Chapter 117: Feeling weak

Chapter 117: Feeling weak  

“Shaonu said if her bro was going on vacation, she would be too lonely. So she insisted on coming too.”

After hearing Suyang’s explanation, I stared at the Shen siblings again. What a great “picture” this was.

Shen Shaonu looked like she wanted to slaughter me. She was biting her lips and her eyes were bulging. I hadn’t seen her since the hospital incident. As for Shen Shaoqian, he was staring at the marble floor with no expression. Most likely, he was still hungover.

After Suyang and I finished checking in, we met up again. Then, Shen Shaonu immediately announced, “I forgot to buy medication for motion sickness. Can you buy it for me, Yixin sister?”

“I’ll go.” Suyang volunteered but I stopped him. I gave him the I’ll go look. It was better that he stayed with them.

If Suyang went to buy the medication, I would be left to deal with Shen Shaonu. She would definitely whine and claim that I betrayed her. I didn’t want to hear her complain and express how much she loathed me. So while she was still calling me, “sister”, I should just comply with her request.

After buying the motion sickness medication, I ended up colliding full on with a woman wearing a mouth mask. The medication fell from my hands. The woman didn’t say anything but disappeared through the crowd.

I stared at the medication and felt kind of panicky. Why was it that I felt as light as a feather after she crashed into me?

I crouched down to pick up the medication.

It was right in front of me, yet I couldn’t touch it? What’s going on?

I tried to stand upright and gazed around my surroundings. Everything appeared very distorted. While things were swaying all around me, I noticed someone approaching from a distance. It was Suyang.

Just as I was about to fall, he caught me. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Medication….” I mumbled. My mental state was scattered as I pointed at the medication on the ground.

Suyang picked up the medication and told me that Shen Shaoqian and Shen Shaonu had already boarded the flight.

When we got on the flight, I disregarded Shen Shaonu’s jealous eyes and leaned against Suyang. “I think I have been overly stimulated. My body has gone overdraft.”

*chuckling* For some reason, I instinctively heard someone laughing.

“Luckily, I came to find you. I really can’t leave you alone.” Suyang gently lectured. “We still have quite a distance to go. Take a nap first.”

I didn’t know why I was so exhausted, but by the time I reopened my eyes, we had already arrived at Tokyo, Japan.

My energy had returned and as the plane was parking, I tapped the seat in front of me. I asked Shen Shaonu, “Are you alright? Do you feel motion sickness?”

“I’m fine.” Shen Shaonu looked at me; fully alert.

She was the one who said she needed medication for motion sickness. Psssh, I didn’t see her eat it and she’s fine nonetheless. I should’ve expected it.  

On the contrary, next to me, Suyang’s face was deathly pale and his eyes were still shut. His lips were pursed together and his eyebrows were crinkled. Everything indicated that he wasn’t feeling well.

After we got off the plane, it was as if all of Suyang’s strength had been sucked out of him. He needed to hold onto me the whole time.

“You ate medication for motion sickness, yet it seemed useless on you…” I sighed as I shook my head.

“I just want to hurry to the hotel and lay down for a bit….” Suyang’s eyes were closed as I led the way. I had no idea his motion sickness was so serious.

Amongst the four of us, we had one with motion sickness, one depressed, one jealous to the point of explosion, and one normal person (me). We were awaiting for the arrival of a tour representative to pick us up from the airport.

Soon, we noticed a woman holding a sign that stated, “Welcome, Suyang, Lin Yixin and guests.” She was waiting by the exit.

“Hi, I’m Lin Yixin.” I went over to the representative as I introduced myself. Apparently, we were still 40 minutes away by car from the hotel. Deep down, I was wondering if Suyang could last until then.

The 40 minutes was the longest and slowest 40 minutes of my life. Throughout the trip, Suyang was lying in my arms with his eyes tightly shut. From time to time, he would weakly ask, “Are we there yet?”

We were staying at a privately owned Japanese hot spring hotel in the outskirts of Tokyo. From the exterior, there was already a traditional Japanese feel to it.

But there was no time to explore right now. The moment the vehicle came to a stop, Suyang ran out like a wild horse towards the direction that the tour guide had pointed. He ran to the washroom and vomited everything in his stomach.

Since it was the men’s washroom, I could only anxiously ask from the outside, “How are you feeling? Do you feel any better?”

“Suyang brother!!!!” Shen Shaonu exclaimed. She was about to run inside, but I blocked her.

“Excuse me!?! This is for men only! How can you enter as a woman?”

“I can’t just allow Suyang brother to suffer and wait outside!” Shen Shaonu was about to shove me and rush in when Suyang came out.

Shen Shaonu wanted to hold onto him, but he ignored her and weakly leaned on me.

“Ugggh!” Shen Shaonu gave me a dirty look as she pouted and left.

“Do you feel better now?” I lightly patted his back.

“Mm..” Suyang responded feebly.

Since Suyang was feeling slightly better, we went over to the hotel lounge to meet up with Shen Shaoqian and Shen Shaonu. Along the way, I saw a Japanese ghost uncle crouching on the streets. I accidentally made eye contact with him, and he began to follow us.

“Ah! What should we do? We have just arrived and now there’s a weird ghost following us!” I whispered to Suyang as I quickened our pace.

I’ve always heard there were many perverted and crazy old men in Japan. Could he be one of them?

“Don’t worry.. I will protect you…” Suyang responded as he stretched out his words.

Uh, who’s protecting who?

When we had arrived at the hotel lounge, the tour guide explained, “I’m your tour guide for the next few days. My name is Huaze Yuxiang. You may call me Huaze. I’m Japanese, but I’ve studied abroad in China before. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in Chinese. Next, I’m going to be elaborating on our 5 days 4 nights itinerary.”

“Today is November 7th and the tour will last until 7pm of the 11th. I’m sure everyone is exhausted from the flight, right? After having the lunch prepared for us, you may return to your rooms and rest. Today is the day to relax. Go and enjoy the hot springs. Starting from tomorrow, we will be going to many major attractions. Some of the main ones include: Red Autumn Valley, Mount Fuji, a traditional religious festival, the Japanese Bridge, and a day of free activities.”

“Akihabara….” Suyang murmured. I didn’t understand.

I looked around the hotel and noticed the Japanese uncle again. He was crouching at a corner smiling very perversely at me. Because I gave him another look, he was even more certain that I could see him now. So, he got up and started heading towards my direction.

Subconsciously, I tightly grabbed hold of Suyang and quietly gritted through my teeth, “Now, that Japanese uncle is heading towards us!”

In a matter of seconds, the uncle was already in front of my face as he crooked his head sideways and stared at me.

Now, I could no longer concentrate on what the tour guide was saying. But I was still pretending like I was listening. My eyes were wandering all over the place as I tried to avoid making eye contact with the Japanese uncle again.

Suyang couldn’t see him, but his voice was still trembling. “What the eyes doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”

That was so expected of Suyang. Despite being terrified of ghosts, he still had to pretend to sound wise.

“Oh yeah. We have an issue. Initially, you informed us only two of you would be coming. Then afterwards, you added another two people. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have any more single rooms available. We only have a Japanese style room. However, unlike other hotels, this Japanese style room has no bed. You would be sleeping directly on the floor. As a result, there’s a lot of space. If you want, four of you guys could stay in one room.” stated Huaze. “So, we have two single rooms and one Japanese style room available. Here are the cards. You guys can arrange amongst yourselves.”

“Then, Yixin sister and I can have our own rooms while the guys can share the Japanese style room. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys!” Shen Shaonu rushed to speak.

“I want to be in the same room as Yixin…” Suyang trembled as he placed his head on my shoulder again. I was so shocked that I smacked him, “Who said I want to be in the same room as you….”

“Aren’t you scared that if you sleep alone, the Japanese uncle will watch you from the side?”

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