Book 6 Chapter 5 - Debauchery

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Fang Shui’er’s showing up was a complete surprise to everyone on deck, including Li Yiming. 

The well-built man jumped up, dumbfounded at the person who stood right behind him. The TV actress, having apparently lost her ability to do anything other than stare at Fang Shui’er in embarrassment, stood still like a statue. As for the model who was being bullied, she could barely control the shaking of her legs. All attention on the deck was turned in the direction of Fang Shui’er, and some had even retained their breath in anticipation of the follow-up that was soon to come. 

“Ms. Fang...” The actress tried to maintain her composure and forced a smile.  

“Mrs. Qiang? Where is Mr. Qiang? Is he not with you?” Fang Shui’er answered back with a grin and nodded.

‘Mrs. Qiang?’ Li Yiming knew that Fang Shui’er had mentioned the name for a reason. 

“He’s… a little busy with work…” Mrs. Qiang replied in a low voice. 

“I remember you…” Fang Shui’er ignored Mrs. Qiang’s answer and turned toward the man who stood next to her. “You’re Mr. Qiang’s manager, aren’t you?” 

“Yes! Yes! Good evening to you, Ms. Fang. My name is Ximen Song…” The man said in a loud voice, excited that someone like Fang Shui’er remembered him. 

“Oh my, what a bruise. I hope you didn’t chip your teeth.” Fang Shui’er said as she caressed the bruised cheek of the young model, ignoring Ximen Song’s answer just like she did with Mrs. Qiang. 

“Ms. Fang…” Mrs. Qiang hesitated due to Fang Shui’er’s attitude toward her. 

“A shame that people cannot keep their despicable sides to themselves. You should be more careful next time, okay?” Fang Shui’er said to the model in a gentle voice. 

It was at that moment that Li Yiming finally remembered who Mrs. Qiang was. Her full name was Ma Jinliang, the wife of an international star. She had just made an appearance on the red carpet with her husband at the most recent film festival. 

‘But wait… this Ximen Song guy, he’s the manager of Mr. Qiang…’ Li Yiming frowned as he remembered the scene of Ximen Song’s kneeling down in front of Mrs. Qiang. 

It was a wonder to Li Yiming that Mrs. Qiang would choose to cheat on Mr. Qiang. After all, the man in question was a successful and handsome man, to the point that Liu Meng chose a picture of him as her cellphone screensaver. Not only that, Mr. Qiang was also a famously generous person, having founded numerous trusts and charities in the country. To compare Ximen Song with him was something unthinkable.   

“Let’s go.” Mrs. Qiang, who had her mind sharpened by years of dealing with people, read Fang Shui’er’s abundantly clear stance and knew that a retreat would be her wisest option. After one last old glance at the young model, she whispered to Ximen Song and started to walk away. 

“Oh? Leaving so soon, Mrs. Qiang?” Fang Shui’er did not intend to let her off the hook so easily. “Wow, what a nice bracelet you have there. Where did you get it?” 

Li Yiming glanced at Mrs. Qiang and Fang Shui’er. The two each wore a silver bracelet with a black gem embedded, which were visibly made in a pair.  

“Ms. Fang…” Mrs. Qiang looked at Fang Shui’er. She tried her best to conceal the anger in her eyes, as Fang Shui’er was not someone to be trifled with in the entertainment industry. 

“I like this bracelet.” Fang Shui’er said with a smile, only this time turning toward Li Yiming. 

Li Yiming was dumbfounded at first. After all, ever since Xiao Hei came to find him, desperate for a cure to Zeng Qian, the two were bound to become enemies. Zeng Qian was Fang Shui’er’s sister, and blood bonds transcendent morality itself. 

Li Yiming thought that he would have to fight Fang Shui’er to the death the next time they encountered, and he was ready for a battle to erupt on the cruise ship itself the moment he saw her. However, Fang Shui’er’s gaze led him to believe that she was willing to forgive him.

Li Yiming sighed and made his way through the crowd. 

“How much for that bracelet of yours?” Li Yiming looked at Ximen Song. He did not know the reason for which Fang Shui’er decided to give up her revenge, but it did bring him some relief. As for her sincerity, having braved through Heaven’s Punishment three times, he was confident enough in his own judgment. 

“Sorry, this isn’t for sale.” Ximen Song may have been slow, but it was evident at this point that Fang Shui’er was looking to embarrass him. However, he was clueless as to why she chose to call upon such a plain-looking young man to accomplish the deed. 

“One million,” Li Yiming stared straight at Ximen Song and said calmly. 

Li Yiming’s proposal stirred up the crowd. Although those who attended the party were no ordinary people, the price that he had offered was one that largely exceeded the worth of the accessory itself. 

“I…” Ximen Song was left speechless. Although the jewelry was custom-made for himself and Mrs. Qiang it costed no more than a few thousand. 

“Two million.” Li Yiming continued. Money was only a number to Li Yiming at this point, especially after what he experienced back in Lianyun City. 

Ximen Song’s expression froze as he seemed visibly torn by Li Yiming’s proposal. Had Li Yiming offered one million anywhere else, he would have run toward the latter to cement the deal. 

Mrs. Qiang’s expression sank as Fang Shui’er remained expressionless. Most of the guests on the boat seemed baffled, whereas some of them smiled, amused by the spectacle that they were witnessing. In fact, most of them thought of Mrs. Qiang’s actions with contempt, since she had chosen public humiliation as a way to vent out her emotions. 

“Three million! This is as much as I can go. I’ll to think of something else if you’re still inclined to refuse.” Li Yiming continued in a calm voice, but threatened subtly by letting Ximen Song know that he was at the edge of his good will. 

Although he had recently sold off property in Hangzhou, he needed to keep some money for the artifact at the auction party. 

“Alright, three million.” Ximen Song’s clenched his teeth and started to remove his bracelet without minding the look of bafflement of Mrs. Qiang. 

Li Yiming’s gaze reminded Ximen Song that he could not count on Mrs. Qiang’s favor forever, especially given the fact that everyone on board now knew about their identities. He would have to think of a way out for himself if Mr. Qiang found out about his affair, and so he chose to accept Li Yiming’s offer and deal with Mrs. Qiang’s anger later in the cabin. 

“Well, I don’t really want it anymore.” Fang Shui’er sighed as Ximen Song finished taking the bracelet off. 

Ximen Song’s forced smile froze as he was about to give the bracelet over to Li Yiming. 

“I wanted to give it to you as a compensation for what you’ve gone through today, but then I thought that you might not like it. Oh well, I suppose that I should keep my mind to my own affairs.” Fang Shui’er said in a gentle voice to the model. The model, who had been ready to kneel down, had just woken up from her shock of seeing Fang Shui’er intervene. Being used as a tool against Mrs. Qiang was the last thing she wanted to happen today. 

“Well, nevermind the bracelet, but I don’t think that I’ll take back any favor I offer. You were going to give the bracelet to that girl, right?” Li Yiming looked at Fang Shui’er.

She answered him with a sweet smile. 

“Here’s my room number. You can come tonight, I’ll give you the money.” Li Yiming showed his room card to the model. 

“You know what, forget about it. Hey, you over there! Can you help me make the transfer? There’s no password on this card.” Li Yiming realized that his proposal was suggestive to say the least, and opted for an alternative method. He called over a waiter who stood nearby and handed over his bank card. Before any more reactions could come out of Mrs. Qiang and Ximen Song, he turned around and left. 

“How considerate.” Fang Shui’er nodded in Li Yiming’s direction, visibly pleased. 

Li Yiming left the deck, a little dispirited. ‘Actors and actresses, every single one of them. On stage or in real life.’ 

Fang Shui’er maintained her smile, while Ximen Song’s paled. Mrs. Qiang’s countenance became ashen, whereas the model still could not believe what had just happened. The other guests on the deck were all conjecturing about Li Yiming’s true identity. 

Aside from not wanting to get himself further entangled in the dispute between Fang Shui’er and Mrs. Qiang, Li Yiming left hurriedly for another reason. He had noticed that someone was watching him the whole time. It was Yu Runkai, the man with the beer belly, who was looking down from the upper deck. His presence also reminded Li Yiming that Fang Shui’er’s actions perhaps had an ulterior motive.

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