Chapter 123: The reason

Chapter 123: The reason

“Grandmother Meng…” I shockingly stared as she walked in. I sat frozen on the couch. By the time I figured I had to stand to greet her, she was already in front of me.

“You’re surprised, eh? Because I didn’t tell you I was coming ahead of time.” Grandmother Meng glared at me. I could tell she was furious.

I stood up from the couch and secretly peeked at Suyang. The atmosphere was so uncomfortable right now.

Suyang rushed in to help me. He smiled apologetically, “Grandma, how come you came without letting us know in advance? I could’ve picked you up!”

“If I had told you in advance, wouldn’t it have given you time to prepare?” Grandmother Meng glared menacingly at Suyang. Then, she sharply stared at me, “Have you forgotten what you promised me?”

“I….” Both Suyang and I were well aware of the reason why Grandmother Meng was so infuriated. It had to be because of our relationship.

“Did you forget what I said? I told you, you two cannot be together!” Grandmother Meng shouted. I had never seen her so enraged before.

I had lost my ability to explain myself. I admit, I did betray Grandmother Meng. Seeing how I wasn’t fighting back or responding, Suyang immediately went to defend me.

“Grandma, it was our fault for not telling you that we’re officially a pair.”

“Xiao Su, do you think Grandma is mad because you didn’t tell me? It’s because you two absolutely cannot be together!”

“Grandma, didn’t you like Yixin? We’re already together. That’s a fact. You cannot change it.”

Grandmother Meng began to tremble as she pointed at me, “Do you know what Lin Yixin is? Do you know what will happen if you two stay together?! You will be a victim of many unpredictable events!”

“We’ve already been together for a long time. Grandma, you can’t change it. So just accept it.” Suyang responded. He seemed unaffected by her words.

“Silly child! Don’t you know that… Lin Yixin can…”

“Lin Yixin can see ghosts! I know!” Suyang lifted my limp hand and placed it against his chest, “That doesn’t matter to me. The fact that she was honest with me made me love her even more.”

Actually, Suyang found out my secret because he tested me at the haunted hospital. Does that count as being honest? 

“Silly child, do you think that she can only see ghosts?” Grandmother Meng’s words shocked me, “She can also recruit ghosts.”

“What do you mean…?” I was confused.

I admit, currently, I was acting like a chicken. I was practically hiding behind Suyang as I whispered.

“I said, not only are you able to see ghosts, you can also attract them. I knew this from the moment I met you. Although so far there has only been nice ghosts around you, one day, I have no idea what type of evil ghost you’re going to attract… what would happen then? If my Xiao Su is in danger, could you handle the responsibility?” Grandmother Meng shrieked in anger.

I was speechless. I have always known that ghosts seemed to have the ability to know I could see them. I’ve always been followed around by them. But I had never thought of what would happen if an evil ghost came to me… I didn’t want to involve Suyang. 

“Then, we will deal with it together.” Suyang responded for me. But that wasn’t my reply.

“Deal with it? What are you going to use to deal with it? Your life?” Grandmother Meng snarled.

“Grandma, your words are too harsh. We…” Before Suyang could finish, Grandmother Meng shoved him into a corner. Suyang didn’t dare to fight back.

Then, Grandmother Meng violently grabbed me by my collar and yelled, “If something happens to my Xiao Su because of you, what will you do? The fact is, you do not belong in this world. Please don’t take Suyang with you! I’m begging you!”

I was surprised by Grandmother Meng’s strength. Her aggressiveness was making me extremely upset. I never thought that was how she saw me.

“I thought you understood me… But it turns out you see me like how everyone sees me. You think of me as a freak. But aren’t you being too excessive? Grandmother Meng, you also try to communicate with ghosts…” I was fighting back tears as I flung her hand off me and fell down onto the couch.

“Yes, I do come in contact with ghosts. That is why I keep my distance from Xiao Su. I know what I am doing. As his granny, I know to protect him so that he doesn’t get troubled by evil spirits.”

Grandmother Meng’s last line burned the most, “As an outsider, you have no rights to compare yourself with me and put him in danger.”

“Grandma, please stop. I am staying with her willingly.”

“Xiao Su.” Grandmother Meng sighed and went over to him, “Have you forgotten what happened while you were in Japan? That accident was the lesson for the both of us. I didn’t think you would ever forget…”

Japan? Oh yeah, Suyang said he had studied in Japan before. 

“Lin Yixin, let me tell you what had happened in Japan. Then, you can decide whether you want to stay or leave. How about that?” Grandmother Meng’s voice sounded very old.

“Grandma, it’s getting late. Let me take you home. If you want to tell the story, I can listen on the way.” Suyang’s face and attitude suddenly changed.

“You’re afraid she’ll leave after she hears it, right? You know she would also leave on her own…“ Grandmother Meng bitterly laughed as she continued,

“Back then, when Xiao Su was still a child, we went to Japan with his parents. At the time, I was just learning how to communicate with ghosts despite being unable to see them. Xiao Su had a friend. I forget his name…. But the child was just like you. He could see ghosts. Deep down, I had my own selfish self-interest. I wanted Xiao Su and the child to hang out more often. That way, each time the child comes over, I could ask him more about ghosts.”

I secretly peeked at Suyang. His head was lowered and his mouth was pursed. He didn’t seem to want to be reminded of the past.

“So, I found out all sorts of ghost related stuff from the child while Xiao Su also had a playmate. At first, I thought that was the best of both worlds. But slowly, I found out that all of the child’s ancestors had the ability to communicate with ghosts. At a very young age, he was already able to master all sorts of methods to recruit and expel ghosts. Initially, it wasn’t a big deal. But gradually, I realized the child was heading towards a very dangerous path.”

“People are often scared of ghosts. But humans are much more dangerous than ghosts. There are some techniques that can manipulate and control ghosts. For example, the two ghost bodyguards in front of my entrance are controlled by me. But, some techniques could control humans. For example, I had helped two ghosts enter your body before.”

“That child was destined to take another path. He managed to learn how to control evil spirits. I didn’t know this at first. But by the time I discovered it, he had failed to control the evil spirits and they killed Xiao Su’s parents. The evil spirits suddenly broke out of control and mistaken my family as his. So, they set a huge fire and killed my son and daughter-in-law.”

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