Chapter 133: Coming up with a plan

Chapter 133: Coming up with a plan

I watched with my eyes opened wide; speechless. Anson was still moving on the ground. His brain wasn’t shot, but his arm was. The bullet came from outside and shot the arm he was using to hold the gun.

Earlier, while we were in the car, I had secretly stuffed my cell phone in Suyang’s hand. I hinted that he shouldn’t argue with Xialing any longer.

After Xialing confiscated Suyang’s cell phone, Suyang was still able to use my phone to send a text message to the police officers he was familiar with. He texted them our location.

So, the whole time, Suyang and I were trying to buy ourselves more time. Just as we thought we were done for, the cops showed up at a vital moment.

After we were untied, the first thing I did was embrace Suyang. We nearly died and experienced something that only belonged to the two of us. Suyang’s heart was pounding furiously. I could feel every single beat.

“We’re ok now. It’s fine….” Suyang quietly comforted me.

I took a look at Anson. He was blankly staring at the ceiling. I also saw the gunshot wound on my arm. Deep down, I thought to myself, Wow, not only have I gotten shot on my I have a shot on my arm! What sins have I committed to deserve this? What kind of girl has so many gunshot wounds? 

“Suyang, you….” Suddenly, Anson seemed to have came back alive. His eyes looked like they were spitting fire.

After Suyang and I were untied, Suyang’s expression completely changed. “Based on what happened to my parents and what happened just now, I will never forgive you!”

“But you just….”

“You were correct. I was lying to you all along.” Suyang icily responded.

A drop of tear came out of Anson’s eyes. After the cops helped him wrapped his wound, they lifted him up. I figured Suyang’s statement will cause Anson misery for life.

Before the cops took him away, Anson began to laugh like a madman. He stared at me. “You think you’ve won? Actually, I won.”

I didn’t understand what he meant until afterwards. ‘Lin Yixin’ was the one who was taken away!


That day, I watched as "I" was taken away. For a long time, I wasn't able to snap out of it. Three days had gone by since Anson was arrested. Fortunately, after a lot of investigation, we accidentally discovered that Sheyu was the police officer watching over Anson.

Based on the relationship we had with her in the past, Suyang was able to find out some stuff in regards to Anson's current status and future possibilities.

Most likely, Sheyu was in shock. The good citizen Lin Yixin somehow ended up as one of the criminals she had to guard.

By the time the police had shown up, Huaze Yuxiang and Xialing had already escaped. So, Anson was the only one who was arrested.

I curled up at the corner of the couch as I bit my nails restlessly. My eyes couldn't help but continuously turned towards the clock that against the wall. Suyang had left over four hours ago.

Suddenly, I heard someone pressing the password on the door. I swiftly got up from the couch and rushed to the entrance. As expected, it was Suyang. I ran and seized him by the arm. "How's everything?"

Suyang's complexion didn't look good. My heart began to beat irregularly. "Is it really bad? Are they going to press charges against 'Lin Yixin'?"

"Sheyu says if we don't wish to press charges, then the issue will pass. But right now, Anson isn't who we have to worry about. You're in bigger trouble. During the chaos, one of Sheyu's colleagues recognized 'Anson'. Sheyu says that her colleague has been investigating Anson for a long time. At this rate, you're going to be in a lot of danger."

Anson was truly ruthless. After all this, he still wants me to pay for his crimes.

"Then, we better figure out a way to quickly switch our souls back!" I lowered my head and thought about it. "Anson is still in the hospital, right?"

"He's in a coma at the hospital. We could use this time to switch your souls back. Except...."

"Is Grandmother Meng ok?" I haven't actually seen Grandmother Meng since she had been rescued. I was ashamed to see her because she wouldn't have been in danger if it weren't for me.

"Based on my granny's condition, I don't think she will be able to help you. Granny has gone through a lot in her lifetime but she is quite old now, so she really needs to rest."

Suyang saw how depressed I was and gently caressed me. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll think of something. Even if you're a man for life, I'll accept it."

I pressed my head on his shoulders and wailed in Anson's deep voice, "Nooooo..."

"You make it sound like I'm useless!" Suddenly, Grandmother Meng barged in through the door like a boss.

Suyang and I instantly leaped apart from each other.

"Grandmother Meng, you....." I exclaimed.

The moment Grandmother Meng came in, she saw me as Anson. She came over and touched my face gently. "Oh child, you still look the same as back then. You didn't change at all."

"Didn't change at all? How come I felt like he changed a lot? If I didn't do a deep analysis, I wouldn't have recognized him." Suyang argued.

"What do you know? You were a child back then! How would you remember?" muttered Grandmother Meng.

"Grandmother Meng... do you know who I am?"

"Of course!" Suddenly, the gentle hand turned into a harsh punch. I was punched in the head. "You have no heart! I have helped you so much and you never once came to see me!?! I need to beat you up! You're a rude child!"

"Grandmother Meng! Calm down!" I was trying to avoid her vicious attack as I begged for mercy. "It's not that I didn't want to see you. It's because...."

"Because of what?"

"I have no face...."

"Silly child. Why not? Is it because of what I said to you previously? I'm telling you! I still meant what I said. I won't agree to your relationship with Suyang!"

"I know! Initially, I was planning to leave." At this point, I secretly peeked at Suyang. He seemed mad.

On the contrary, Grandmother Meng beamed. She grabbed onto my hands. "Really? You are going to leave?"


"It's not a condition for me to switch your soul back?"

"Grandmother Meng. I would never use Suyang as a condition for anything." I sincerely replied.

"Good! Since you're such a good girl, I'll help you get your body back no matter what! Honestly, when the child came to see me with your appearance, I already knew it was him."

"How did you figure it out?"

What? I thought it was very strange. Both Grandmother Meng and Suyang could tell the difference between me and Anson?

"Haven't you forgotten? I have been in contact with ghosts all my life. I don't only see the outer appearance. Instead, I see the souls too. I can immediately tell when the soul and the physical appearance don't match. Plus, the child's aura is bad. I couldn't even pretend not to know."

"Wow. You're so pro. Unlike me...." I whispered to myself.

Grandmother Meng didn't hear me. "What did you say?"

"Right now, the bigger question is, how can we swap the souls?" Suyang brought us back on topic.

"In order to swap souls, both parties' physical bodies and souls must be present. Or else things could go very wrong. I heard that the child is still in the hospital. But if we go to the hospital, there will be way too many people interrupting. It will not work."

"But we can't take Anson out! There's a police officer watching over him."

"Can you guys discuss with Sheyu and let Anson out for....." I looked at Grandmother Meng.

"An hour!" Grandmother Meng stated.

"An hour! Can she let Anson go for an hour? Plus, right now, the person lying on the bed is not Anson. It's 'Lin Yixin'! Didn't she say that as long as we don't want to pursue charges, she'll be fine? Lin Yixin doesn't have any criminal records! If Sheyu is in charge, she would be ok with it, right?" I asked hopefully.

"Don't even bother. Sheyu is so stubborn. She won't let anyone get close to Lin Yixin until after she's awake. Sheyu refuses to release ‘Lin Yixin’ until she personally closes the case and has a written record."

I nervously bit my lip. "If Anson wakes up, he'll definitely send my physical body to jail by making up or admitting to all sorts of crimes! By the time he wakes up, it'll be too late!"

Suddenly, I thought of something. "Where is Xialing?"

"I'm not sure. Ever since she escaped with Huaze Yuxiang, we haven't heard from them. Honestly, I don't even know if she was on our side or Anson's. How could she have fallen into his own trap as his subordinate...?"

"I'm quite sure Xialing was clueless at the time. Anson isn't a simple person to deal with. But since Xialing was his subordinate for so many years, she must be quite of value. Perhaps she could help us."

"Yixin has a point." Grandmother Meng coolly pointed at me. "Honestly, there are very few garbage supernatural people like her."

Grandmother Meng, your words hurt...!

"We need to find Xialing to help us!"

"But she's missing. How could we find her?"

"Although she's missing, I have a way to contact her... "I went over to the door and happened to see Xiazhi doing push-ups. I made eye contact with him and said, "Xiazhi, do you know where your sister is?"

Xiazhi froze and remained in the same position as he observed me. He was stunned. Then, the corner of his mouth curved into a smile.

"Hey! What's wrong? Does my face frighten you?" I waved my hand in front of him.

Xiazhi shook his head.

"Could you help me locate her? I really have something important I need to discuss with her!" I pressed my palms together in a begging position.

Xiazhi understood my words and nodded. Then, he vanished. I think he went to find his sister. If Xiazhi spoke up for me, Xialing should be willing to help me.

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