Chapter 130: Overlord of thick skin

Chapter 130: Overlord of thick skin 

After I received my boarding pass, I began to tremble. I had no idea that things would progress so quickly. Last night, I was still playing around with Suyang. Less than 24 hours had gone by, but I was about to part with him permanently.

I wasn’t concerned about Suyang’s safety. Anson did all this because he really loved him. He probably loves him even more than I do? I was satisfied as long as he was safe and happy.

It was rather strange. When did I become so sacrificial? In the past, I was never a high-level thinker? I was unwilling to let go especially when it came to Suyang. If anything, I wanted to stick to him for the rest of my life. Yet, I was so at peace with letting go now….

Suddenly, I recalled the photo shoot scene in Japan. Anson must have purposely played that song when the curtain dropped. It was probably an advanced farewell notice; I just didn’t realize it.

Loneliness surrounded me as I sat on the bench and hummed the song. “Lala…lala…humhum…” I forgot the tune and the lyrics. I was just randomly making up tunes.

Beside me, I could hear a couple’s interaction. “Babe, look! It’s snowing outside!”

“What’s so odd about that? It’s almost Winter.”

“That’s true. But tonight, the snow looks better than usual. Let’s go out so you can help me take some pics!”

“No… the plane is going to leave soon.” The guy did not want to get up from his seat.

“We still have more than an hour before departure! There’s enough time. Come on!” The girlfriend whined.

The boyfriend shook his head. He looked very unwilling. His expression read “Damn this snow! Why must it snow tonight out of all days? What if the flight is delayed because of it?!”

His girlfriend forcefully dragged him and they both left the airport. I also couldn’t hold it in and decided to take some pictures of the snowy scenery as a souvenir to look back upon.

It wasn’t a huge snowfall, but it wasn’t weak either. It kind of reminded me of the springtime when cotton wadding would be blowing in the air.

I watched the heavy traffic of the airport entrance. There were so many people walking in and out. It was actually quite depressing. It wasn’t until I was about to leave that I realized how sad an airport was. Each day, it had to witness so many farewells…

On this snowy night, the weather was low. I blew into my frozen hands as I tried to warm them up.

The couple from earlier were nearby making memories. I also wanted to participate so I took out my cell phone and began to snap countless of shots.

“That guy is so hot!”

“Oh Heavens! I found a stud….!”

“The way he holds the camera is so manly! Wah!”

I could hear many ladies praising me. Was this the first time I’ve ever heard people praise me on my looks? Too bad it wasn’t my actual face.

“Excuse me, could you take a picture with me?” A girl shyly came up to me.

The girl was quite young. Wow. Girls are so bold these days! How could I be cruel enough to reject? 

Since my arm was longer, I directly took her cell phone and took a selfie with her.

“Hot guy, let’s turn this angle!” The young girl suggested. “Let’s not use the airport as the background. The snowy scenery is much better.”

“Alright.” I made an 180 degree turn and now I was facing the airport while the background was the snow.

“I will press it on the count of three. One...two…” While I was about to take the picture, I noticed a tall and blurry figure heading towards us. The person’s facial features looked very familiar. He was walking at a very quick pace.

“Three!” Just as I was about to press the button, a strong force pulled me away. I turned but before I could react, the person with the same height as me pressed his lips against mine.

“Ah!!!!!” the young lady yelped.

“Y- you…! You!” My eyes were wide and I was in shock. What the heck was going on?

When Suyang kissed me, I felt as if my soul nearly flew out of my body. The man that was wearing the slim-fit windbreaker was the love of my life. Right now, he had his hands in his pockets as he observed me.

“You think you could secretly leave me like this? You think I wouldn’t figure it out?” Suyang put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer.

The girls around me began to shriek! Then, there was a moment of silence and the applause began.

“You two are so compatible!”

“Congratulations! I wish you two all the best!”

“I hope you guys will live happily forever after!”

Then, they all left as they discussed amongst each other.

As expected, this was a fujoshi society! When I was Lin Yixin, no one ever told me I was compatible with Suyang. But now that I am Anson…. No! I’m not going to think of that now!

“Do you know what you are doing?” I was the same height as Suyang now. It felt really weird to meet him eye to eye.

“I know. I was confirming whether you’re the person I think you are.” Suyang kindly smiled. “No matter what you turn into, I will recognize you.”

Suyang’s words

I pushed him away, but my face was already all red. “I’m a man. Who would’ve thought that the famous Author Su is a GAY? What a pity. I’m not!”

Logically speaking, Suyang shouldn’t have recognized me. I never said or hinted a thing. In my opinion, I didn’t do anything to give it away.

“Don’t you remember what I said at the television station? I said if you’re fat, I would like fat. If you’re skinny, I would like skinny. If you’re tall, I would like tall. If you’re short, I would like short.” Suyang placed his two hands on my shoulders and made me face him. “But I never thought you would make it so hard for me and become a man.”

Suyang lowered his head and chuckled. Then, he held my hand and said, “I guess I can only like a man now.”

His hand was so warm. He made it hard for me to pull away. “You have the wrong person.” I had to lie. If I admitted I was Yixin, Suyang will definitely not allow me to leave. If I don’t leave, how could I save Grandmother Meng?

“If I recognized the wrong person, then why is your face so red? Your blush confirms that you’re the person I’m searching for.”

“B-bullshit! If you were randomly kissed by someone of the same sex, would you not turn red?”

“I wouldn’t turn red!” Suyang responded confidently. As expected, he was the overlord of thick skin

“Anyway, I’m not the person you are trying to find. I have to go catch a flight. Bye!” I shoved Suyang and turned to head back to the airport.

“Wait!” Suyang grabbed onto my hand again.

“You!” I was pretending to be furious but I saw his depressed face. He looked like a child who did something bad and was asking me not to abandon him.

Suyang hauled me around. His voice was much lighter than before. “You're really leaving?”

“I have to leave.”

“I know you didn’t voluntarily become like this. But you still want to leave despite the fact I recognize you?”

“Um, I’ve already decided early on…” I avoided Suyang’s eyes; I was scared to get burn. I didn’t want additional chains to my feet.

“Is that your final answer? Is that the answer you decided on after a night?” Suyang sounded like he was trying to suppress his anger. His breathing was erratic.

I decided to be truthful with Suyang.

“Right now, Grandmother Meng is under Lin Yixin’s hands. I made a deal with her. After confirming my departure, she will release Grandmother Meng. So I have to go, understand?”

“So you’re leaving because of granny… it doesn't have to do with me?”

“Partly. To be honest, I already decided to leave you yesterday. Grandmother Meng is correct. If you stay by my side, bad things will happen to you. I don’t have the ability to protect you. So by leaving, it is for everyone’s benefit.”

“Am I just an item to you? I don’t have a choice to decide on anything? You were planning to give me to someone else without my consent. At least tell me the truth so we could face it together! If I hadn’t sensed it was you, you would have made me into a fool my whole life!” Suyang roared.

“Sadly, you’re not a fool. If so, you would be much happier.”

“Lin Yixin!” Suyang grabbed onto my collar and yelled, “What gives you the right to determine my happiness? I guess you don’t know me after all!”

Then, Suyang released me. Deep down, I assumed he must hate me to death by now.

“Alright, we’re done talking. I’m going to board now.” I couldn’t bear to look at his face again. I lowered my head and turned my back against him as I walked away with difficulty.

“Anson! Anson! Ah! No! Lin Yixin! Stay right there! Don’t go!”

I felt like Xialing was calling me. She should be back from buying the items now. I didn’t dare to turn around, so I slowed down and waited for her to catch up to me.

Surprisingly, Xialing ran over and grabbed my hand. She was out of breath. “You can’t go!”


“I just received Yuxiang’s call. Anson never had any intentions of letting Grandmother Meng go. H-he’s lying to you!” Xialing had her hands around her waist, panting. “You can’t leave!”

“Are you positive?”

“Of course! I just got off the phone with Yuxiang. She told me directly. Aiya! There is no time to explain now. We must get in the car and hurry!” Xialing dragged me with her.

Along the way, she noticed the stunned Suyang. She glanced at him, “Oh! Isn’t it Suyang brother?! Let’s go! I have something to discuss with you too!”

So Suyang and I were stuffed in the car while we were both somewhat confused.

“Wait, so why is Anson backing out on the deal?”

“I don’t know the specifics. But that’s the truth. So we need to figure out how to save Grandmother Meng now!”

“Do you know where my granny is?”

“I don’t know. But I know who does.”



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