Book 4 Chapter 12 - Drug Dealer

Book 4 Chapter 12 - Drug Dealer

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“We came for breakfast. We don’t have that much cash on us. I didn’t bring my credit card either.”  Fu Bo said with a shaking voice as his gaze fell on the row of well-built men behind the fat cook. His fear grew along with his guilt for involving Li Yiming in the mess.

“Hmm? Is that so...?” The fat man’s expression took a turn for the sinister. His underlings stepped forth to intimidate Li Yiming and Fu Bo.

“Don’t look at me. I didn’t bring any money either.” Li Yiming shrugged his shoulders as he looked at the fat man in the eyes. He began to think about his next course of action.

‘How should I settle this? It wouldn’t be a good idea to use force with Fu Bo here..’

“I’ll go get it. I’ll go home and get the money for you.” Afraid of troubling Li Yiming any further, Fu Bo hurriedly offered.

“Fine, you go. But the other stays here. The leader of the gang of thugs agreed, since a quick look at the duo made it clear that they would not be the type of people to have such an amount of money on them at anytime.

“But…” Fu Bo was worried.

“It’s alright. I’ll be fine. I’ll wait for you.” Li Yiming urged Fu Bo. He was just wondering about how to get Fu Bo to leave, and this was exactly what he needed.

“Then… Be careful. I’ll be back.” Left with no other choice, Fu Bo begrudgingly began to walk towards the exit, looking back at Li Yiming as he did.

“Wait,” The fat own suddenly called out and looked at one of the men behind him. “Go with him.”

The underling smirked and followed Fu Bo closely out of the shop.

Li Yiming stretched lazily, stood up, and casually walked towards the window of the restaurant. Since he did not head for the exit, the thugs simply stayed still and observed him coldly.

Li Yiming looked out. He could only see a few pedestrians and an occasional car driving past. He raised his hand and released the tied up curtains. The interior of the restaurant was plunged into darkness.

“The hell you doing?” One thug shouted.

“I don’t want the people outside to see what’s about to happen.” Li Yiming answered calmly.

“Hmm... Hahahaha! This kid is interesting. Watch and learn, you dipshits.” The fat man laughed out loud. Some of the anger and sleepiness he showed for being awakened disappeared.

A shirtless thug by the door extinguished his cigarette, closed the door, and turned on the ceiling lights. Li Yiming smiled at him rather approvingly. ‘This guy knows what’s up.’

“The f*ck you looking at? What are you laughing at?” The shirtless thug felt a tingle down his spine when he looked at Li Yiming and shouted angrily.

Li Yiming’s pointed at the door and then at the men around him with a smirk. “The doors are closed. Time to beat the trapped dogs.” [1]

“The f*ck? You wanna die?” The last person Li Yiming pointed at immediately roared in anger. He had lost every single round of mahjong last night and he was just looking for an outlet for his frustration.

The lackey rushed forward with raised fists as others stood up in support of their own while a cruel smile climbed up the fat man’s lips.

Li Yiming raised his right leg and kicked on the figure charging towards him.

With Li Yiming’s current strength, the kick could be fatal. In order to avoid killing the thug, he carefully unleashed his strength as his foot made contact with him, resulting in something closer to a shove than a kick. It was still a blow that contained around eighty percent of his power.

The fat man was about to instruct his men to not hurt Li Yiming too bad, but before he could say anything, a shadow zipped past his head and slammed into the wall behind him. He turned around and saw his underling spit out a mouthful of blood before falling down, unconscious, leaving a crater in the wall.

Li Yiming kept his smile and looked at the thugs as if nothing had happened.

But the fat man did not share Li Yiming’s joyfulness. ‘ What? Are we in a movie? How the hell did he make him fly that far? If there wasn’t a wall there, he would have gone even further!’

“F*ck you!!” Another thug was a bit slow at appreciating the strength of Li Yiming’s kick. He grabbed a chair and slammed it down on Li Yiming’s head.

As if it were a scene straight out of a movie,  Li Yiming shattered the heavy wooden chair with a swipe of his right leg, showering the floor in wooden splinters. Li Yiming changed the target of his kick from the chair to the thug in front of him, and another shadow launched itself into the crater in the wall, sharing the fate of his friend earlier.

All of this was over before the wood dust in the air settled down. The leader of the thugs could not believe what he was witnessing.

Li Yiming did not give them time to regroup and continuously lashed out. Three thuds later, three other thugs found themselves lying at the top of a pile of inanimate bodies, and the crater in the wall was even deeper than before.

One thug who sat by the door turned around for an escape. But before his hand could reach the doorknob, a chopstick flew right past him and pierced the wooden door. The thug looked at the half that was still visible, gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and slowly turned around in fear.

“Surely you’re not thinking about leaving, right?” Li Yiming asked as he twirled around another chopstick in his right hand.

The shirtless thug shook his head and squatted down with his hands around his head. It seemed like he had done the same thing many times before.

“Now we can talk.” Li Yiming pulled over a chair and sat down in front of the fat man with a gentle smile. He had done just enough to “convince” the latter to listen to him.

The fat leader tried to squeeze out a smile, but he could not even manage to do that. Instead, he produced a kind of grimace that looked like a fly had just landed on his face.

“It doesn’t look like your business is doing great.” Li Yiming asked as though he was talking to an old friend.

“It... It’s alright… It’s alright..” The fat man stammered as beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

“Firstly, how about you call the one who went with my friend? You know what to say.”

“Ah… Yes, yes, of course.” The leader of the gang took out his phone with a shivering hand and dialed away.

“ Come back immediately… Just come back… Why? Cuz I told you to! Quickly… Just leave him…” Fatty cut the line and looked for Li Yiming’s approval. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and gave his phone to Li Yiming.

“ No, not me. Keep calling, gather all of your men here.” Li Yiming said as he glanced at the thug by the door, and his gaze turned cold. ‘This goes beyond a simple illegal business. The thugs here probably all have history. A normal person would be powerless against them, but since I’m here, I might as well take out the trash. I may not be able to change the world, but I can at least take care of what’s happening in my vicinity.’

“No, no, no… This is a misunderstanding, a simple misunderstanding…” The fat man read Li Yiming’s intentions and hurriedly refused. Revenge was not something to be planned until he knew everything about Li Yiming.

“I know what you’re thinking. I’m sure that your gang is actually bigger than this.” Li Yiming replied coldly. He slowly withdrew a silenced pistol from behind his back.

Upon seeing the firearm, the fat man’s eyes opened wide and he found it difficult to breathe. ‘We live in a lawful society that bans guns! Who the hell is this kid?’

“I once told a guy that this was a toy. He believed me. What about you?” Li Yiming played with the gun in his hands with a bemused expression.

“I...I…I don't believe you.” Fatty shook his head energetically. ‘Are you joking? After the flying bodies, I’d believe it even if you told me that it’s an energy rifle.’

“Hmm… It seems you aren’t as dumb as you look.” Li Yiming removed the clip, put it in back inside the chamber, and cocked the gun.

Despite Li Yiming’s slow movement, every single moment of it was a torture for the fat man. When he heard the sound of the bullet being loaded into the barrel, he gulped heavily and collapsed into his chair. One could no longer tell whether the bright reflections of light on his skin were due to the grease fumes from the kitchen or to his layer of sweat.

“Come on. Don’t be like that. I have a permit.” Li Yiming took out his special agent booklet and opened it. It was not enough for a police station check but could easily be used to bluff a few gangsters.

After recognizing the gold-imprinted emblem of the country, the leader of the thugs finally understood where Li Yiming’s strength came from. At the same time, he was relieved that Li Yiming was not a terrorist of some kind that had no regard for human life. ‘Surely a government agent would not kill innocent citizens. The government wouldn’t let them. Scamming and extortion are petty crimes, we should be able to get ourselves out of this easily.’

Li Yiming noticed the hope in the fat man’s eyes and smiled. He fumbled around the pocket of his jacket for a while, eventually taking out a small bag of white powdery substance. It was the milk powder that Bai Ze bought, but with the packaging removed.

“Now, if I told you this was milk powder, would you believe me?” Li Yiming asked with a smirk.

“Umm… Umm. .Uhh…” The man made the connection. ‘Who the hell would carry a pack of powdered milk for no reason? Unless he had other intentions...’ Numerous thoughts coursed through his mind. ‘I did think about selling this for quick cash before, but the risks and the death sentence… If he wants me to help him sell this stuff… This kid isn’t just a normal agent, is he?’

“You.. you want us to help you sell drugs?” Fatty asked hesitantly.

“Help me sell drugs? No, no, no. This was your stuff from the get-go.” Li Yiming replied.

“Mine…?” The fat man seemed confused.

“Yeah. I found it while searching your store.” Li Yiming dropped the bag on top of the table and looked at the fat man coldly.

“What? You... This… You’re framing me!” Fatty shouted. He finally understood why Li Yiming took out the drugs.

“So? Executing a few drug smugglers and confiscating a kilogram of drugs seems like a pretty good deal for a promotion.” Li Yiming answered with a devious smirk.

“You...” The fat man struggled to find words to say. He finally gathered his courage and knelt down in front of Li Yiming, saying, “ Brother, Big Brother. I admit my mistakes. Please forgive me. Please, I beg of you, forgive me…”

“Bring your men to the police station and confess your crimes. Don’t leave out anything. You know what I do for a living. I’ll be watching you.” Li Yiming put away his things and walked toward the exit.

“Oh, right. You’ll also know what to say and what not to say at the police station right? I’m sure you want to come out eventually.” Li Yiming left the gangsters with one last threat and headed out. He grazed past the thug who was escorting Fu Bo, who seemed confused at seeing his exiting without being stopped.

You've messed with the wrong dudes that walked into your immensely unpopular shop.

  1. This is a saying in Chinese

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