Chapter 111: The mystery thickens

Chapter 111: The mystery thickens

“Please have a seat.” Wen Yihan politely invited me inside. But although he said 'please', in actuality, he pressed me down onto the sofa vertically. After seeing him in real life, all my thoughts of flipping him over went out the window. 

I obediently and respectfully remained seated as I observed his every movements…

“Is there a reason for your late visit, Miss Lin?” Wen Yihan was dressed in very comfortable clothing. This was probably his house. 

He already knew the reason, yet he was still asking! Humph! 

“I already told you, I came to deliver mooncake. After all, we kind of know each other… no… I mean, I know Gao Jialan… it’s Mid Autumn Festival, I came to visit her.” 

“If you’re a visitor, you should have entered through the front doors with the owner’s permission. But you?” Wen Yihan was a bit speechless. Then, he continued, “She is already resting. Pregnant women need to sleep early if they want their babies to be healthy.”

Even if you beat me up, I wouldn’t believe you care about the baby’s wellbeing!

I stood up. “Gao Jialan and I are from the same orphanage. Since we’re parentless, she’s practically family. Mid Autumn Festival is a day where people are supposed to reunite with each other. Why can’t we meet today?”

“Family? You haven’t seen your ‘family’ for over a decade. You still consider her ‘family’?” Wen Yihan’s tone turned cold. “Also, I’ve already told you. She’s resting now. If you want to see her, wait until tomorrow.” 

I lit up. “Really? If I wait until tomorrow, you’ll let me see her?”  

Wen Yihan nodded. Then, he casually added another line, “If you’re still here by tomorrow…” 

“A-…..are you going to report me to the police so they can lock me up?”

For a moment, I imagined myself being locked up with Shen Shaoqian. Aside from shame, I couldn’t feel anything else. We were always the ones slowing Suyang down. Now, Suyang was our only hope. 

“I won’t be sending you to the police station. But someone will escort you home soon.” 

That was quite unexpected. I thought he would take this opportunity to crush me… I didn’t think he would let me go so easily. 

“But don’t help Gao Jialan anymore.” 

Ah, so there was a condition.

“Is that your condition for releasing me? I knew it!  You wealthy people always have so much drama! But this child is innocent. He doesn’t know anything. Plus, the Wen clan had never acknowledged Gao Jialan. Why do you have to get rid of her? As long as you promise to release her, she will take her child and leave this place. She won’t be competing with you and the Wen clan.” 

“When did I ever say I am going to get rid of her?” 

“How about the child?”

“The child cannot stay.” Wen Yihan curtly responded. The certainty in his voice did not allow for any negotiation. 

Since I was already caught, I wasn’t going to give up so easily. “This child is not a threat to you. Why must you be so cruel?” I blurted.

“Cruel….? In your eyes, what type of person do you think I am?” 

“Ha?!” I was a bit speechless by Wen Yihan’s question. In my eyes, he was definitely not a good person….he imprisoned Gao Jialan and wanted to get rid of her child. Most likely, Wen Yufan’s car accident had something to do with him too… 

But should I tell the truth? 

I cautiously thought about it. But perhaps I was taking too long, because Wen Yihan became impatient. “What? You don’t have an evaluation of me?” 

“I do. But I’m on Gao Jialan’s side. Are you sure you want to hear my honest opinion?”

“Tell me.” 

“Um…” Fine, if worse comes to worst, I’ll die. I’m doing this for the child! 

“As I have mentioned earlier, I think you’re a very cruel person…but don’t misunderstand! I’m not saying you’re the vicious and merciless type of cruel… Not that type. You’re just a bit cold and icy...your nature. Ah! No, not your nature… “

How come my explanation was sounding more and more strange?

Suddenly, an idea flashed in my mind. “Ah! I know! Why don’t you and Gao Jialan sign some type of contract agreement stating that you’ll let her give birth but she must give up all rights to inheritance. What do you think? That’s a double win, no!?!” 

“You think she would agree to this?”

“Of course! I have a feeling she would do anything to keep this child.” 

Wen Yihan nodded. I began to see a glimmer of hope. 

“It’s a pretty good idea, but no.” 

“Why not?!” I wailed. 

“Do you know how hard it was for me to get to this position? I will not allow anyone to put my position at risk.” 

This guy…

“What about your brother? What about your family?” I don’t know why I always say whatever that comes to my mind. I was the type that couldn’t stop either, “What about those who are related to you by blood? In your eyes, are they merely all stumbling blocks to you?” 

“I will not deny your opinions.”

“You will not deny? So you admit it!? What if I told the chairman about Gao Jialan and the child’s existence? What do you think will happen?” I threatened. 

“You’ve already told me your plan. Aren’t you worried I’ll strike first to gain an upper hand?”

Aiya! I forgot! Usually, on TV, those who spills their plans will get killed… how could I make such a stupid mistake?! If that's the case, the violent storm will be even more intense! 

“You still haven’t answered me. I don’t think you’re the type that wouldn’t think of an escape route.”

“Even if you tell my father, this child still cannot stay.” 

“Why must you view the child as your enemy? He isn’t even born yet…!” 

Suddenly, I wanted to make a wild guess. I carefully tested, “Umm… I heard you and Gao Jialan were high school classmates. Did you guys….have a past relationship or something?”  

“No.” Wen Yihan icily gave me a warning glare. 

Honestly, in my mind, I had already come up with a crazy family love drama. The uncle had fallen for this girl since high school. But he didn’t dare to confess. Many years later, they reunited again but the woman was now his nephew’s wife. So, he felt a fury of anger and wanted to eliminate their child. He swore to God that he would destroy the love that he was never able to attain… 

“You guys cannot save the child, but don’t worry, I won’t harm Gao Jialan.” 

“Do you honestly think she could live without her child? Don’t you know what a child means to a mother?” I exploded.

“I know.”

“You don’t know how cruel…” 

“I already said I know!” For some strange reason, Wen Yihan suddenly roared at me. Then, he rushed over and pressed me against the sofa. His eyes were red like a ferocious beast. There was nowhere for me to run. 

Wen Yihan grabbed onto me as he lowered his voice and growled. “I know a mother would do anything for her child; including risking her life.” 

If you know then

“My mother died seven years ago because she was trying to save me. Because of this, I must get rid of Gao Jialan’s child. I may be killing a life, but at the same time, I’m saving a life.” 

What type of expression was this? Suddenly, Wen Yihan gave me the feeling as if he had lost the entire world…

In my eyes, he had always been a cold and ruthless man. But based on our conversation so far, why did it seem like there was something more going on…? 

“What do you mean?” 

“A mother’s love can save a person or kill a person. Why do you think Gao Jialan grew up in the orphanage?”  

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