Chapter 113: The final deadline

Chapter 113: The final deadline

Suyang was very serious and the smile vanished from my face.

“I don’t believe Wen Yihan will let you guys go so easily. What did you guys talk about?” Then, Suyang pinched my face. He wouldn’t let me avoid his eyes. “Don’t you dare try to hide more things from me.”

I put my hands over Suyang and anxiously responded, “I’ll tell you everything. But can we chat upstairs?”

Then, I shakily raised my hand and pointed randomly into space. I made my voice tremble. “There’s…..”

Before I could finish, Suyang dashed back into the apartment like an arrow. By the time I reacted, he was already standing in front of the elevator waving at me. “Why are you still standing there?”

I stared at the nothingness around me. Suyang was so easy to fool. He was such a chicken, yet he had a girlfriend who could see ghosts

Speaking of which, due to Gao Jialan, we never continued our chat about my abilities to see ghost.

When we returned back to the apartment, I repeated everything Wen Yihan told me to Suyang. He was half shocked and half worried. After pondering for a long time, he wasn’t sure what to do either.

In no time, six days had gone by. These days, Suyang and I were constantly trying to find an opportunity to confirm with Gao Jialan. But, we kept losing it.

Today was the final day before the deadline. Suyang and I came up with a plan last night. Today, he will randomly find a reason to leave the apartment so Gao Jialan and I could be home by ourselves to chat.

So, early in the morning, Suyang used “fishing” as the reason why he had to leave. Before he left, I rolled my eyes at him. He could’ve just left silently. Wouldn’t Gao Jialan be more suspicious when he used an excuse like that?

Most likely, Gao Jialan had already sensed something. For the past few days, the moment I walked closer towards her, she would automatically go elsewhere. It was like she was purposely avoiding me.

“Gao Jialan, I saw online that women who are around three months pregnant have a tendency to go through a lot of symptoms and effects. Are you alright?”

Currently, I was massaging her shoulders and testing her at the same time.

“I’m fine. This is Yufan’s child. I’m fine no matter how difficult it is.” she murmured.

Since I was massaging her, Gao Jialan couldn’t walk away even if she wanted to.

“Even if you lose your life?” I blurted.

Hearing this, Gao Jialan’s shoulder stiffened and she placed her hand over mine, indicating I could stop. Then, she turned to look at me. She was ready to talk.

“He told you?” Gao Jialan calmly asked.

“Yes, Wen Yihan told me everything. He gave me a week to think about it. How else did you think you and Suyang could have escaped so easily?”

“I’m not that foolish. Of course I knew there was a reason why we managed to escape so smoothly… I just didn’t want to think about it.”

I gazed into Gao Jialan’s eyes, “These past few days, I’ve thought deeply about it. I honestly think you should give up the child. You’re still so young and have so much ahead of you….”

“I can’t believe you would say this to me… as a woman, how could you not understand my emotions?”

“I understand that mothers would give up everything for their children. So, I’m not forcing you. I’m just hoping I could convince you to let the child go.”

Gao Jialan shook her head as she stared out the window and into a far distance. “You’re still young. When you have your own child, you’ll understand that mothers would never willingly abandon their children.”

“You know I can see ghosts. Do you know why I saw Wen Yihan on Mid Autumn Festival?” I briefly glanced at Wen Yufan, who was standing far away. “Wen Yufan was the one who led me to him.”

Gao Jialan was acting like she couldn’t hear me. She touched her tummy and continued, “This child is growing slowly in my body. Each day, I can sense a change…regardless how small it may be….”

“Wen Yufan is a ghost. He could’ve easily led me to you. But he didn’t do that. He deliberately wanted to bring me to see Wen Yihan. Why do you think he did that?”

“My child and I are together as one. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I had the drive to carry on. Every night, I would envision his face. I would imagine him reaching his hand out to me and calling me “mommy”. I could see him attending elementary school…. As for Yufan, I’m not going to make any presumptuous guesses. I found out I was pregnant after he died…so he never heard it from me. But I’m glad he knows….at least I don’t have to regret about that.”

“No regret? He knows you’re willing to risk your life for the baby… and I swear to you that his expression isn’t the joyful one you would imagine.”

Gao Jialan avoided my eyes as she stood up and said wearily, “No need to say anymore. Regardless of what you say, I refuse to give up this child.”

“You already knew what I wanted to say prior to this….”

Gao Jialan had her back against me and didn’t respond.

“You are already well aware that if Wen Yufan knew about the child, he would’ve made the same choice as Wen Yihan. Yet, even so, you’re still persistent on keeping him….”

“Yixin, this child is the only connection between me and Yufan. I cannot live without him.” Gao Jialan had her fists clenched as she snarled at me.

“What if I refuse to help you?” I used my last card. “Today is the last day of the deadline Wen Yihan gave me. Most likely, he is going to call any time now.”

“I will use my own method to save this child.”

Gao Jialan was so stubborn that it pained my heart.

“Wen Yufan, if only you could speak. Perhaps, you could convince her….” I stared at Wen Yufan, “What is the point of appearing when you can’t do anything?”

Gao Jialan followed my eyes and stared into space. “Yufan is here?!”

“Yes, he’s over there.” I pointed at Wen Yufan. “His expression looks awful. He’s watching you right now.”

“Yu….Yufan.” Gao Jialan gradually walked towards where I pointed and happened to stand right in front of Wen Yufan. “Please don’t blame me. You’re the one who understands me the most in this world. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to give birth to a healthy baby. I’ll be healthy too. Then, I’ll raise the child.”

The sunlight from the window made Wen Yufan appear more transparent than ever. It was like a sad beautiful love story between a human and a ghost.

“He doesn’t look like he understands you. His eyebrows are so knitted that it could practically squish a housefly to death.” I icily tried to throw a huge blow at Gao Jialan.

Since the soft method wasn’t working, I decided to try the aggressive way.

“His parents already went to reincarnate. Yet, Wen Yufan is still here. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you the reason why. Do you honestly want him to remain a troubled lonely ghost that cannot let go of the past?”

“I respect his decision. He can leave or stay. I will accept it.”

Gao Jialan suddenly thought of something as she rushed to the bedroom. She opened the luggage and began packing everything she had.

“What are you doing?” My mind was fuzzy.

“Didn’t you say today is the final deadline? If you have no intentions of helping me, I must escape before Wen Yihan gets here.”

Escape? I snatched Gao Jialan’s clothes. Each time she put down an item, I would take it.

“If you’re not going to help me, at least don’t hinder me.” Gao Jialan shoved me aside and continued to pack.

“Why are you so stubborn?” I was really irritated.

“I was born with this temper. Sorry.”

Hearing Gao Jialan say this, I actually somewhat calmed down. I sat on the bed and observed her pack anxiously.

“Yes, you’re born with this temper. You’re stubborn and selfish.”

Gao Jialan ignored me and continued packing.

“You were like this in the past… you were like this in the order to get all the other children to adore you, you abandoned me. You wanted to live a stable and safe life, so you abandoned Wen Yihan. Since you’re so smart, you must have figured out we would be the ones to help you if you reached out. On the other hand, you’ve always been the one to turn a blind eye towards those who need or want you. You always act unconcerned to let the matters rest. Now, you’ve reached the ultimate version of selfishness. You’re about to risk your life too. Is this retribution?!”

“Perhaps… by the way, I’m sorry for what happened in the past.”

“It’s too late to apologize. I’m fine now. Now you know why I disliked you so much at the beginning, right?”

As I continued, I ended up venting all the negative emotions I had suppressed all these years, “You always abandon those you could’ve saved!”

“Aside from apologizing, I don’t know what else to say….” Gao Jialan sighed. “I won’t trouble you any longer.”

Gao Jialan was about to leave, but I blocked her. “Where are you going? Where can you go?”

“I can go….” Gao Jialan looked lost for a second. But she quickly re-adjusted herself and squeezed out a smile. “There will always be a place somewhere for me and my child.”

I felt utterly defeated by her; even my last attempt was no use.

Then again, Wen Yihan and We Yufan couldn’t change Gao Jialan either. So what made me believe I could’ve convinced her?

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