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt to reveal all the hickeys on his collarbone.

I was the culprit

“Tell me, how are you going to take responsibility for me?” Suyang tilted his head as he began to lightly swing one of my arms.

“Why should I be the one taking responsibility? I was drunk last night. I wasn’t conscious. You took advantage of me!” I pulled my arm away from him and backed away to keep a safe distance between us.  

“Oh I see…” Suyang placed his hand on his chin. “How about I take responsibility for you instead? Actually, it doesn’t matter who takes responsibility for who...but you really surprised me after three years of no contact.”

“What?!” I snapped. I found it extremely annoying how Suyang spoke to me in such a frivolous tone.

“You were much more forward and passionate compared to the past….” He slowly stated. There was a cunning glint in his eyes.

“That’s enough! Enough! You don’t have to explain!” I rushed over to cover Suyang’s mouth. But when I remembered this was the office, I quickly released my hand. “Could we not talk about this stuff at work?”

“Is there any other place you want to meet after work?” Suyang asked.

“I’ll come to your apartment to find you and we can chat then. Okay?”

“Deal. I’ll be waiting for you at home. You better show up.” Suyang smiled and returned back to his seat. “Alright, job candidate Lin Yixin, you may leave now.”

After I exited Suyang’s office, I felt like there was a huge gloomy cloud in front of me. Great. Now, I have to find time to deal with what I had done to Suyang. When am I going to have time to investigate Yao Youfan?


(Last night)

The more Lin Yixin thought about it, the more enraged she felt. She had been living for 29 years and now a punk had set her up?

She noticed all the new hirees were smiling around her. Hence, she couldn’t make her anger so obvious. So, she fakely smiled as she continuously drank cup after cup.

In no time, she had devoured two bottles.

Usually, she wasn’t much of a drinker. As a result, her mind was already spinning after two bottles of beer. All the new hirees were busy talking about their own departments. No one paid attention to her.   

Since she was bored, Lin Yixin clumsily took out her cell phone and began to yell without dialing a number, “Hello!? Hello!!? Is anyone there? Yo! You punk, I never thought I would see you again! How dare you keep me in your office alone? Have you been corrupted by bad examples?”

All the new hirees became silent. They held onto their breath as they stared at Lin Yixin. Who is she shouting at?

Suddenly, Guo Zijun slammed the table and nervously turned to the girl next to Lin Yixin. “Qianqian, hurry and hang up her phone. She might've called the manager?”

Now, everyone was anxious and the atmosphere became super awkward. If a job candidate drunk-dialed a manager at a gathering, they would all be in trouble.

Song Qianqian freaked out and immediately took Lin Yixin’s cell phone away from her. But when she glanced at it, she felt a great sense of relief. “What the heck. She didn’t even dial a number!”

They were all scared for no reason. Someone began to joke, “I bet she doesn’t have the manager’s number. Hahaha.”

“Plus, this morning, the manager lectured her right away at his office. I am pretty sure she got yelled at so much that she is kind of traumatized. Now, she’s venting to air.” Guo Zijun mocked.

Once again, all the new hirees focused on their own issues and ignored Lin Yixin.

“Humph!” When Lin Yixin was given back her cell phone, she drank another cup and smirked. She had overheard what the new hirees were saying and now she was provoked. “Humph! Who says I don’t know Suyang’s number? I’ll call him now!”

Although Suyang’s number was no longer on Yixin’s phone, she had deeply memorized in her subconscious memory. Lin Yixin accurately dialed the number in her drunken state. The moment it went through and she began to laugh, “HAHA! Guess whoooooo?!?!”

Suyang had just finished showering. His hair was still dripping with water droplets when he noticed the caller ID. After a moment of hesitation, he picked up. “Hello?”

Lin Yixin was laughing like a mischievous child. She told everyone around her to be quiet. “Shhh! I can’t hear the phone!”

But everyone ignored her. So, Lin Yixin stood up and left the BBQ shop. She sat on the steps in front of the restaurant and began to foolishly smile. She was smiling at the sky.

Suyang whispered, “Yixin….”

“Pssh! You suck! How could you figure it out so quickly?” Lin Yixin hollered. Then, she dramatically stood up and twirled around. “But, I’m no longer the Lin Yixin from 3 years ago! Now, I’m the short hair version! And I can communicate with ghosts!”

Suyang didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Goldfish must be drunk. Or else, she wouldn’t have called him. But he was very happy that she would call him while she was intoxicated. Could it be that she had never been drunk these past three years? Why did it take her so long to call?

“Where are you?” Suyang was already changing to go find her.

“Guess!” Lin Yixin ran over and began to hug a lamppost. “If you guess correctly, I’ll tell you!”

“Did you drink too much or are you suffering from aphasia? How could you tell me to guess?” Suyang gasped as he tried to quickly pull up his pants.

“I can’t tell you I’m around the company building or you’re going to come find me! Do you know that we’re not supposed to see each other?” Lin Yixin slurred. She happened to see a floating ghost dressed in white and ran back to the BBQ shop.

The new hirees were about to have a toast. Lin Yixin took the cup from Guo Zijun’s hand and drank it all down in one gulp.   

“Woah! So good!”

Guo Zijun’s glass was stolen from him and his hand was still in mid air. Someone tapped his arm next to him and gave him another glass. But no one noticed his flushed face as he began to dry cough.

Suyang was fully dressed now. He sighed. It was actually good that Lin Yixin had such a low IQ at times. At least, now he knew where she was.

He warned, “Be good and remain where you are. I’m coming now.”

“No! You can’t come!” Lin Yixin sat back at her original spot and began to stomp her feet. However, the new hirees assumed she was still speaking to air so they continued to dismiss her behaviour.

“Didn’t you call me because you wanted me to find you?”

“No! I -I just don’t understand how you’re a marketing manager here!? Do you know how awkward I felt when I saw you today? I was so shocked, I was speechless. I foolishly stood there like a pole. So silly.”

Guo Zijun stared at Lin Yixin from the corner of his eyes. Lin Yixin’s back was facing him.

“Actually, I felt like you were quite good at talking back.” Suyang had arrived at the parking lot. He was about to drive to the work building to find Goldfish.

“Huh...why am I on the phone?” Lin Yixin asked herself out loud. Then, she hung up; leaving a speechless Suyang. All he heard was the “dut dut dut…” sound of a discontinued line.

In no time, Lin Yixin drank another three bottles of beer. Just as she was about to consume her fifth bottle, she was dancing alone in her head.

“The little girl carried her doll and went to the garden to see cherry blossoms. The doll cried for mama and the birds on the tree went haha….” Lin Yixin was humming a song as her mind wandered off into Lala Land.

At this moment, Suyang called. Lin Yixin was brought back to reality and wanted to hang up on him. However, she slid her finger in the wrong direction and ended up picking up the call.

“Where are you? I’m already at the work building.”

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