Chapter 110: Gao Jialan’s high school POV (Part 2)

Chapter 110: Gao Jialan’s high school POV (Part 2)

Gao Jialan didn’t think her life and Wen Yihan’s would intertwine so much. On one casual day, she was walking around and happened to witnessed Wen Yihan getting chased by gangsters.

“Don’t say anything!” Wen Yihan yelled as he rushed by Gao Jialan and hid inside a metal bin. Since he was in such a rush, he most likely didn’t recognize her. All he did was give her a harsh warning.

Within five seconds, the group of gangsters had rushed forth. They immediately noticed Gao Jialan and grimly questioned her, “Have you seen a guy ran by here?”

“Yes.” Gao Jialan responded.

Gao Jialan’s response caused a lot of anxiety in Wen Yihan. This woman

“Dear, that fellow is a bad guy. Could you tell me where he ran off to?”

“He….” Gao Jialan randomly pointed to a direction and responded earnestly, “He ran that way. He even ran through a red light!”

“Thanks!” The gangsters followed the direction that Gao Jialan had pointed to and continued their search.

“They’ve already crossed the streets. You better run now while you can.” Gao Jialan solemnly told Wen Yihan.

“I think I’m stuck. Help me!”


Since there were no one else around, Gao Jialan had no choice but to help Wen Yihan. She opened the lid and Wen Yihan realized that the woman was actually Gao Jialan.

He was shocked. “It’s you?”

Gao Jialan grabbed his hand and violently pulled Wen Yihan out. The metal bin fell over along with them.

The loud commotion alerted the gangsters. One of them hollered, “They’re over there!”

“Mother f**ker!” Wen Yihan swore under his breath. Then, he dragged Gao Jialan with him and broke into a run.

“Why are you bringing me along? I didn’t offend them!?” Gao Jialan was confused as she desperately ran.

“Do you honestly think they will let you go for helping me? Get in, now!”

Wen Yihan found another hiding spot as he urged Gao Jialan to squeezed into it.

It was the corner of a very dim area. There was a damp and moldy smell in the air. The two of them hid inside the abandoned cabinet as they tried their best to suppress their rushed breathing and pricked up their ears to detect any outside movements.

“Don’t get so close….” Gao Jialan felt like her personal space was being invaded. But Wen Yihan immediately covered her mouth with his hand.

“Shh!” His anxious expression warned her not to make any noise during this crucial moment.

So, the two of them tried to avoid as much physical contact as possible while being stuffed in this hot, tight space. They were close enough to hear each other’s heartbeats and breathing. Wen Yihan watched as Gao Jialan’s sweat slowly rolled down her white neck.

He had no idea that he was actually sweating more than her. There was a sweet fruity scent oozing out of Gao Jialan’s body.

“Are they gone yet?” Gao Jialan quietly whispered.

“Wait a bit longer….” Actually, Wen Yihan couldn’t hear the gangsters anymore. However, he didn’t tell Gao Jialan the truth. Instead, he appeared frightened and from time to time, he would deliberately inch closer towards Gao Jialan.

Seeing this, Gao Jialan felt very conflicted. “This is a very tight space. Could you stop squirming around?” She snapped.

“Do you want comfort or your life?” He retorted.

Hearing this, Gao Jialan didn’t utter another sound. Now, she was angrily sulking in the cabinet. Why did she end up like this? 

Wen Yihan thought her expression was very cute. So, he couldn’t help but touch her pouty lips.


Gao Jialan was astonished and slightly scared by Wen Yihan’s gesture. In her opinion, Wen Yihan was a troublemaker…… she wasn’t very fond of him.

“You’re so cute!” Wen Yihan smiled. For the next thirty minutes, he gazed at her as if she was something precious. He barely moved at all.

After thirty minutes had gone by, the two of them lacked too much oxygen to remain inside the stuffy cabinet. Their backs were killing them and they ran out of their hiding spot.

They took huge gulps of the fresh air. At that moment, Gao Jialan thought that being able to breathe freely was one of life’s greatest blessings.

“Are you alright?” Wen Yihan laid on the ground in the shape of a 大. He asked Gao Jialan as he gave her a smile yet not a smile (tl: I know this sounds really awkward. But it's a common saying in Chinese).

“What do you think?” Gao Jialan’s voice was filled with resentment. “Why are you being chased by such dangerous people? If they caught us, what would they have done?”

Wen Yihan thought about it. Then, he lightly said, “They would kill me.”

“Kill you?!” So, basically, she walked on a tightrope around death? 

Gao Jialan was in a rather confused and panicky state. Wen Yihan was still smiling. What the heck… 

“What bad deeds have you done?” She hesitantly asked.

“None.” Wen Yihan shrugged his shoulders.

“Then why are they after you?”

“Because of my father.”

“Your father?”

“Yes, if you must ask me what wrong I’ve done, it would be the fact that I was born, I guess? That was a mistake to begin with.”

Gao Jialan remained silent. So, Wen Yihan continued, “You wouldn’t understand even if I told you. But thanks for helping me today. If you didn’t lie for me, I would be dead.”

“Since I helped you, could you promise me one thing?”

“Of course!” Wen Yihan promised without thinking. Previously, he went through the class list and found out her name was Gao Jialan. This girl was quite interesting.

Gao Jialan stared at Wen Yihan and gravely stated, “From now on, can you pretend you don’t know me?”

The smile gradually vanished from Wen Yihan’s face.

“Regardless if we encounter each other at school or on the streets… just pretend you don’t know me.”


“I feel like you’re a very dangerous person. I don’t want to be part of your troubles. So, can you promise me?” Gao Jialan was very serious. Wen Yihan felt his heart slowly turning cool again.

“Alright.” If he answered like he cared, wouldn’t he seem very pathetic?

Wen Yihan stood up and patted the dust off his butt. He confidently uttered his final word, “Goodbye.”

While watching Wen Yihan’s departing figure, Gao Jialan knew her request was quite harsh. But she must not have anything to do with him if she wanted to live a peaceful life. She didn’t expect him to understand. It would be best if he hated her instead. That way, they could live their separate lives and she would be fine with it.

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