Chapter 127: Anson’s POV

Chapter 127: Anson’s POV

As I looked at my cell phone, I saw my reflection. This wasn’t the first time that I had to remind myself I was Lin Yixin from now on.

I had to go through a lot in order to get rid of the Anson that Suyang despised to become the Lin Yixin that he loved.

We had been apart for over twenty years. Now, I could finally return to his side. When I saw Suyang anxiously waiting for me with open arms at the main entrance of the apartment building, I knew that the 20 year wait was worth it.

“Where did you go?” Suyang rushed over warily. He grabbed me and pressed my head against his chest.

You have no idea how many times I had dreamt of this reunion.

I slowly lifted my shaky arms and hugged him back. It was strange. Earlier, when I had switch souls with Lin Yixin, I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous. But now, I couldn’t stop trembling.

“I’m sorry, I made you worry.” I blissfully breathed in all of Suyang’s scent. I felt intoxicated.

“ decided?” Suyang’s voice was a bit shaky.

I released him and passionately gazed into his eyes, “I’ve decided. I will not leave you. I’m not going to leave this lifetime. I’m never going to separate away from you.”

Yes. I shall forever stay by his side as Lin Yixin!

“That’s my goldfish! I knew you would make the correct decision.” Suyang smiled. Then, he lowered his head and planted a light kiss on my forehead.

“You didn’t return for the entire night. I nearly had a heart attack. How’s your wrist now?” Suyang was analyzing my injury like I was a precious valuable.

Oh yeah, I was the one who shoved Lin Yixin.

I knew that Grandmother Meng was going to confront Suyang and Lin Yixin last night. As a result, I had been concealing myself in their apartment as a spirit. When I heard that Suyang was going to take Lin Yixin out for dinner, I knew it was going to ruin my plan. So, I deliberately shoved her down the stairs to stop them from leaving the apartment.

The wrist injury was nothing.

“It’s fine now. I think I’m ok.” I tried my best to suppress the surge of emotions within me. I tried to pretend I was calm as I pulled my hand back.

“Alright. Let’s go home first.”

H-home? I’ve been waiting for Suyang to say this word to me for far too long. It caught me off guard and took quite a moment for me to recover. Then, I nodded enthusiastically, “Yes. Let’s go home!”

When I got to the entrance, Xiazhi tried to block me. I knew he was Xialing’s older brother. Hence, before I left, I purposely told Yuxiang to keep a close eye on Xialing. I didn’t want her to ruin my plan.

As for Xiazhi, he was no threat. He was merely a ghost. There was nothing he could do. Plus, if I wanted to, I had the ability to make him disappear so that he wouldn’t even be able to live as a ghost. However, Xialing would go insane and that was not something I would like to deal with right now.

I gave Xiazhi a provoking smile while Suyang wasn’t paying attention. I’ve been hiding as a spirit in Suyang’s apartment for a long time. By now, I have a sufficient understanding of their relationship. However, it truly surprised me that Lin Yixin had never once discovered me. She was definitely the most pathetic supernatural being I had ever met.

But after today, she will be living as Anson in Japan. She will be taken in as a mentally unstable patient and forever imprisoned in a mental institution. Yuxiang will help me arrange everything. All I had to do was enjoy my reunion with Suyang.

“What do you plan to say to Grandmother Meng?” I asked Suyang.

“I will convince granny. Don’t worry about it.”

“What if you guys start arguing? Are you really sure it’s alright?”

Grandmother Meng will be the first person I must get rid of after becoming Lin Yixin. She could communicate with spirits and was against our relationship; undoubtedly, she was my biggest obstacle.

“I don’t care whether granny can accept it or not. But we’re going to be together. I’m going to stick by your side for the rest of my life!” Suyang hugged me from behind as he placed his chin on my head.

When we were younger, we were around the same height. But now, I was a head and a half shorter than him.

“If you can’t convince Grandmother Meng, I’ll beg her. From now on, I will try my very best to keep our relationship!”

Suyang turned me around and pinched my face, “Oh?! Someone smartened up after getting blown by the cold wind for a night? When did my goldfish become so cute?”

Is he implying that I’m cuter than the original Lin Yixin? I’m so happy!

Suyang’s expression suddenly became serious as he pulled me to the couch. While I was sitting, he crouched down in front of me and tightly seized my hand. “Yixin, to be honest, when you left last night, I was so scared. I was afraid you would listen to granny and leave me.”

“How could I ever leave you?” I touched Suyang’s face. Seeing him like this pained my heart.

“I never knew I could feel so scared and hopeless. You’re the one who came into my life and allowed me to experience love. Did you know that I’ve noticed you long ago? We lived in the same building and often took the same elevator up. But you never once lifted your head up to look at me. I was very curious about you and wanted to get to know you better.”

If Lin Yixin heard this, she would be so touched. But sadly, she’ll never hear it again

“Yixin, although we haven’t spent all that much time together, we’ve already experienced a lot. I can solemnly swear that I love you. I’m so happy you’re willing to stay with me.”

Suyang’s touching words caused my tears to run.

My emotions were conflicted. Although I was prepared to abandon Anson to become Lin Yixin, I still found it hard to bear when Suyang said all those sweet things about Lin Yixin.

When have I ever been so sensitive? It’s all Suyang’s fault!

“Why are you crying?” Suyang gently helped me wiped away my tears.

“This is the first time I've heard you say something so touching. You’re not allowed to say it anymore. It’ll make me cry!” I placed my right index finger against Suyang’s lips and pulled his shirt collar with my left. Then, I whispered, “Come here!”

Suyang obediently listened to my command and I wrapped my arms around his neck to plant a kiss on his lips.

At first, it was very light. Slowly, Suyang responded to my kiss and I wanted more and more.

Suddenly, Suyang released my hand and took a step back. His eyes appeared confused.

“What’s wrong?” Suyang’s expression made me worry. I was too hasty

“You…” Suyang stared at me with his eyes opened wide. I was getting more and more nervous.

“I just….” As I was thinking of an explanation, Suyang picked me up horizontally and headed straight for the bedroom. “Today, you’re purposely trying to seduce me, aren’t you?”

Before I could react, Suyang had already thrown me onto the bed. Then, he leaned over, “I’ve been holding it in for a very long time. Are you ready?”

So he wants to… face instantly turned red. Originally, I thought it was going to take a long time before we get to this point, but who would’ve thought that I would make such a huge progress on my first day in this body.

Currently, the face in front of me was the face of the person I’ve dreamt of day and night. Of course my response would be yes. I wrapped my arms around Suyang’s neck and smiled. “You’ve thought it through? I’m warning you. If we do it, you have to be responsible for me. I’m going to rely on you forever!”

“Don’t speak too soon!” Suyang pressed me against the bed. “We don’t know who’s going to rely on who yet!”

Then, Suyang sealed my lips with a hot and passionate kiss. Gradually, I began to have a hard time breathing. My hands were on Suyang’s shirt. I wanted to unbuttoned all his buttons while I still could.

“Ah!” Suyang suddenly yelled.

I was caught by surprise. While we were deep in the moment, I actually bit Suyang’s lips too aggressively. Now, he was bleeding. I quickly rushed to apologize, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to… are you alright?”

“No, it’s not your fault.” Suyang got up and asked, “What time is it?”

Suyang took a look at the clock on the wall and smacked his head. “It’s already 8? I have plans with Shaoqian today. Aiya, I have to leave now…”

“Leave?” I stared at Suyang and thought I heard wrong. Why would he leave at such a crucial moment? And it was to go see Shen Shaoqian?

I had possessed Shen Shaoqian’s body yesterday. Most likely, he was still in a deep slumber at home!

“Sorry! We had made plans quite some time ago. Be good and wait for me at home, ok? We’ll continue when I get back…”

This was the most ridiculous request I had ever heard. But since it was Suyang, my body naturally nodded for me although I wanted to protest.

“I know my goldfish is the best!” Suyang rubbed my head like I was a pet. Then, he put on his jacket and rushed out the door.

I was annoyed, but what could I do.

At the same time, I was suspicious. Why did he suddenly leave? Could he have discovered something? No way! I played my role so well. How could he tell?

I must stop scaring myself!

Speaking of which, Lin Yixin’s body surprisingly works very well for me. Within a few hours, I could completely control it.

I took a look around Suyang’s room and couldn’t help but chuckle. He was still the same guy from the past; an anime, comics and game lover!

I brushed my fingers against all of his treasures. I used all my senses to feel them. When we were little, our favourite past time was to go read mangas at a bookstore. Back then, we would always stay too long and get kicked out by the owner.

While I was reminiscing these wonderful memories, my cell phone began to ring. This cell phone was purposely arranged for Yuxiang. She was the only one who could call me.

“Have you guys departed?” I asked.

“Anson… I….” Huaze Yuxiang’s voice sounded somewhat hesitant. I had a very bad feeling.

“What happened?”

“Xialing escaped with Lin Yixin! What should we do now?”

“Escaped?!” If I wasn’t a woman right now, I would’ve crushed the phone in my hand. “I clearly told you to keep a close eye on Xialing! It was only for a few hours and yet you couldn’t even do that?” I screeched.

“I’m sorry…. I was careless. I didn’t think Xialing would honestly betray us.”

I gritted my teeth. “I don’t care what method you use, but find them both! If you can’t find them both, then don’t ever appear in front of me again! Understand?”

“Yes!” Huaze Yuxiang responded frightfully and hung up.

Lin Yixin was a lucky woman. She only had a few hours left, yet someone helped her escape?

No, this was not the time to think about that. Instead, I must figure out where they would go now.

The thing that Lin Yixin would want the most right now is to get her body back. Although Xialing has supernatural abilities, she is not powerful enough. She wouldn’t be able to help her. Based on the people she knows, the only one who could help her is…

Grandmother Meng!

I icily laughed as I stretched my muscles and bones on the bed.

Looks like my plan to get rid of Grandmother Meng will have to take place in advance.

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