Chapter 132: You’re a madman!

Chapter 132: You’re a madman!

I instantly froze. I was afraid to trigger him more. If I managed to live through this, I’m definitely putting this on my résumé. I was once held hostage by “me”. “I” pressed a gun against my brain. Who else would’ve experienced something like this?  

“What are you doing?” Suyang couldn’t see what was happening with me and Anson, so he was anxious. He began to harden his grip on my hands.

“Suyang, don’t freak out. I just want to scare her a bit. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be very effective. Your huge reaction is making me rather upset though.” Anson pressed the gun harder against me.

Anson assumed my lack of reaction was an indication I wasn’t afraid...but the truth was, I was freaking out

From the corners of my eyes, I analyzed the muzzle of the gun. For some reason, I stated, “You dare to shoot?”

The moment I said that line, I regretted it. I shouldn’t be triggering him even more. It was as if I was saying, “Hahaha! If you have the ability, then shoot me?! You are a chicken!”

“Yixin!” Suyang shouted to stop me. But it was too late.

I explained, “Right now, my body is Anson. If you kill me, you kill Anson.”

Anson clapped, “That’s true! But now I’m Lin Yixin. Anson is useless to me. Why would I care whether he’s dead or alive?”

“Do you plan to live as Lin Yixin forever? Suyang already knows your plan. I don’t think you can remain by his side!” I blurted.

Oh my goodness…. I was triggering him again. Shouldn’t I keep my mouth shut? Perhaps that would be safer….

“Don’t remind me!” Anson hollered. The hand he was holding the gun with began to shake. In my opinion, he had already lost his sanity.

“Anson!” Suyang could sense that things were quickly turning sour so he rushed to distract him. “I want to know why you decided to go through such a big circle rather than directly meeting me with your true self.”

“Shhhhh! Dear, you’re saying the wrong name. I’m Lin Yixin; not Anson. I’m warning you! If you say it wrong again, the punishment won’t be light!” Anson purred.

Anson walked over to a spot where Suyang and I could both see him. Then, he spun around and pointed at me, “Compared to you, don’t you think I’m more suitable to be Lin Yixin? I can completely control this body now.”

Who would’ve thought I would have to fight over someone to be the useless Lin Yixin? “Although I’m not very happy with myself, Lin Yixin is me. You only stole the exterior. It doesn’t hide the fact that you’re a madman.”

Why won’t I shut up? Every line I’m saying is pushing me closer towards death

“Dear, you’re the one who is insane. Look in the mirror. You’re the Anson that Suyang despises. I’m the one he loves; Lin Yixin.” Anson turned to Suyang and crooked his head, “Right?”

Suyang didn’t respond. Anson was annoyed.

“Answer me!” He screamed as he pointed the gun at Suyang.

“When did I ever say I despised Anson?” Suyang responded calmly.

Suyang’s line caused Anson’s eyes to grow big. His lips began to quiver, “What did you say?”

I was also shocked by Suyang’s words. He actually didn’t hate Anson?

“When did I say I despised Anson?” Suyang repeated again, “That’s what you came up with yourself. I never said anything.”

“Liar! You’re lying to me! I -, no, Anson caused the death of your parents! How could you not hate him? You’re just lying because you want me to let you guys go!”

“Hate!” Suyang crisply replied, “I once hated you! But that happened so many years ago. What’s the point? Plus, you were only a child back then. You didn’t know any better. So when I thought of that, I couldn’t hate you anymore.”

“Liar! How could you not hate me? Even I cannot forgive myself….” Anson’s voice was turning weaker and weaker.

“I went to Japan. Doesn’t that already prove a lot?” Suyang firmly made eye contact with Anson. This was the first time I’ve ever heard Suyang talked about the incident. To be honest, I was quite stunned.

Anson slowly lowered his gun.

Suyang continued, “All these years, Anson never once appeared in front of me and never stated he wanted me to forgive him. You’re using the wrong method to reunite with me. It’s still not too late to turn back….”

Hearing this, Anson became emotional again, “Turn back?! How can I turn back? Exchange souls with her again so you two can live happily ever after?!” He snarled.

“Yes, you need to exchange souls and face me as Anson and tell me all the things you have been wanting to say to me all these years.”

“It’s too late! It’s too late!” Anson’s nose trembled as he choked with emotions, “I started off on the wrong path, so I can only continue from there. There’s no backing out.”

Not that I want to ruin the atmosphere, but Anson happened to be wearing non-waterproof makeup. Now, his tears were making my face look like a mess.

I look so funny. But how could I laugh during such a serious moment? This was the moment that will determine whether we’ll live or not! Hold it! I can do it!

“So what are you going to do now? Kill us all?” Suyang coldly continued the conversation.

“I won’t kill you! You’re the person I love and care about the most. I would never hurt you.” Anson murmured. Then, his eyes hardened, “I don’t exactly know what I’m going to do yet. But first, get rid of him!”

“You want to kill me again? I told you! This body is yours! You can’t hurt yourself…” I sighed. Why doesn’t this child understand?

Anson laughed hysterically as he shook his head, “I just thought of an amazing idea! I know how Anson can stay with Suyang forever!”

I had a very bad feeling about this.

Anson seemed to have made up his mind. Suddenly, he pointed the gun at his head (well, “Lin Yixin’s head”). He began to back away.

“Suyang, you decide! If I die, you will remain with Anson’s physical body forever. If he dies, you will forever remain with Anson’s spirit. Which one will you choose?”

They say that the cruelest heart belonged to a married woman. But in my opinion, this man’s heart was much crueler than any married women!

“I’m not choosing either.”

“Fine! I’ll chose for you!”

“No!” I shouted. I could see that Anson was determined to kill. He was about to kill 'Lin Yixin'. If my physical body dies, I’ll become a ghost!

“Haha!” Anson started laughing like a maniac, “You’re finally scared. I guess I made the right choice.”

I was scared all along, dude. Don’t make it sound like I’m brave….

“Don’t be so emotional. Let’s talk this over.” Since I was anxious, I have been secretly trying to untie the rope behind me. But a man’s hands were too big, I couldn’t do anything.

My wrist was starting to hurt; I must have scraped my skin.

“Oh yes, there is something I want to know. Suyang, how did you know I wasn’t Lin Yixin? It’s her face….”

“My intuition! You were too intense when you kissed me. That isn’t something Lin Yixin would do. She had never once shown so much initiative.” Suyang replied honestly.

What? Kiss? Ugh! A fire immediately lit up inside me.

Wait, does that count? When Anson kissed Suyang as Lin Yixin...was that Anson kissing Suyang or Lin Yixin kissing Suyang?

“But how did you figure out who Lin Yixin was? She even changed sex.”

“My intuition.” Suyang looked at me, “A man’s 6th sense is quite accurate. If you love her enough, regardless of what she turns into, you’ll be able to sense her original aura based on her movements.”

Anson clapped, “Well said. I’m sad and jealous at the same time.”

“Anson, I already told you as a child that we weren’t possible. I will never love you as a lover.”

“I know you’re normal. I know you won’t like men.”

“It has nothing to do with your sex. I just can’t be lovers with you. You’re my childhood best friend. Even if you shoot and kill Lin Yixin’s physical body, the one I love is Lin Yixin’s soul. So please, put down the gun. Doing this will not help you.”

“Suyang….” I couldn’t stop my silent tears from running down my face. The time we had spent together had nourished this deep-rooted love.

“I had already fallen deeply in love before I could prepare myself. If only I had realized this sooner…” Suyang whispered to me.

His voice sounded like the world’s last gramophone record.

“I want to see how you guys can continue being in love with my face….”

Then, a gunshot rang in the air. *bang*!

“No!!!!” I screamed in despair. I watched as “I” fell onto the ground, “Nooooooo! You can’t!”

Was “I” about to die? I don’t want to have Anson’s face for the rest of my life! I’m Lin Yixin! Lin Yixin is me!

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