Chapter 101: The awkward atmosphere

Chapter 101: The awkward atmosphere

Even though I knew was wrong, I didn’t like how the atmosphere was turning so bad between us.

“But it’s Gao Jialan’s issue. I shouldn’t be the one to tell you about it...please don’t be mad…” I lightly tugged Suyang’s sleeve and tried to look pitiful.

“If I hadn’t followed you today, what would’ve happened?” Suyang’s tone had improved a lot. Now, he sounded gentle instead of critical.

“You were following me the whole time? Then, why didn’t you come over to help me get in? I was waiting at the entrance like a fool! That’s why the security guard caught me.”

Suyang smacked my head lightly. “Since you can’t tell me about Gao Jialan, I can at least ask about you, right?”

“Me?” I was confused.

“I saw you at the television entrance talking to air, waving your hands around.”

I already knew what he wanted to say. Before Suyang could finish his sentence, I hastily grabbed onto my chest and furrowed my brows. Then, I dramatically sat down. “Aiya! Aiyaya! I’m in pain…”

“What?” Suyang held onto me. “Is it your old wound?”

“I think I ran too fast, so it affected the gunshot wound. Oh noooo. I am in too much pain! I can’t handle it!” I limply laid in Suyang’s arms as my brain spun around like a whirlwind. Oh no! Suyang caught me talking to Wen Yufan!

“Are you really in pain?” Suyang was a bit suspicious.

I tried my best to look like I was suffering and nodded like mad. If only I could squeeze a few tears out right now… damn it! My acting skills need work!

“Then let’s go to the hospital. Climb up!” Suyang turned around and bent down for me to climb onto his back.

“I don’t want to go to the hospital. Let’s go home…” I carefully whimpered as I slowly scrambled onto Suyang’s back.

While Suyang was carrying me, I could clearly see the green veins popping out around his neck and his bulging Adam’s apple. It was an extremely hot day. It must be quite a strenuous task to carry me. I used my hands to wipe the sweat off Suyang’s neck.

But after wiping his neck, I couldn’t control my hands and they landed on Suyang’s Adam’s apple.

Suyang froze on the spot. Two seconds later, he responded, “Are you actually in pain or are you pretending because you want to change the topic?"

I instantly removed my hand and rested my head weakly on Suyang’s shoulder. I moaned about my imaginary illness. “I am in pain…My chest is hurting. Let’s not talk and hurry home!”

Then, I smacked my right leg against Suyang’s butt and went, “Go!”

Suyang couldn’t help but smile. “I’m telling you, we’re not done with this talk! After we get home, I’m going to have a chat with you. Don’t you dare think of escaping…” After a pause, he suddenly changed the direction of the conversation and smiled cunningly. “But if your chest area is hurting too much, I can take a look at it for you when we get home…”

I smacked Suyang on the head. “Why is your mind always filled with dirty thoughts?”

“You think you’re the only one who can tease me? I’m just reciprocating this type of behaviour!” Suyang retorted.

“You and your fallacious reasoning!”

“If you argue with me, I can’t guarantee you won’t fall off!” Suyang threatened as he tilted his body towards one side. I thought I was about to fall, so I held on tight like I was holding onto my dear life. Then, Suyang straightened his body.

“Don’t play around like that!”

Suyang loudly sighed. “I can’t tell who’s the boss and assistant anymore. It’s such a hot day, and I have to carry you! Go lose some weight. You’re too heavy!”

I ignored Suyang’s words and continued to rest on his back. But I placed my hands above his eyes to help him shield from the Sun.

“We ran too far. We’re so far from the car.” Suyang depressingly stared into a distant space. He was acting as if we had to cross the Sahara Desert.

Along the way, he continued to mutter in resentment. From time to time, he would criticize my weight. I just secretly giggled on his back.

Thank you for accommodating me. Thank you for trusting every way…


Although I managed to diverge the topic, I couldn’t guarantee I would be able to use the same tactic next time. If I didn’t think of a solution now, I was afraid that Suyang will question me again.

In terms of Gao Jialan’s personal issue, I asked her to personally explain it to Suyang. After she told him what was going on, Suyang’s face darkened. Most likely, he was mad because I hid something so important from him…

As a result, I had to sleep on the couch for two continuous nights. We were like a married couple; I was the husband that got kicked out.

During our cold battle, Suyang wouldn’t say a single word to me. Each time I tried to get closer to him, he would automatically leave the area. At the same time, I was afraid if we conversed, he would question me about that day again.

But avoiding was not a solution. After all, we haven’t gotten together for a long time. I felt like the so-called honeymoon period was like an eraser. Due to the mistakes I have made, it was disappearing with time.

For the past few days, Gao Jialan and I were carefully surviving by observing Suyang’s behaviour. The atmosphere at home was very uncomfortable now.

“Ka….ka….ka….” I was afraid that if I chewed my apple too loudly, it would affect Suyang. So I first bit my teeth into the apple and gazed at Suyang for his reaction. Then, I used the least amount of sound and the slowest tempo to chew.

After I was halfway through, I suddenly felt a cold aura. It felt like there was a ghost coming near me…. No! It was more frightening than a ghost. I slowly turned around and saw Suyang staring right behind me.


My teeth had already sunk into the apple. If I pull it out, it would be kind of gross. But if I didn’t, I would just leave it there because I didn’t dare to take a bite while he was watching me….

It was tough holding on. I could feel the drool coming out…

Is he going to say something or not? What’s his intention? Is he about to question me again? Or does he want to continue the cold battle? I slowly got my hand ready. I was prepared to act again.

“After you’re done eating the apple, tidy up. We’re going to go somewhere today.” Then, Suyang went to his room.

He finally spoke to me! And it was a normal interaction!

“I will do as you bid!” I happily saluted and devoured the rest of my apple. Then, I ran to my bedroom to pick out some clothes.

“Are you heading out?” Gao Jialan must have heard Suyang speaking to me. She quietly tiptoed towards me as she held onto the door frame.

“Yup!” I nodded confidently.

Gao Jialan was relieved. “Suyang is finally speaking to you. Are you guys ok now?”

“Maybe…” After selecting my outfit, I was experiencing mixed feelings. I was aware that lately Gao Jialan had been quite worried about my relationship with Suyang. So in order to lower her stresses, I lifted my spirit and gave her a brilliant smile. “We should be ok. Don’t worry about it.”

“If you guys are ok, then that’s good. Or else, I will feel very guilty because it was my fault.” Gao Jialan looked down in shame as she touched her stomach.

I stared at her little bump. There’s a life inside…’s so magical.

“Today, you’re probably going to eat by yourself. Are you ok with that?”

“I’m not a child, of course I am!”


After thinking about it, this should be my first official date with Suyang?! It's a date, right? I'm not sure….

I tried my best to do my makeup and then got Gao Jialan to evaluate. She gave me a helpless look and wiped everything off. She wanted to help me redo it.

Was she the Leonardo Da Vinci of the makeup world? Today, I finally learned something. But no matter how I looked at it, Gao Jialan’s creation did not seem natural at all. I was quite unsure about myself as she pushed me out into the living room.

When Suyang made eye contact with me, I could instantly sense his shock. His body trembled a little, and then he slowly stood up. His voice was raspy. “Let’s go…”

I touched my red powdered cheeks and flushed. The redness could be compared to those who remained high up on the Tibetan mountains for a week; lacking oxygen.

But although I hesitated, I still left the apartment like this because I didn’t want to hurt Gao Jialan’s feelings.

When my ghost bodyguard saw me, his eyes almost popped out. He placed his hands around his cheeks as if he wanted to tell me -your cheeks look really weird like this

I was walking behind Suyang. So I shook my head at my ghost bodyguard and mouthed the words, “It’s not my fault.”

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