Chapter 131: Caught

Chapter 131: Caught

Huaze Yuxiang. She was our Japanese tour guide. So she was Anson’s subordinates as well..

“I heard she called you Anson.” Suyang pointed at me, “Are you him?”

“You remember Anson? It’s him….”

“How could I forget him? While I lived in Japan, he caused my parents’ death. So everything is his idea...that means, ‘Lin Yixin’ is Anson right now?” Suyang coldly asked.

“Yes. Did she…..I mean the fake Lin anything weird to you?” I secretly peeked at Suyang.

Suyang paused and thought about it. “Weird? Not really. We did what couples usually do.”

Suyang’s words made me feel very uncomfortable… what couples usually do? What did Anson use my body for….!?!

Although I had somewhat prepared myself, the moment I imagined the scene, I felt shivers down my back.

“Speaking of which, Xialing, you were in contact with Yuxiang all this time? What’s going on?”

“Uh… I guess the truth will eventually be revealed. Actually, this was our plan all along. Sorry for using you.”

“What were you guys planning?”

“We’ve been Anson’s subordinates for years and noticed that he is becoming more and more ruthless. This time, Yuxiang and I were hoping to change him. We don’t want Anson to continue sinning. We were hoping for an ending that would benefit both parties…”

“Sending me away is the ending that would benefit both parties?” I asked; unamused.

“Well, at least you would be alive and you wouldn’t have to stay in a mental institution!” rebutted Xialing.

“Letting the person who caused the death of my parents remain by my side without my consent is the ending that would benefit both parties?” snarled Suyang. His green veins were practically sticking out of his forehead. He was gripping tightly on the passenger seat in front of him.

“We didn’t expect you to be smart enough to figure it out…. But Anson’s ultimate goal is to remain by your side. Yuxiang and I both believe that as long as he stays with you, he won’t hurt anyone else.”

“He took away my granny. Your words don’t make sense.”

“Sorry, I.. we didn’t think he would do that.”

“Why don’t you continue and tell us the entire plan.” I pressed on the side of my head and asked.

“Well… my brother kept begging me to save you. So after pretending to betray Anson, I discussed and bargained with him. He was willing to not send you to a mental institution as long as you promised you wouldn’t return back to China. I didn’t think he would go after Grandmother Meng after hearing that you’ve escaped.”

“Where is Grandmother Meng now?”

“Yuxiang knows. We’re going to find her now!”

“I am going to call the cops. If we’re saving someone, we need the police to follow us to guarantee victory.”

“Aiii! No! Don’t call the cops! I’m begging you! If you call the cops, Yuxiang and I would be considered kidnappers. Also, Anson too… although he did a lot of bad things, that’s not the ending we want.” Xialing pleaded.

“There will not be an ending that you would want. You think you can roam around freely after committing crimes? Plus, he should’ve been punished long ago!” Suyang coldly replied.

Xialing suddenly pressed on the emergency brakes. Suyang and I both fell forward. “If you call the cops, I’m not taking you guys to see Yuxiang.”

The two of them glared at each other and the atmosphere turned very uncomfortable. I secretly pinched Suyang, “Suyang, let’s just go ourselves. I also agree with not calling the cops. If the cops come, maybe Anson will turn crazier and Grandmother Meng will be in more danger. I trust that we’ll be able to solve this on our own. One of us is a person he loves the most; while the other is the person he hates. Perhaps he will finally be able to release his feelings and let go. Let’s not call the cops and see Yuxiang, ok?”

Suyang saw my warning gaze and finally muttered, “Fine…”

“Hand me your cell phone! I don’t trust you!”

Suyang gave his cell phone to Xialing. Then, the car continued. After driving through the darkness for a long time, we finally came to a stop.

“I followed the map that Yuxiang gave us. I’m surprised it led us back to here.” Xialing walked out first to check the area. Then, Suyang and I came out as well. We silently entered the secret passageway.

“Yuxiang, where are you? We’ve arrive.” Xialing whispered into the phone.

“I’m here.” Yuxiang appeared like a ghost behind us. Suyang and Xialing held their breaths. I was so shocked that I completely fell down on the ground.

“Uh...the f-floor is too slippery….” I smacked the floor. I couldn’t think of an explanation. Suyang lift my collar and pulled me up.

“Where did Anson put Grandmother Meng?”

Yuxiang shook her head and lightly replied, “He locked Grandmother Meng somewhere else. Other people are watching her now.”

“Then hurry and take us there! Wasn’t this what we wanted to do in the first place? We have to stop him from committing more crimes! Xialing anxiously yelped.

“Xialing….” Huaze Yuxiang hesitated, “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?!? If you don’t want to go, just hand me the map. I can drive there on my own.”

“You guys aren’t going anywhere.” The Anson version of “Lin Yixin” appeared behind Huaze Yuxiang.

Xialing realized she was betrayed, “You….!”

Behind Anson were many men dressed in black. They surrounded the three of us.

“I didn’t expect you to bring Suyang with you. My life plan is ruin. What should I do now?” Lin Yixin cruelly laughed.

I never knew my face could look so scary.

“Lin Yixin! Ah! No!” I yelled.

“Anson.” She evilly smiled at me, “Do you remember this place? Welcome back.”

“Yuxiang!! Yuxiang…. You can’t keep helping the evildoer!” Xialing screamed as she was taken away by Huaze Yuxiang.

As for me and Suyang, we were taken down into the basement room that I was previously locked in. We were tied back to back against two chairs.

“Actually, this wasn’t the result I wanted. If only you didn’t figure out everything…” Anson sighed in disappointment. He turned to Suyang, “What a pity. Our time together was as short as the life of an epiphyllum oxypetalum….”

Suyang was holding my hand secretly from behind the chair. Just like his voice, his hands were icy cold, “Where is my grandma?”

“Huaze is watching over her.” Anson was abnormally calm.

“Things have already reached to this stage. What else do you want?” I asked Anson.

After firmly securing Suyang, Anson came over and stood in front of me; sighing. “Yes, I never thought I would fail. So now, I’m still thinking of what I should do next.”

“What you need to do is to release everyone and return my body back to me.”

Hearing this, Anson began to laugh hysterically, “Hahahahaha! Just look at you right now! You’re tied in the basement and you can’t move an inch. Yet, you think you are qualified to put forward conditions?”

“I’m not giving you conditions. I’m giving you a word of advice. If you do what I say, we can give you a chance to escape and not call the cops.”

Actually, I thought it was kind of funny how I was giving Anson conditions under these circumstances too.

“A word of advice….” Anson repeated my words. Then, he nodded towards a direction and walked closer to me. Out of nowhere, he had a gun and he pressed it against my head.

“Say it again!” Anson screeched.

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