Chapter 115: You’ve won a trip to Japan

Chapter 115: You’ve won a trip to Japan

Yesterday, I noticed the last green leaf had turned yellow. One by one, they had begun to fall off the tree. The yellow leaves weren’t able to hold on as they spun together in the breezy wind. After spinning around, they eventually dropped to the ground and concluded their lives on this world.

In no time, it was already Autumn. Suyang was on break the entire Summer. Recently, he had been compiling and editing his work. It was a sensitive period and Suyang had locked himself inside of his room. He wouldn’t eat nor see anyone.

Ever since Gao Jialan left, I had moved back to my bedroom. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Suyang in seven days. It was like he was deliberately trying to avoid me. He only came out while I was asleep.

Usually, by the time I woke up, the kitchen would be a mess.

In all honesty, Suyang was not unbeatable. Although he may be able to write best sellers, it didn’t mean that he had a body of metal. He was still made from flesh and blood.

At this rate, I was afraid he will get sick…

By the way, I had never read any other novels of Suyang’s. I’ve only read that one book he had forced me to. It was odd because in his room, he only had anime, comics, games and action figures. He didn’t have any of his novels inside.

When I had moved in, Suyang made me sign a contract stating that I must not interrupt him during his creative phrase; even if he was dead in his room.

Although our relationship was a lot closer now, I must still abide by the contract. Hence, I didn’t dare to knock on his door. I texted him multiple times but Suyang didn’t respond to any of them. It was as if I was the only person living in this apartment. It felt so empty and quiet. But, if I really perked up my ears, I could vaguely hear Suyang typing like a mad man.

I was flipping channels with the remote control. There was nothing that really interested me…

Every day, time was moving by so slowly that I felt as if I was rotting. Today was no different. It was so boring.

Suddenly, my phone began to vibrate. It was almost like a miracle. Someone was actually calling me?! And it wasn’t Suyang?

I picked up very hesitantly, “Hello?”

“Hello, customer. Congratulations! You have been chosen as the winner for the 2nd prize of our department store’s 20th anniversary event. You won the 5-day family trip to Japan ….”

The moment I heard this, I was disappointed. It was a swindler…

“What’s the point of you guys trying to scam people? I’m telling you, your methods are already outdated. Do you think I’m an idiot? Do you honestly believe I would fall for cheap tricks like this?” I yelled.

“Customer, you have misunderstood…” The person on the phone sounded a bit surprised. Humph! She was probably speechless because I saw right through her!

“Don’t you know that the news have been broadcasting all these cheap tricks of yours? Soon, you’re going to ask for my credit card number, right? Then, you’re going to find an excuse to get me to pay for all these random fees. I’m not going to fall for it!”

“Miss, please calm down…”

“Don’t you know how hard it is for people to earn money? You have arms and legs. Why can’t you go find a proper job instead of scamming people on the phone on a daily basis? You’re evil and disgusting! I’m telling you! People like you should be arrested and taken on a parade around the streets so others could throw eggs and vegetables at you! Let’s see if you still have the courage to do this after that!”

Then, I didn’t give her a chance to counter and directly hung up the phone.

How dare she try to trick this old aunty?! I’m already letting her go easy. Department store? I’ve never been to a department store my entire life. Their products are so expensive… how could I afford it?!

After a bit, there was some movement coming from Suyang’s room. I stretched out my neck like a weasel as I stared attentively at the door and rushed to stand up.

Was he finally coming out of his hibernation?!

“Yixin.” The door slowly opened as Suyang spoke with a raspy voice. He poked his head out and he looked like a homeless dude. He had not shaven for over a week and was wearing thick glasses. “Did someone give you a call just now?”

“Ah… yeah, a scammer called so I was a bit emotional. Did I interrupt your train of thought?” I carefully asked.

“No.” Suyang was holding on his phone, “The department store also called me.”

What? Swindlers are so high tech now? They could tell Suyang and I live together? Or was it purely a coincidence?

“Is she bothering you? Give me the phone. Let me help you lecture her!” I furiously stated. But deep down, I was also a bit thankful for the phone call because now I could finally see Suyang face to face.

Suyang shook his head, “A few days ago, I went to the department store to buy a new washing machine. I left them with your phone number.”

“What?!” Then…

“Wait!” I still wasn’t able to process, “You went to the department store to buy a new washing machine and left them with my phone number? How come I wasn’t aware of this….?"

“You weren’t home at the time. I was using the washing machine but it suddenly failed on me. So, I went to buy a model that was exactly the same as this one.” Suyang calmly explained.

“So you’re telling me, we actually won the contest?” I covered my mouth in shock.

“Yes. The department store said they called you but was misunderstood. So they called me instead. They want us to go pick up the reward later.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Ever since meeting Suyang, I knew that my luck had turned for the better. But I didn’t think it would be to a point where we would win trips!

“Then, are you…” It was Suyang’s creative phrase right now. Would he go?

“I….” Suyang looked very hesitant.

“Let’s go! It’s a trip to Japan! It would be good for you to relax! Maybe you’ll find some inspiration there!” I ran as quickly as an arrow towards Suyang’s room as I knelt down and pleaded like a good child.

“Hm...Japan…..” Suyang’s eyebrows were crinkled and he looked a bit bothered.

I thought he was worried about the progression of his novel, so I immediately reassured him, “You can bring your laptop with you! Isn’t it common for authors to gain inspirations from trips?! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

“I’m a speculative author. How could trips give me inspiration?” Suyang rubbed my head.

I worked very hard to blink my eyes as I wished a tear would squeeze out. “Please! Please! Let’s go to Japan! This will be the first time I’ve ever left the country…. I really want to go! Pleaseeeeeee!”

Suyang didn’t say anything else but nodded slightly.

“You promised?! We’re going to Japan!” I raised both my hands in the air, “Yay! Trip! Trip! To Japan! To Japan!!!!!!” I squealed.

“Do you have to be this excited?” Suyang looked at me as he shook his head helplessly.

“You’re the best!” I got up and grabbed Suyang’s head as I kissed him. The beard stubble on his cheek made me so itchy.

I was in such a good mood that I didn’t care Suyang was looking down on me. I bounced back to my room and hummed a song as I began to look up the major attractions of Japan.

It was late fall; the perfect time to watch the leaves.

Oh yeah! If I am going to Japan, I need to apply for a passport. Would that take a very long time? I was a bit concerned.

“Are you really that excited? Your leg is bouncing nonstop…” Suyang came out of his room as he leaned against the door frame and observed me.

“Oh? You’re finally willing to come out?” I spun a few circles in my seat. “Of course! Aren’t you excited?”

“I’m… more mature than you are.” Suyang pursed his lips, “I’m glad you’re happy.”

“When are we going to get the prize from the department store? By the way, why is your luck so good? You randomly went to purchase a washing machine and won second prize?”

Suyang appeared to be deep in thought, “Perhaps my character is too good.”

I pretended to bow to Suyang, “Yes yes yes, our Suyang young master’s character is one of the very best. Since Suyang young master has finally came out of his small black hut, please go to the washroom to take a shower!”

“What? I don’t look good right now?”

“It’s not that you don’t look good.” I shook my head as I shoved a small mirror to his face and smile, “You look very bad! Take a look!”

Suyang took the mirror from me and then analyzed his face from left to right. Initially, I thought he would be ashamed of his appearance. But he turned out to be addicted to his reflection.

“I think I ought to keep a beard. What do you think?”

As expected, our Suyang young master’s self lover scale was in operation 365 days a year.

My reaction was very cold, so Suyang made another self proclaimed cool pose as he said in a low voice, “I’m handsome, right? I feel like I give off such a mature manly aura….”

“What is your age, mature man?”

Then, Suyang suddenly came over as he grabbed me by the waist and pressed his face towards mine. He purposely wanted to poke me with his beard.

Suyang came from the left, and I dodged to my right. He tried to come in from the right, and I dodged to the left. He loved playing these immature games.

“Admit it now! Say I’m good looking!”

Aren’t females usually the ones asking their boyfriends whether they’re pretty or not?

Since I had nowhere else to run, I could only suppress my laughter and avoid his eyes. I nodded continuously. “Good looking! You’re the most handsome man I know! Is that good enough for you?”

“No! You didn’t look at me in the eyes…”

So many requirements! But the moment I look at his face, I wouldn’t be able to hold in my laughter.

“Say it while looking at me. Or else I won’t let you go today.”

Since I couldn’t beat him, I had to try to hold in my laughter. I lifted my head and made eye contact. But within a second, I burst out laughing.

“Is it really this funny?”

“Let’s go. Your beloved is going to help you fix your beard and cut your hair. Then, your world will be shining.”

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