Chapter 125: Do you think ghosts exist?

Chapter 125: Do you think ghosts exist? 

“I’m just wandering around…”

I decided to break off the topic and turned away to look outside. But I couldn’t recognize where we were. “Where are we going? Are you lost again?”

“I thought you didn’t want to go home, so I went for a spin. Would you like to go home now?”

I was surprised that Shen Shaoqian was actually attentive enough to notice. I was touched by his consideration. 

“Yeah, let’s go home…” I had to tell Suyang which side I was on. There was no point in dragging it. The longer I wait, the higher the chances I would sway.

“Uh….” Shen Shaoqian began to mumbled, “It’s too dark. I’m kind of confused about where we are…”

As expected, he couldn’t remain hot for more than three seconds. 

The area that Shen Shaoqian was heading towards was getting darker and darker. It was further and further away from the streetlights. I sighed and smacked him, “Hello!? You want to go into the woods? Hurry and turn back!”


I didn’t really care as I lowered my seat and closed my eyes to take a nap.

By the time I had reopened my eyes, I noticed the car had stopped.

“What’s wrong now?!” Deep down, my patience was running thin.

“We…we ran out of gas!”

My eyes were opened in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I stared around my surroundings but had no clue where we were. There weren’t anyone around. No cars. There weren’t even stars in the sky. Where the heck were we?

“What should we do now? We’re stuck here!” I took out my cell phone and noticed there was no reception either. F**k me

Were there ghosts around? It was such a spooky night. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere. What if a ghost comes out? Please no!!!! 

“We can only wait in the car and pray that someone will discover us. If not, then we’ll go search for someone during the day.” Shen Shaoqian didn’t sound overly concerned.

Dude, I have an emergency situation to deal with. I was worried the longer I wait, the less confident I’d be.

Was it part of God’s plan? Why must I have to bump into this useless Shen Shaoqian and enter his car? Now we’re in the middle of nowhere

“Lin Yixin, do you think ghosts exist in this world?” Shen Shaoqian suddenly asked. I was caught off guard.

“How would I know… um… it depends on whether you believe they exist.”

“Don’t you think this is like a scene from a horror movie? What if something pops out and *wah*!” Shen Shaoqian made a face to scare me.

“Are you stupid?” I smacked his brain. I was so calm that he seemed disappointed.

“Yo… most girls would leap into a guy’s arm if they were spooked. Yet, you…” He shook his head.

Then, he continued, “Oh yeah. I have a question I have been wanting to ask you. At the time, when you first met Suyang, I was also there!”


“If you had moved to my apartment instead, would we have been together?”

I frowned. What type of question was that?

“Of course not! Why are you asking this?”

I’m just curious. If you and I had lived underneath the same roof, would things have turned out differently? Perhaps you would be my girlfriend now.”

“What type of person do you think I am? I’m not the casual type to fall in love with whoever that I live with…” I muttered, “Wait… why are you asking me this? I’m kind of scared. Are you Shen Shaoqian?”

Shen Shaoqian pinched his face, “It’s my face, hair and voice. Replacement guaranteed if fake. Who else could I be if it’s not me?”

“You’re acting really weird today…”

“Why don’t you break up with Suyang and be with me!?!” Shen Shaoqian grabbed my hand and suddenly made a confession. “I will treat you better than Suyang.”

“Don’t joke around!” Shen Shaoqian happened to be holding onto my injured hand. I was in so much pain I could barely speak.

“What’s up with you today?! If you’re going to be like this, I’m going to walk back! I don’t want to be in the same vehicle as you.”

“That serious? I guess you have no feelings towards me…” Shen Shaoqian shook his head. Then he smiled, “Well, I also like you as a friend.”

Shen Shaoqian was acting so strange. It was as if he was someone else. Shen Shaoqian scratched his messy hair and looked at his watch. Then, he looked kind of stress as he mumbled to himself.

“No plans to cheat? What should we do then…”

“W-what’s wrong with you?” Something was definitely wrong with Shen Shaoqian. I secretly brushed my right hand for the right door handle. Even though it was pitch dark outside, I had to leave immediately.

But before I could feel the door handle, Shen Shaoqian grabbed my head with both hands and leaned over. Luckily, I managed to turn my head in time to avoid him. He was only able to kiss the corner of my mouth.

Without thinking, I slapped Shen Shaoqian across the face and wiped my mouth. “Are you insane?!”

“It’s just today. Regardless of what you do, it wouldn’t matter.”

Before I could comprehend the meaning of his words, Shen Shaoqian had already locked the doors and went over to my seat as he grabbed both my hands and put them above my head. His body was on top of mine.

Since I had lowered my seat down, I actually made it super easy for him.

I finally realized this person wanted to harm me. There was a glint of evil in his eyes, “Who are you?”

“I am Shen Shaoqian!”

“No! You’re not Shen Shaoqian! Who are you?!”

“Hahahaha!” Suddenly, he began to laugh violently like a crazy person. “You’ve finally figured it out? I thought my acting was very good. Whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore. I was able to lure you here. Shen Shaoqian’s job is done.”

“What do you want from me?” I stared at the deranged “Shen Shaoqian”. I didn’t recall meeting a crazy Shen Shaoqian look-a-like anywhere

“We’re a woman and man alone in a car. You are unable to move because of me. What do you think I want to do?” Then, Shen Shaoqian leaned forward and rubbed his face against mine. I wanted to shift away but I couldn’t move. He made me want to vomit.

“Suyang’s woman. I really want to have a taste…” He whispered into my ears. It made my entire body stiffen.

Suyang? This person was related to Suyang? Could he be Shen Shaoqian’s twin brother? Or someone who had possessed Shen Shaoqian’s body?

While my mind was bombarded by theories, this man had one hand over my hands while the other one was swimming all over my body. Luckily, it was late Autumn and I was wearing a lot. I couldn’t really feel anything as he touched me.

“Where is Shen Shaoqian? What did you do to him? Who are you?!”

“Shh….” The man placed his finger against my lips. “Do you think you’re in a position to worry about others right now? So silly… You’re so ridiculous that I cannot help thinking... How are you worthy of staying by Suyang’s side?”

He forcefully lifted my chin like he wanted to break it. The next second, he was devouring my lips like a ferocious animal.

“N- no!” I couldn’t escape due to his strong grasp. It wasn’t until he tasted blood that he stopped. He wiped off the blood like a devil and helped me wipe off mine as well.

The person looked down at me and sneered, “You’re quite average.”

All my humiliation and disgust gathered together and I couldn’t control the tears that were rolling down my eyes.

“Long time no see. I guess you’ve forgotten me entirely. Allow me to self introduce.” The person paused and then began to laugh like an maniac. “I’m temporarily borrowing Shen Shaoqian’s body. But I will soon become Lin Yixin. It’s me, Anson.”

His voice echoed continuously in my mind. “Do you remember me?”

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