Chapter 118: Anna

Chapter 118: Anna

Suyang had a point. After his statement, I felt goosebumps all over and no longer refuted.

“I object! I object you two staying in the same room together!” Shen Shaonu stomped her feet. But before she could say anymore, Shen Shaoqian grabbed her by the collar and dragged her towards the direction of the single rooms.

On his way, he was angrily muttering, “Your Suyang brother and Yixin sister are a couple. What makes you think you could stop them from staying in the same room together? From the plane until now, they’ve been all touchy and feely towards each other. They’re not done showing off their love… I shouldn’t have come. Who said this would help me heal? As a single dog, I feel even more depressed now…”

We could all hear Shen Shaoqian’s bitterness.

“The Japanese style room is that way.” Huaze pointed to the opposite direction of Shen Shaoqian. “Have a great relaxing day. I’m going to leave now. See you tomorrow morning at 9am sharp. We will be gathering here.”

“Is he…still here?” Suyang quietly asked me after Huaze left.

I raised my head to take a peek. The Japanese uncle was standing next to Suyang. He remained unmoving as he continued to stare at me.

“Yeah… he’s still here…”

“I guess that cannot be helped. Let’s go then! I’ll lead the way.” Suyang covered my eyes with his hands so that I couldn’t see the ghost. Then, under his guidance, we reached the Japanese style room.

“If I’m keeping my eyes shut the whole time, what’s the point of coming? I can’t even see anything…”

“That cannot be helped. Didn’t you say you can see the ghost? Unless, you can pretend he doesn’t exist….”

I felt drained as I laid on the ground. “How could I pretend he doesn’t exist? Just imagining his perverted eyes...ugh!!!”

Forget it. I still wanted to enjoy the scenery. So, I decided to open my eyes.

Huh? The Japanese uncle was gone!?! Was it because he lost us? Or he gave up? 

I was in a good mood again. I happily unpacked my luggage.

The scenery of the room was great. The moment I opened the wooden window, there was a man-made brook. It was similar to what I had often seen in anime; once it was filled with water, it would tap and make a hollow, crisp sound on the bamboo.

It was like a scene you would see from a dream.

*gugu*.... After going through such an agonizing morning, my stomach was rumbling from hunger.

Someone knocked against the door. Then, a staff dressed in a kimono spoke a bunch of Japanese to us. I couldn’t understand a single word. While I was thinking about how to respond, Suyang calmly replied back in fluent Japanese.

After the Japanese lady left, my mouth was opened wide as I stared at Suyang, “You could speak Japanese?”

“What’s so surprising about that? Your chin looks like it’s about to fall off.”

“What were you saying?”

“She told us that our lunch is ready. Let’s go!” Suyang got up and stood in front of me. He looked like a giant.

“How come you can speak Japanese?”

Suyang shrugged his shoulders. “Because I watch a lot of anime. Plus, when I was little, I studied in Japan before.”

Wasn’t he playing it down too much? Damn. Suyang is so talented! It’s actually quite shocking to find out about his skills and abilities like this. 

I gave Suyang a thumbs up and praised, “You’re the only person I will admire in this lifetime, Sensei!”

“You’re too kind.” Suyang had a proud smile on his face as he took huge strides towards the dining hall. “Let’s go. I’m starving!”

Our Japanese style lunch was much lighter than I expected, but it was still quite satisfying. After eating, I dragged my tired body back to my room to take a nap.

But at around 5pm, Shen Shaonu suddenly entered the room while I was deep in my slumber. She was holding a basin as she loudly hollered, “Yixin sister! Let’s go soak in the hot spring!”

“Ugh…..” I had my face buried underneath my blanket, but Shen Shaonu lifted the blanket and ruthlessly dragged my arm to pull me out.

“Ah….Suyang! Shen Shaoqian! Save me!!! Shaonu is bullying me! Who can save me?!” My eyes were still closed and my voice sounded hoarse from my sleep.

“Psssh! They’re already gone! Yixin sister, let’s hurry. I want to go to the hot springs while Suyang brother is still there!”

“It’s not a mixed spring… Shaonu, allow this sister to teach you. In the world, there are male public baths and there are female public baths.”

I sat in a lotus position as I uttered these meaningful and heartfelt words.

Shen Shaonu crossed her arms and acted like a love-struck fool. She had a cunning smile on her face, “I know. But I heard that the male and female Japanese public baths are only separated by a wall. The moment I imagine Suyang brother’s naked body on the other side, I feel so emotional!”

People! Lady boss!  If you don’t block this girl now, your wall from your spa hotel will most likely be knocked down! 

If I could speak Japanese, I would definitely tell on her. 

Since I didn’t have much of a reaction, Shen Shaonu narrowed her eyes and raised her nose at me, “Although you and Suyang brother are together right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you guys will be together forever! I will keep pursuing him until I succeed!”

“You’re supposed to wish us well! Sigh… do whatever you want. Since you’ve made so much effort to wake me up, let’s go and soak in the hot spring….”

I stood up and brought my towel and bath products as I followed behind Shen Shaonu and headed towards the hot springs.

This was the first time I’ve ever been to a Japanese hot spring. Most likely, there weren’t many visitors in this hotel as Shen Shaonu and I were the only two people inside.

The moment we entered, Shen Shaonu headed straight to the wall and shouted, “Suyang brother, are you guys there?!”

No response.

“Suyang brother! Are you guys there?!” Shen Shaonu attempted again as she knocked on the wall.

Again, there was no response.

“I guess they’re finished.” Then, Shen Shaonu turned around and resentfully glared at me, “Yixin sister, you were too slow! We’re too late….”

No. They’re probably still there. They’re simply ignoring you. 

I didn’t say that out loud though. I was afraid to hurt Shen Shaonu’s maiden heart.

I sat in the hot spring and placed my back lightly against the natural rock as I felt my body ascending along with the water vapor. I felt as if my stresses and thoughts were also evaporating; leaving behind only my relaxed self.

While we were enjoying the whole spring to ourselves, another person came in.


I could hear Shen Shaonu staring and gasping at the other individual. Just as I was about to teach her some manners, I also took a glimpse at the woman.

Subconsciously, my mouth widened and I exclaimed, “Mother!" (she was yelling in disbelief, not her actual mom)

Her golden hair spilled over her shoulders and her five facial features were comparable to a fine china doll. Her blue eyes were like diamonds and her smooth skin was the colour of white milk. Based on my observations, her 3 sizes were 82/64/84...

Was she human? Or were we dealing with a sexy fox that specialized in bewitching earthlings?   

For some strange reasons, she sat next to me when she could’ve sat anywhere. I instantly felt very inferior and restless.

“Psshh…” Looking at me, Shen Shaonu shook her head.

“What are you psshing about?”

“You are both women, but the difference is substantial.”

“Aren’t you a woman as well?” I retorted.

Shen Shaonu shook her head, “I’m not. I’m still a teenager going through puberty. But Yixin sister, you’ve already passed the age to develop. I reckon that it’ll only be a downward spiral for you.”

I used my finger and flicked Shen Shaonu’s forehead. Then I muttered quietly, “Who told you I have stopped developing, huh? I still have a chance to grow, ok….”


Darn it. Shen Shaonu actually heard me.

My face was red and I remained silent. Child, why are you so curious? 

“You guys are Chinese?” The woman with the devil figure spoke up next to me. Shen Shaonu and I were stunned. Based on her appearances, we assumed she was a foreigner…

“You can speak Chinese?” I asked; impressed.

The beautiful woman smiled, “My mother is Chinese, and I grew up in China.”

Ahh...her smile! I feel tipsy…!

“Hello. My name is Shen Shaonu! You can just call me Shaonu. The woman next to me is an elder sister of mines. Her name is Lin Yixin.”

What elder sister…?! I gave Shen Shaonu a warning glare to keep her mouth shut.

Currently, the three of us were sitting together. Shen Shaonu was sitting on my left, while the woman with the devil figure was sitting on my right.

“Lin Yixin. Shen Shaonu. I have memorized it. Hi, my name is Anna.” Anna amiably extended her hand. I shook it. Based on how delicate she looked, I was surprised by how hard her grip was.

“Your skin is very good.”

Anna didn’t seem like she had any intentions of releasing my hand.

I stared at her with my eyes opened wide, “What? Yours is obviously much better…”

Suddenly, we heard a basin dropping from the other side of the wall. Shen Shaonu stretched her neck out like a giraffe as she stared at the wall. Then, she abandoned me and swam towards that direction.

“How do you maintain it?” Anna asked as her hand began to gradually move up my arm.

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