Chapter 112: I can be the bad guy

Chapter 112: I can be the bad guy

Ding! Wen Yihan’s words reminded me of something. 

My cell phone began to ring. It was bad timing.

The ringtone caused Wen Yihan to resume back to normal as he began to slowly back away from me. Just as I was hesitating on whether or not I should pick up the call, Wen Yihan said, “Pick it up.”

The call display revealed: My super hot boyfriend.

Wow. Suyang changed his name on my phone again.

“I found Gao Jialan. Are you alright?” Suyang’s voice was filled with concern.

“I’m fine. Go home first.” I sat up from the couch as I turned my face a bit on the side and lowered my voice.

“What’s wrong? Are you in a position where it’s not good to talk?” Suyang attentively asked.

“Wen Yihan is right beside me, but it’s not that I can’t talk to you. I have some questions I want to ask him though. So, listen to me and go home first.”

“You’re next to him?! That’s too dangerous! No! Where are you? I’ll come find you now!” Suyang shouted.

“I’m really fine. Don’t forget the purpose of our mission. Go home and I’ll be back shortly.”

Before Suyang could respond, I hung up.

Then, I continued the conversation from where we left off. “What do you mean earlier when you said you were killing a life but saving a life?”

“Gao Jialan has a heart disease.”

Heart disease? 

“She has congenital heart disease. She was born with it. That is why she was left and raised in the orphanage.”

“What does her heart disease have to do with you?”

“For a heart disease patient to give birth, 9 out of 10 times, they will die. Not to mention that she is already weak to begin with. The doctor has already determined she wouldn’t be able to carry on the burden. If she forces herself, most likely…”

What? Gao Jialan never told me this….perhaps, she knew if she did, we wouldn’t help her…

“So you’re saying, you’re helping Gao Jialan decide? She lives and the child dies? But based on her personality, even if she dies in the delivery room, she would hang on until she gives birth first, no?”

A mother would definitely give everything to her child. I thought back to what Wen Yihan said about his mother dying for him. So he had his reason to do this…yet I called him cruel…

“I admit a part of me also doesn’t want him to grow up and threaten my position. But more so, I want to save Gao Jialan. I’m telling the truth.”

I could see Wen Yihan’s eyes softening when he mentioned Gao Jialan. You tell me there was nothing going on? I say bullshit! 

Now, I finally understood why Wen Yufan led me here instead of taking me to Gao Jialan. And all his strange expressions from looks like Gao Jialan is the only one who actually wants the child to be born. 

So what should I do now? Aaaaaiii…. Once again, I acted accordingly based on my own judgment. Was I wrong? 

I tried to see it from a different perspective as I stubbornly protected my standpoint. “But you should respect Gao Jialan’s decision. If you force her to get rid of the child, she will hate you forever.”

“So what if she hates me forever? The things I’ve done in the past were enough for her to hate me forever. She hasn’t told you?” Wen Yihan’s expression turned fierce again. He was giving me goosebumps.

“So are you admitting to everything she said?”

“Again, I will not deny your opinions.”

Who is this guy? Is he the beast who would kill his own relatives for status and money? Or a lovesick fool who would rather be misunderstood to save Gao Jialan? 

“I have another question. Why are you telling me all this? Aren’t you scared it will spread to others?”

“If I am telling you, it means I already have a method to deal with the aftermath. I’m only telling you the truth because you’re Gao Jialan’s last hope. If you’re willing to be on my side, she will naturally be more obedient and it will save me a lot more work.”

“But what if I’m not on your side?”

“You’re not on my side?” Wen Yihan seemed very confident.

I’m not sure. 

“From our perspective, she should get an abortion. I know even Wen Yufan would choose her over the child. But every life has the right to be born. Each person also has the right to make his/her own decision. If Gao Jialan insists on giving birth to the child, I don’t know what else I could say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. Just remain still and make a phone call to tell your wonderful boyfriend to bring her here. Then, we are finished.”

“So you already know everything.”

“I can be the bad guy. You guys just need to pretend you don’t know anything.”

“Can you...give me some time to think about it? Give me a week. Allow Gao Jialan to remain in our apartment for a week and I’ll give you an answer. If possible, I’ll try to persuade her.”

“A week?” Wen Yihan thought about it. Then, he agreed to my suggestion. “Fine. I’ll give you a week. Please be cautious.”

“Ok, I’m going to leave now…” There was no need to remain any longer. I’ve already found out the truth. Now, my steps felt very heavy.

“Wait, I’m going to get someone to escort you back.”

“No, it’s alright. You can go to bed.”

Suddenly, I thought of something. “Oh yeah, can you contact your subordinates and tell them to release a guy that they had captured?”

Just like that, Shen Shaoqian and I headed home together. He was physically exhausted, while I was mentally exhausted.


Wen Yihan gave me a week. Deep down, I knew he wanted me to convince Gao Jialan to get an abortion within this week. But to a mother, deliberately killing your own child was easier said than done.

Furthermore, now that Wen Yufan was no longer alive, most likely, Gao Jialan was even more determined than ever to keep the child.

I arrived back just a bit after Suyang. While I was heading towards the building, I could see Suyang dashing out. We made eye contact with each other and he hesitated for a second. Then, he tightly wrapped his arms around me.

Whenever I snuggled against Suyang’s broad chest, I always feel a sense of security. I dug my head into his chest as I greedily inhaled the scent that purely belonged to him.

“Are you alright?” His voice was very light. It was far lighter than the hand that he was stroking my head with.

I smiled and he tightened his arm around me. I raised my head and brightly gazed at him, “I’m fine. Were you planning to come looking for me?”

“You silly, do you honestly think I would leave you there by yourself?”

Sometimes, I feel like Suyang was very dependable. 

“I’m fine!” Although I didn’t want to, I had to break out of Suyang’s embrace because it was too awkward to chat in such position.

Then, I walked a few circles around Suyang and said, “Your baby came home unscratched.”

Hearing my joking tone, Suyang raised his brows. “Pshh… baby…? Who says you’re my baby?”

“What?” I ruthlessly pinched Suyang’s face with my two hands. “If I’m not your baby, who is your baby, huh?? Who dares to be your baby?”

Suyang showed me his cell phone. On the display was Shen Shaoqian’s 'potato' message. By now, Suyang’s face was looking kind of distorted from all my pinching.

Suyang tried to act foolish. “I was talking about Shaoqian.”

“Hmm….” I released my hands as I smiled at Suyang. “Honestly, I can’t compete with Shen Shaoqian. You two have been gay together for decades. I feel bad separating you two.”

“So, you and Shen Shaoqian left together?”

How come Suyang is questioning me as if I had just been released from prison? 

“Yeah. I think by now, your baby is already home and asleep?” I looked down at my watch. “He was quite scared today. On the way home, he kept telling me how the security guards were very bulky and scary. They looked like gangsters. So, I told him to go home and stop scaring himself. I told him to wash up and go to sleep.”

Suddenly, I recalled Shen Shaoqian’s helpless expression while we were walking home. It was incredibly funny and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“What’s wrong with you?” Suyang thought it was extremely random of me.

I waved my hand and wiped the tears that were coming out from the corner of my eyes. “Nothing… haha! I was just thinking about Shen Shaoqian’s expression… haha! So funny! Tomorrow, make sure you buy some fruits and visit your baby. Give him some comfort!”

“By the way, I want to know how you two managed to escape?”

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