Book 9 Chapter 29 - Concert

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Shao Xian arrived at the Hangzhou broadcasting station in the afternoon later that day. Her amazement at seeing the president, who showed visible worry, was even greater than seeing sages.

“Broadcasting to the entire world?” Shao Xian repeated with excitement, as Bai Ze had not informed her of the specifics beforehand. 

“Yes. All of the TV channels, radio frequencies, and even all of the websites. How’s that?” Bai Ze said with a smile. 

“Shit! You’re kidding me!” Shao Xian’s eyes widened.  

The president nodded upon noticing Shao Xian’s stare. 

“See, I knew that you would bring good fortune if we got married! Wow! Even Fang Shui’er’s concert was only broadcasted by three companies…” Shao Xian jumped up in excitement. 

“What? You’re married?” Bai Ze exclaimed. 

“Yup, this morning!” Shao Xian showed off her certificate. 

“Is same-sex marriage allowed?” Bai Ze turned toward the president. 

The president was suddenly starting to doubt his decision in trusting Bai Ze. 

“Are they… all like that?” The president whispered to Pan Junwei, not understanding how the trio in front of him could be so carefree despite the impending doom. 

“Well… yes. Before you gave me this, I was also like them.” Pan Junwei’s worried expression gradually relaxed as he touched the shoulder pad indicating his military rank. After all, to be a guardian was to laugh in the face of overwhelming odds and to joke while defying the Heavens. 

“When are we starting?” Shao Xian looked around excitedly, looking for her stage. 

“At seven. We have one hour left,” A staff member said. 

“Ah!? Already? How many songs am I singing?” Shao Xian took out her cell phone. 

“How many? One, of course.” Bai Ze said. 

“One? Not that one again!” Shao Xian was disappointed. 

“It’s no use if you sing any other song…” Bai Ze pursed her lips. 

“Alright, alright. One song is fine.” Shao Xian’s mood brightened after thinking about the scale of the broadcasting. 

“Let’s go. We need to prepare for the performance.” Bai Ze shook her head and led Shao Xian toward the make-up room. 

The room was prepared in a rush, but it was nevertheless a very large one. However, unlike a recording studio, there was no glass pane separating the room from a control room. Instead, there was a computer desk in the middle of the room with a chair in front of it and a standing microphone. 

“What are you staring at? Let’s go!” Bai Ze urged. 

“Are we doing the performance here?” Shao Xian was disappointed once again. 

“The equipment’s going to be brought in soon. Come on, quickly!” 

“Do we need to even to do make-up?” Shao Xian removed her coat.

Bai Ze cut the vein on her wrist open with her finger. The blood that flowed out gathered into a small, crimson sphere in her hand. “Remove your clothes, we need to prepare,” Bai Ze said with a severe countenance. 

* * *

“What do you think she’s doing?” Liu Meng asked as she strolled with Li Yiming through the university campus. 

“Let her do what she wants. I doubt it’s going to change anything in the end,” Li Yiming grumbled. When they arrived at the entrance to the small convenience store, he kicked open the metal door and walked inside. 

“Don’t you know how to teleport?” Liu Meng said as Li Yiming grabbed two ice creams. 

“It’s a statement against this place. It was super expensive and the owner had a bad attitude.” Li Yiming sat down with Liu Meng after finding a park bench nearby. 

“Wait, I think we can get that durian cake. I just don’t know if it went bad or not.” Li Yiming dove back into the shop as soon as he gave the ice cream over to Liu Meng. She sat on the bench with a smile and took a bit of her ice cream. 

“The oven’s broken. I don’t know how good it’ll taste if it’s defrosted with the microwave,” Li Yiming came out of the store a little disappointed. 

“Give it to me.” Liu Meng said with a smile as she took over the box. A small flame appeared on the container, and the delicious smell of the durian dessert soon emanated from the box. 

“Wow! I didn’t know you could do that!” Li Yiming’s eyes lit up. 

“Much better than that little girl of yours, don’t you think?” Liu Meng rolled her eyes. 

“Didn’t I explain to you already?” Li Yiming scratched his head. 


“Alright, alright. Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” 

Liu Meng took a bite off her dessert and closed her eyes. With a snap of his fingers, Li Yiming lit up the entire university campus. From the street lights to the lights inside the building, all began to flash rhythmically, as it if the entire campus has been turned into a dance floor.

“What a waste!” Liu Meng seemed displeased, but was actually impressed by the spectacle. 

“What waste? I’m using my own electricity!” Li Yiming complained and wrapped his arms around Liu Meng from behind. 

As the two slowly embraced each other, they enjoyed the last few moments they would spend in peace and quietness, before heading for an uncertain future.

* * *

“Oh! We’re starting? Let’s go then! Hello everyone! I’m Shao Xian and I’m going to sing a song for you!” Shao Xian spoke into the microphone and music began to be played. 


“Is she… singing?” 

“Is this some kind of distraction to ease our tension? 

“If they have time to do this, why don’t they just give us more supplies instead?”

“Isn’t this Divine Voice Materialized? I thought she retired?” 

“Only people like her would be desperate enough to try a performance at this point…” 

“Why does it have to be live?” 

“Who knows…” 

Shao Xian’s performance started, and she became the topic of conversation for citizens seeking refuge all over the world.

“Please, maintain a single file and walk ahead!” A soldier carrying a large speaker on his shoulder urged. 

Shao Xian’s voice spread throughout every corner of the world, reaching planes in the sky and boats across the ocean. Her ethereal voice resonated, only it somehow sounded different from her previous performance.

Despite their hurry, the crowds of people stopped to listen to Shao Xian. The song slowly made everyone forget about their worries — the anxiety and fear showed on their faces slowly subdued, and even the little children stopped crying. 

“It’s working! But this isn’t just to appease the people, is it?” Qing Qiaoqiao asked.

“There should be more to it. Bai Ze’s going on the offensive.” 

“That must be it. Otherwise, Pan Junwei wouldn’t have ordered the guardians to group up in the cities. He even called all of the mutant soldiers to Hangzhou,” Eyeglasses said as he worked on his computer. 

“Let’s get ready then.” Big Beard lit up a cigar and hopped off the car. The people around him turned around, surprised, while a soldier quickly made his way toward him. 

Before the soldier could even question him, Big Beard took out his ID card. The soldier gave him a salute and resumed his post. 

“Is she going to keep singing like that?” Sai Gao asked. Shao Xian’s naked body was covered in red characters traced with Bai Ze’s blood. As she continued singing, the markings slithered slowly on her body, creating a sinister sight.

“She’ll keep singing until she’s no longer able to.” Bai Ze leaned against Sai Gao, her face still pale from losing blood, but she looked at Shao Xian in eager anticipation of what was about to happen. 

“What are we supposed to do, sit here and watch?” 

“Yeah. If you have nothing to do, you might as well get me something to eat.” Bai Ze said, her arms limp. 

“Do you want it dead or alive?” 

“Chips! I want chips! Do you think that I’m like you? Alive?” 

“Chips? Is that going to help you get your blood back?” Sai Gao did not quite understand Bai Ze’s need. 

“What are those characters you drew on Shao Xian? Did you change the effects of the song?” Sai Gao finally asked before leaving the room. 

“Let’s say that it’s going to bring the Heavens down to us…” Bai Ze let out a grin. 

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