Chapter 106: The unwelcome guest

Chapter 106: The unwelcome guest  

“There’s one here…” I pointed towards Suyang’s feet.

Along the way, Suyang kept asking me whether there were ghosts around. What do they look like? ….. It took us forever before we managed to get to the front door entrance.

He was clearly a chicken, yet he still wanted to know

“Here?” Suyang squealed as he shrunk his shoulders and pointed all around him. His voice was shaky but he wanted confirmation. “He’s next to me?”

I shook my head and gazed at the smiling bodyguard underneath Suyang’s feet. “No, you’re stepping on him! He is probably a M (masochist)....”

The moment those words escaped my mouth, Suyang dramatically leaped and hopped behind me. He wouldn’t release my shoulders as he tensely turned his head left and right; hollering, “Where? Where? Where!?!”

“He enjoys lying across the door entrance. Basically, you would step on him whenever you enter or exit the apartment. Don’t worry about it.” I tried to console Suyang and patted his hand with one hand and entered the password with the other.

I demonstrated to Suyang on how to avoid stepping on the ghost bodyguard. “If you copy my movements, you won’t step on him.”

“No wonder you always walk in so awkwardly…. I thought….” Suyang mumbled to himself as he imitated my actions. But I immediately froze on the spot when I saw the person inside the apartment.

“Don’t block me….!” Half way through, Suyang also paused. He noticed the unwelcome guest as well.

On the couch was Wen Yihan. Currently, he was sitting comfortably with his suit on. It would appear that he was waiting for us. When he saw that we had returned, he politely smiled.

On the contrary, Gao Jialan looked like she was completely lost; standing at a far distance.

I didn’t even bother taking off my shoes as I directly stormed into the apartment and stood in front of Gao Jialan. “Are you alright?”

Gao Jialan nodded. Her expression warmed a little. She probably felt much better now that Suyang and I had returned. I followed her gaze and landed on Wen Yihan again. My brows remained furrowed.

“I’ve been waiting for you two for quite a while. Please accept my apology for coming without an invitation.” Wen Yihan stood up and brought along his deep hoarse voice to our side.

I quickly placed Gao Jialan behind me and glared at Wen Yihan with no fear in my eyes.

Suddenly, our intense eye contact was cut off by Suyang. He stood in between me and Wen Yihan and coldly stated, “I wonder why CEO Wen Yihan is paying us a visit?”

Wen Yihan took out his hand. “Author Su, I’ve been looking to meet you for a very long time. I saw the interview that you participated in our television station. Who would’ve thought that the person I’ve been searching for all this time was actually living with you…. Isn’t the world such a small place?”

I could sense the tight handshake from both parties. Neither of them were willing to demonstrate any weakness.  

“I also didn’t think that someone such as you, the CEO of the Wen clan, would personally pay a visit to our place.” Suyang responded with the same level of power.

Wen Yihan looked past Suyang and gazed at me. He began to speak slowly, “The reason why I was waiting for you two is because I didn’t want to take her away while you guys weren’t here. It would have been awfully impolite of me.”

“There is no one you can take away here.” I took a huge step forward and stood next to Suyang.

“You must be Miss Lin Yixin, am I correct? From the same orphanage as Jialan? Who would’ve thought that you would manage to find connections from eight hundred years ago…” Suddenly, Wen Yihan’s face turned cold. He was speaking to Gao Jialan.

“Please leave my home immediately. Or else, we’re going to call the cops. If the police gets here, you would be the person to lose face, Mr. CEO.” I began to threaten as I waved my cell phone in the air.

Wen Yihan lightly laughed. “Looks like Miss Lin Yixin is still clueless about the current situation. You should have found out more before you randomly allowed someone to live with you….”

Why does Wen Yihan’s words make me feel so disturbed? I secretly poked Suyang’s back with my finger and gave him a concerned look. What should we do now?

“Look at the document on the table. You’ll understand what I mean after you see it.” Wen Yihan rubbed his chin confidently. He stared at Gao Jialan in a very proud and arrogant manner. I hated people with his type of attitude.

“By the way, originally, that day, I was going to give you the document from my office. But you refused to come in, so I had to personally deliver it here.”

The moment Wen Yihan mentioned the document, Gao Jialan’s face turned white. I went over to take a look.

I pulled out the paperclip and saw that it was a mental evaluation report. The document stated that Gao Jialan had displayed early signs of abnormal brain activity. Her psychological state was unstable and under the agreement of her guardian, she should be hospitalized for treatments.

I’ve spent many days with Gao Jialan. If she had mental issues, Suyang and I would’ve already noticed it. Anyone with a brain could tell that Wen Yihan had this document fabricated. He definitely had an ill intent.

“She secretly left the hospital. As her guardian, I’m responsible to take her back for treatment.”

“You’re her guardian? What’s your relationship with her? What gives you the right to be her guardian?” I threw the document on the ground and interrogated Wen Yihan.

“She is Yufan’s wife. She is part of the Wen family.”

“Bullshit! Feel your consciousness. Has the Wen family ever accepted her?”

“I’m not sure what you mean. If she wasn’t part of the family, why would I make so much effort to pick her up? Plus, she is a person with split mental disorders and pregnant with a child. The Wen family must take responsibility for her.”

“Perhaps you are just relentlessly pursuing her to get rid of the child.” Suyang walked over and picked up the report from the ground. “How do we know this isn’t fabricated?”

“I will leave the report here with you. You two can take your time to verify it. I have to take her for treatment now.” Then, Wen Yihan shoved me away and was about to forcefully seize Gao Jialan.

I lost my balance but I managed not to fall over by gripping onto the coffee table. Just as Wen Yihan was about to touch Gao Jialan, Suyang quickly grabbed his hand. “Shouldn’t the CEO comply with the person involved in this situation? You haven’t asked Gao Jialan what she wanted yet.”

“The report already stated that she has a split mental disorder. She cannot make her own choices. The guardian decides for her.” Wen Yihan curtly stated.

“I bet you made it up!” I shouted as I slammed my hand on the coffee table.

“I've already told you that you can take your time to verify it. I am going to leave with her now. Let go.” Wen Yihan made intense eye contact with Suyang. A few seconds later, Suyang slowly released him.

Why are you letting go?! I anxiously yelled from within.

I wanted to save Gao Jialan, but Suyang stopped me. He gave me a stern look to indicate that I shouldn’t make a move.

Gao Jialan had not said a sentence since Wen Yihan's arrival. From her eyes, it was obvious how terrified she was towards him.

At this moment, there was nothing we could do except watch Gao Jialan be taken away. Just before she exited the door, Gao Jialan turned around and looked like she wanted to say something to me. But ultimately, she didn’t open her mouth.

My ghost bodyguard had his arms opened wide to block them. But it was no use. Wen Yihan and Gao Jialan walked through his body of nothingness; he couldn’t stop anything.

“Why did you stop me?” When they were no longer in sight, I yelled at Suyang.

“We can’t keep her. Wen Yihan has the report analysis. If he called the cops, we might be the ones charged for keeping an unstable patient around.”

“But we can’t just let him take her away! We all know Wen Yihan wants to harm the child. Now that Gao Jialan is in his hands, can the child even live? What if he goes insane and kills her too!?!?” The more I thought about it, the more I began to panic. I was afraid to keep going.

“I’ve heard that Wen Yihan is a very firm and ruthless person. I’m afraid that…” Suyang lowered his pupils and didn’t finish his sentence. But I could more or less figured out what he was going to say.

“No! I must save her!” I wanted to run out, but Suyang blocked me again.

“What’s the point of you going now? They’re gone. You don’t even know which direction they went. How are you going to save her?”

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