Chapter 114: Unexpected ending

Chapter 114: Unexpected ending

“Since you are determined to leave….” My voice was hoarse, “Suyang and I will help you one last time.”


“Even though I disagree with your decision to keep the child, I can’t simply watch you head out on your own. Today is the final deadline. You can’t remain here any longer. Suyang and I will think of something. Wait here while I contact him.”

In the end, I was the one who gave in. I couldn’t bear to let her go like this. 

While I was about to dial Suyang’s number, someone knocked on the door.

Speak of the devil. I mentioned him and he was back.

“Come in and let’s discuss…” After opening the door, I didn’t turn to see who it was. But when I noticed Gao Jialan’s white face, I whipped my head back.

It was Wen Yihan.

“Today is the final deadline. I came to pay a visit.” Wen Yihan smiled. There was a killer aura in the air.

Gao Jialan dropped the luggage on the floor. Wen Yihan crooked his head and solemnly stated, “It looks like I came at the right time. Or else, you would’ve ran away.”

Then, Wen Yihan stared at me with disappointment. “I guess you’re not on my side after all.”

“Let Gao Jialan make her own choices…”

“The one week deadline is over. You’ve chosen to help her, so you can’t bargain with me.” Wen Yihan’s face darkened and he waved his hand in the air. Then, two bodyguards came out from behind him and grabbed hold of Gao Jialan left and right. They were going to forcefully take her away.

“You can’t do this! This is kidnapping!” As a weak woman, how could I prevent these two tall beefy men from taking her away?

“Kidnapping? This isn’t the first time. What is there to be afraid of?” Wen Yihan coldy laughed. “Thanks for taking care of her for a week. Now, I will take over from here.”

How could I hand her over to you when you have such a dark and scary expression? Deep down, my heart trembled. Since I couldn’t stop them, I followed them down the elevator.

“Why are you following us?” Wen Yihan gave me a look of disdain.

“If you’re going to take her away by force, I will seriously call the cops!” I threatened as I took out my cell phone.

“Up to you. I still have other things to deal with at the company. I don’t have time to waste on you.” Wen Yihan was about to get in the car, but I blocked him.

Then, I found an opportunity to drill myself inside as I shamelessly stated, “If you’re going to go, bring me along as well!”

Wen Yihan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He waved his hand in the air and his subordinates understood. They opened the door and forcefully dragged me out. They definitely didn’t know how to treat the fairer sex as I ended up falling harshly on my bum.

“No! You guys can’t take her away!” I grabbed hold of the car door and screamed.

Just as I thought all hope was lost, from a distance, a luxurious car was arrogantly heading towards us. It stopped right in front of Wen Yihan’s group of cars; preventing them from departing.

I was still holding onto the door. For some reason, I had a feeling the luxurious car was good news.

The driver’s seat opened, and Suyang came out.

What? When did Suyang buy a new car?

While we were all looking shocked, Suyang ran over to the other side and opened the passenger door for someone else.

An old man came out of the car. Although he looked very old, from the way he carried himself, it was clear that he was no regular citizen.

“Father…” Wen Yihan was stunned as he bowed respectfully.

“Why are you sitting on the ground? Get up!” Suyang ran over to help me up and then introduced the person to me. “This is the chairman of the Wen clan. Chairman Wen Yuan.”

I couldn’t believe Suyang managed to find this Wen Yuan guy? Could he have predicted my chat with Gao Jialan? 

I instantly gave Suyang a look of admiration.

“Good afternoon, Chairman…” I whispered. Every time I see dignified rich people, I always feel very inferior. My aura would turn weak.

“I heard from this young fellow that my grandson’s wife is pregnant? He is part of the Wen clan, so I came to take a look. What is going on, Yihan?”

“Father…” Wen Yihan was speechless. Now, it looked as if Gao Jialan and her child could be saved.

Gao Jialan was taken by Wen Yuan. Before they left, I saw Wen Yufan following them as well. In the end, his wish didn’t come true…. But since he loves Gao Jialan, he probably respects her decision.

“How dare you use this move on me?” Wen Yihan angrily gripped on my collar. There was fire burning in his eyes.

Suyang seized Wen Yihan’s arm and warned him. “Let go.”

“I said, let go.” Suyang repeated one more time. Then, he pulled Wen Yihan’s hand off me and punched him without any hesitation.

“Ah?” I didn’t expect Suyang to hit anyone.

“I’m telling you now. Even though you told my father, Gao Jialan’s child cannot stay in this world.” Wen Yihan bitterly snapped. He had his hand on his injured face as he furiously glared at Suyang and me.

“It doesn’t matter what you say to us anymore. You will have to convince the chairman.” I hid behind Suyang as I countered. It was great when you have a boyfriend to protect you.

Wen Yihan resentfully left without saying another word.

After Wen Yihan left, I felt a breath of relief. I patted Suyang’s shoulder. “How did you know to bring the chairman here?”

“I happened to bump into him while fishing…so we chatted for a bit.”

“Fishing?? Seriously? Such a coincidence?”

Suyang knocked me on the head. “Of course not. It is much more complicated than your goldfish brain. I just thought more like a man. I wanted to turn a big problem into a smaller problem.”

I had to clap. “You’re too amazing! But what if I had decided to support Wen Yihan instead? If you had invited the chairman, wouldn’t it have messed everything up?”

“Because I know you well. I know you want Gao Jialan to abort the child but ultimately, you would feel too guilty. If Gao Jialan really needed your help, you would still help her.”

“I feel like you saw right through me. It feels kind of strange.”

Then, I sniffed and scrunched up my nose. “What’s that smell on you?”

“What smell?” Suyang also began to sniff. “Maybe a fishy smell? I told you, I went fishing today.”

“Fishy smell?! Ewww… go and shower!”

“Why are you so disgusted? You’re a goldfish… yet you’re afraid of a fishy smell?” Suyang teased.


Just like that, we bickered back and forth and went home. I wasn’t sure what happened with Wen Yihan and Gao Jialan, but they were no longer in my life.

Although I had a lonely past, now, I could smile and let go. The reason was because I’ve found this man…a man who would always pretended to avoid me, but would only smile at me.

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