Chapter 140: My life was a joke

Chapter 140: My life was a joke

Luo Jing and the new hiree walked by me. Before they left, I had to try to save myself. I definitely didn’t want to be alone with Suyang.

“Is there something important you need help with, manager?”

“After seeing your résumé, there are some parts I am curious about. I want to ask you individually. Is that not alright with you?” Suyang responded smoothly. He must have figured out my response ahead of time.

“Of course not….” I was speechless. After all, he was currently my superior. I couldn’t go against him in front of the secretary and the new hiree.

Suyang glared at the two other men. He seemed a bit annoyed. “Are you guys not going to leave?”

“Yes.” The two of them swiftly exited. The new hiree probably thought I was going to get scolded. Before he left the room, he secretly peeked at me and had a crafty smile on his face.

F**k that child! Why is he rejoicing in my misfortunes? And ugh, why does Suyang want to keep me here? I’m so nervous. Is he going to question why I left without saying a word three years ago? Or does he want to get revenge? Or maybe…

Wait, we are working in the same company right now. He probably won’t do anything. Lin Yixin. You can do this. Stop freaking out.

My thoughts were spinning in my mind like mad. Suddenly, Suyang closed all the window blinds and the room turned pitch black. I recoiled my body and stared at him with caution.

Suyang seemed to be abnormally calm. Then, he pressed a switch and the room was lit. He comfortably sat in his boss chair as he took out my résumé. “Lin Yixin job candidate, where have you worked previously?”

“I don’t think where I have worked previously is important. The most important thing is that I’m part of the company now.”

Oh? So Suyang wanted to act like we didn’t know each other? That’s fine with me.

“That’s true. But if your superior is asking you a question, you must answer it, no?”

How dare he try to threaten me? On the inside, I rolled my eyes countless of times. But on the outside, I appeared strong. “In the past, I’ve worked at Day Mountain Trading Company.”

I told him the job I last held four years ago. You can’t blame me. Ever since I was fired, I was Suyang’s assistant. After that, I never worked another white collar job again. The only thing I could use or say was the Day Mountain Trading Company.

“Day Mountain Trading Company? How come I have never heard of it?” Suyang muttered and rubbed his chin.

“Of course you haven’t. Or else, you wouldn’t be asking. Do you have any other question? If not, I’m going to go leave now.” I coldly replied and tilted my chin up. My eyes landed on a painting behind Suyang’s back.

On the wall was a painting of a sunflower that had a missing petal. The golden yellow hue gave its viewer a misconception of warmth. But if one looked closely at the missing petal, they would see that the flower was weeping. Its head was lowered like it was drowning in regret.

Suyang suddenly stood up and blocked my view. His expression was solemn. “Why are you in such a rush to leave? You don’t want to be in the same space as me?”

I immediately denied. “No, currently, I’m only a job candidate. I must quickly get accustomed to the environment.”

Suyang leaned against his office desk while playing around with an item in his hand. “I noticed your age, Candidate Lin Yixin. You’re already 29. You’re much older than the other hirees. What do you have to say to that?”

“I don’t think a person’s age should determine whether a person is qualified for a job or not. If you want to assess an employee, you should be judging based on his/her abilities, decision making, and how diligent they are.”

Suyang clapped. “Good. I agree with you.”

“Manager, do you have any other questions?”

“Yes.” Suyang tilted his head and grinned like a child. “It has been three years. Have you missed me?”

That smile brought me back to three years ago. He always had this smile whenever he leaned against my leg or buried his head against my neck.

To me, the three years were nothing. My love for him didn’t lessen at all. But it was impossible between us. Honestly, I wanted to rush over and embrace him. I wanted to ask him whether he missed me. I wanted to know if he was dating someone else. I wanted to know how he was doing. And while he was thinking of how to respond, I wanted to give him a deep, passionate kiss…

But, I was able to hold back my powerful desires. During these past three years, this ability was something I was most proud of. Although my heart longed for him, I was able to act emotionless.

As for Suyang’s question, I wasn’t sure how I should respond.

I still loved him. But for the past three years, I have been very busy working. I had almost no time to miss or think of Suyang. Even if I did have time, I would control myself so that I wouldn’t think of him. Since I have already decided we had no future together, I had to crush all my thoughts.

But it was strange. Suyang became something non-concrete in my heart. He was someone that I didn’t want to remember but couldn’t forget.

“Manager, what is that supposed to mean? Today is the first time we’ve met…..” I’m going to continue playing dumb; even if it was the stupidest idea.

“Are you sure that is your final answer?” Suyang’s smile suddenly became dim. “I’ll give you one more chance. If you reply badly, I will investigate why you entered this company and tell the chairman.”

“You!” I panicked and glared at Suyang.

He clapped very excitedly. “Yes. This is the Lin Yixin I know. Terrible temper and easily provoked; comes whenever she feels like it and doesn’t care about how others feel. That is your style!”

As expected, Suyang was bitter towards my departure. Should I explain myself? But honestly, I couldn’t think of anything that could clear my crime. Forget it. It’s probably better that he hates me.

“I know your motive for entering this company isn’t pure. You better answer my question.”

“I……” Before I could continue, someone knocked and saved me.

“I’m busy!” Suyang snapped. He sounded like he didn’t want the person to come in.

“Manager, the chairman is looking for you.”

“Tell her I’m busy. No time.”

Wow, he even dares to reject the chairman. Suyang is still unruly like he was three years ago. What's his relationship with Yao Youfan?

“The chairman says it’s urgent.”

“I got it. I’ll come now.” Suyang finally gave in. He gave me a dirty look as he walked by me. Then, he whispered in a low voice, “The future is long. We have ample of time later to chat.”

After that, he confidently walked out of the room.

“Whew….” After Suyang left, I quickly ran out and found an empty seat to sit down. I held onto my beating heart as I tried to calm down. I gazed at Suyang’s office and thought to myself, What am I going to do if he wouldn’t let me go? At this rate, how can I do further investigation…..?

My head began to hurt and I started to mess with my hair. The new hiree noticed and sneakily came up beside me. He mumbled, “What did the manager say to you? Are you in trouble?”

He tried to suppress it, but I could still see his upward smile. Clearly, he wanted me to look bad. I looked down and noticed the worker ID around his neck. His name was Guo Zijun.

I said what he wanted to hear and pretended to act miserable. “Yes, the manager scolded me. He said I had to be alert during my work hours. If I continue acting like this, there is no need to return back to work.”

Guo Zijun seemed pleased by what I said. “Oh yeah, Secretary Luo said there is a welcome ceremony for all the new hirees tonight. After we’re done work, we have to go home and change before we attend.”

What’s going on? He’s actually nice enough to notify me?

“Welcome ceremony? Will we see the chairman too?”

“Who knows…? I guess it depends if we’re lucky. I doubt the chairman would come to a regular event like this though.”

If Yao Youfan shows up, this event would be a perfect excuse to get close to her. After all, if it’s a party, there will definitely be drinking. People are the least guarded when they are drunk. Perhaps I’ll be able to find out some stuff through her spirit and figure out whether she fabricated the will.

Suddenly, an unknown number appeared on my phone. I hesitated but ultimately decided to pick it up, “Hello?”

“Miss. Lin Yixin. It’s Xu Chuqiao. This is my personal cell phone. In order not to arouse suspicion, I’ll be using this phone to contact you from now on.”

“Alright. Is there an issue?”

“I heard you were called in by the marketing manager. Is everything ok?”

“Yeah. It’s my own issue. No need to worry.” For now, it’s fine. But soon….

“Alright. If there’s anything, call this number.”

“Yes, I understand.” You can’t solve my problem! I made a depressing face at my phone and shook my head. I swear my life was a joke.

So, I lingered around the office for the rest of the day until work was over. Initially, I thought being a job candidate would be very busy, but Guo Zijun wanted to show off so badly that he fought to do everything. So because of him, I had a lot of free time. It was great I didn’t have to do anything.

After work, I purposely went to buy an outfit for tonight’s event. When I swiped my credit card, my heart ached. I haven't even made money yet and now I have to go negative

When I arrived at the company, it wasn’t the type of party I had imagined it to be. The only people that were standing in front of the building were the new hirees from this morning. Was this the event that Guo Zijun mentioned?

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