Chapter 103: The truth was out

Chapter 103: The truth was out

“You two aren’t purposely hiding to scare me, right?” I thought that was a possibility as I took out my cell phone to call Suyang. 

Yet, there was no reception. Are you serious? 

I turned on the flashlight option and felt slightly better. 

*Squeak* Behind me, there was the sound of an opening door. My shoulders subconsciously shrank and I didn’t dare to turn around. I remained fixated at my spot. 

It's not a scary looking grieving ghost from 12 years ago, right? 

“Merciful Buddha! Merciful Buddha!” I began to pray internally. 

*Squeak* Once again I heard the sound that made my scalp turn numb. 

I’m going to go insane!

I didn’t dare to make a single move. 

“One step...two step…” I concentrated all my senses to my ears and cautiously listened as the steps grew louder. Wait a second. This was the first time I’ve heard the footsteps of a ghost!?

I breathed a sigh of relief. I had a rough idea what was going on. After I calculated the "ghost"'s movements, I suddenly turned around and screamed. “Ah!” 

I scared the “ghost” so much that he fell down on his bottom. 

“Pretending to scare me as a ghost, eh?!” I pressed my hand against Shen Shaoqian’s head to punish him. Suyang also secretly came out of his hiding spot. I proudly stated, “I saw through your crafty schemes. Can we leave now?” 

“How come it didn’t work?” Shen Shaoqian scratched his head, confused. “Where did I give myself away?” 

“Your mistake? Your footsteps were too loud. Ghosts don’t have footsteps!” If ghosts had footsteps, I wouldn’t have been accidentally spooked so many times in my life. 

“How do you know? You’ve seen ghosts before? How do you know that ghosts do not have footsteps?” Suyang leaned against the wall and asked.

He's still trying to test me? I didn’t want to answer him, so I turned around to help Shen Shaoqian stand up. I wanted to leave this place now. But the moment I crouched down, I sensed something terrible. 

I immediately lifted my head and stared at the very end of the corridor. There was a blurry figure swaying towards us. It was really dark, so I couldn’t see the figure clearly. But I could tell it was getting closer and closer. 

“You guys didn’t arrange anything else to scare me right?” I swallowed down my saliva as I held up Shen Shaoqian and turned back to look at Suyang. 

“No, why do you ask?”


At that moment, the figure had passed by a brighter area. I could see him now. It was a man. To be more precise, it was a “man” walking towards us with his head crooked to the side.

If he wasn’t part of Suyang and Shen Shaoqian’s plan, then….

“Hurry! Run!” I screamed on top of my lungs. I grabbed Suyang by one hand and dragged Shen Shaoqian with the other. Then, I ran for entrance on the first floor. 

The aura of this ghost was very dangerous. Even a rookie like me could tell. 

“W-what happened?” Shen Shaoqian was confused. He turned around but obviously couldn’t see anything. 

“Don’t talk! Just run! There really is a ghost in this hospital!!!!!!” I shouted. 

The faster we ran, the faster the ghost chased after us. As the saying goes, “Two legs cannot compare to four.” But how could we compare to no legs?!! 

The man’s face was visible to me now. He had burnt scars on his face. Just as he was about to overtake us, I used the last bit of my arm strength and pulled us out of this hospital. 

I finally felt secure when the sunlight spilled over us. I looked up at the blue sky and sighed. I'm still alive. How amazing…

“What the heck is going on?” Shen Shaoqian was panting like a dog. “How did you suddenly become so strong?!” 

“I…. I was frightened. I wanted to go home.” 

“Haha! So you and Suyang are on equal levels! Both of you are chickens!” Shen Shaoqian ruthlessly laughed. I was in a bad mood. Most likely, it was because of Shen Shaoqian…

“Eh?” Shen Shaoqian stared at his empty hands. Then, he smacked his head. “I left the camera inside….” 

Shen Shaoqian was about to turn around but I used my entire body to block him. “What are you doing?”

“I have to get the camera….. The camera isn’t mine. It’s Suyang’s.”

Suyang was flabbergasted. “It’s my camera?”

“Yeah, you lent it to me last time. I never returned it. I was planning to give it back today…”  

Suyang looked down and his face darkened. Shen Shaoqian were standing on one side and we could hear him grinding his teeth.

“No! You can’t go back!” I glanced at the direction of the hospital. There was a black shadow that was facing us.

He wouldn’t actually come out, right?


F**k! The ghost actually came out!!!

Suyang and Shen Shaoqian couldn’t see him. But underneath the sunlight, the burnt face looked even more vicious. He opened his ruptured mouth as he stared at me with his empty eye sockets and floated towards us.

“S-stay away!” I couldn’t hide my fear anymore. I furrowed my brows and backed away. It was as if the ghost knew I was the only one who could see him. He was only after me and totally neglected Suyang and Shen Shaoqian.   

He was about to slam into me!

“Ah!!! No!!” At the very last second, I shut my eyes and covered my face with my two hands. I remained at the same spot, but the very next second, I was wrapped in a warm embrace. 

At first, I thought it was the ghost. But just as I was wondering how could a ghost’s hug be so warm, I secretly took a peek and realized it was Suyang hugging me instead. A blast of coldness went through us. 

Suyang’s hand was gently patting my head. He had no expression on his face, but his eyes revealed his satisfaction. He opened his red and luscious lips. “You finally admit to it?” 

Damn it, I was caught... 

My head rested against Suyang’s chest. On the side, I could see the ghost. He did come over but directly went through us… Now he was spinning around like a housefly. 

Oh yeah, he was merely a ghost… 

“What the heck!?!” Shen Shaoqian gave us his lonely single killer eyes as he coldly humphed and returned back inside the hospital to retrieve his camera.

“Is that thing still here?” Suyang asked.

I couldn’t hide it anymore, so I nodded. “Yes… it’s spinning around us.”

The moment I said this, Suyang’s body stiffened. 

“Why are you hugging me?” I snuggled up against him. 

“I could see how scared you were. But now… I-I’m the one who’s scared. Let’s leave when the thing is gone!” Suyang stuttered and finally told the truth. He stared around his surroundings with caution; as if he could see what was going on.  

If he had my abilities, he would be able to see that the ghost was currently standing behind me; making face-to-face eye contact with him.

I hid my disgust and stood up from Suyang’s arms and coughed twice. I lied to him and said, “Umm… we can go now. The ghost is gone.” 

Hearing this, Suyang immediately grabbed my hand and ran to the car.

While we were on the road, we vaguely heard Shen Shaoqian’s voice yelling behind us. “Hey! I found the camera! What the heck! You guys called me here but left without me?!” 

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