Chapter 99: Magical Treasure

Chapter 99: Magical Treasure 

It took Tang Zheng awhile to process this information entirely, but he gradually came to the understanding that his body contained so many secrets, some of which are life-threatening if made known to the public.

"But this race's cultivation is very damn abnormal, just like you. Breaking through cultivation stages at breakneck speed, simply inhuman. Oh wait, you aren't human." Tian Chanzi sighed emotionally.

"F*ck, you are the one that isn't human." Tang Zheng angrily said.

"Don't get all excited. This is not a bad thing as it will allow your cultivation to rise at a rapid pace; as long as you have power, even if your identity was revealed no one would dare do anything to you." Tian Chanzi comforted.

"Since it's not you, of course, you wouldn't be worried. What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

"Increase your cultivation before others discover your secret. The stronger you become, the better it is for you. I am one of heart with you, and our goals are the same, so you do not need to worry that I will leak your secret. This time you have broken through to the Fourth-Grade Refining Qi, and I too have also gained quite a bit. My consciousness is much stronger than it was before and when the time is right I will be able to go find a suitable host and undergo rebirth!"

Tang Zheng's heart gradually calmed down as there was no point in becoming anxious. Well, I might as well continue to cultivate, and with this thought, he began his routine without a care for his bodily injury.

First, he tried to use the Sealing Technique which Tian Chanzi very unwillingly passed down to him. It turned out to be very effective, and as long as he was to mutter the incantation, it would attract Ture Qi and immediately shut Tian Chanzi's mouth, sealing it.

This angered Tian Chanzi to the point of crying out his pains as he straight out cursed Tang Zheng for returning favors with injustice! How could he, Tian Chanzi, be used as a guinea pig!

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder as he ignored the other. In any case, he could not try to Sealing Technique on anyone else leaving only Tian Chanzi.

In the end, after Tian Chanzi finished venting he could only silently protest.

After this, he tried to use his True Fire to refine pills. He took out the pitch black but now dusty Nine Revolving Pill Furnace from underneath the bed.

"The Nine Revolving Pill Furnace is thrown under your bed just like that? What a waste of an excellent resource." Tian Chanzi said with great heartache.

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders and said: "This house is only so big; if I do not put it under my bed then where am I supposed to put it? Now stop speaking useless words and tell me how I am supposed to use this thing."

"Revolve your Qi and pour it into the furnace."

Tang Zheng employed his Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll technique, and a wave of Qi emitted from his palms, entering into the body of the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace.

A melodious sound rang out, and the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace flew into the air, its pitch black surface emitted a layer of black light as it unhurriedly started to revolve.

"This Pill Furnace has been asleep for too long; first you must awaken its spirit in order to refine pills with it."

Tang Zheng suddenly came to the understanding that putting his qi into the pill furnace was the method to awaken its spirit. He saw the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace speed up its rotation before it finally became a beam of black light; gradually a hint of blue light penetrated out from the black light.

It was like a piece of black cloth trying to cover up a light bulb, where the light bulbs light shone through, the black cloth becoming increasingly evident. In the end, the black light disappeared, leaving only the blue light that bathed the whole room, emitting a droning sound that resembled the monasteries bell ringing causing all those who heard it to feel their troubled hearts unwind and their spirits rise.


Tang Zheng lightly commanded, and the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace stopped its rotation and settled onto the ground. The blue light it emitted gradually retracted into its body as its outer appearance had undergone a heavenly change.

The original pitch black surface had changed to become blue; as it now gave out a peaceful yet ancient aura. Moreover, he saw that the pill furnace now had several animals carved into its surface. The majority of which Tang Zheng has never heard or seen before. He completely had no idea what they were!

"This is the true appearance of the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace." Tian Chanzi said with great satisfaction.

Tang Zheng stared wide eye in shock. Awakening the spirit of the pill furnace actually lead to such a transformation. If it had this appearance back in the auction house, then he most likely would not have been able to buy it with his meager amount of money.

"Thankfully the true appearance of the furnace has been covered by the passing of time." He thought gratefully.

"The person you should be thanking is me, because if it were not for me then where would you get such dog shit luck." Tian Chanzi said without the least bit of modesty.

"But I also have some bad news for you."


"This Nine Revolving Pill has been damaged, and therefore it's grade has been lowered by quite a bit. It is now actually an Emperor grade magical treasure." *TL: highest to lowest rank is Heaven, Earth, Mysterious, and Emperor*


Tang Zheng was greatly shocked as he said: "What? Didn't you say that it was an Earth grade magical treasure?

Magical treasures were separated into four grades and in this case, the Nine Revolving Pill furnace fell from the second rank to the last rank.

Tian Chanzi awkwardly coughed and explained: "I was previously deceived by its appearance, so I misjudged it."

Tang Zheng was speechless.

"Little brat, don't act all sad, an Emperor grade magical treasure is actually very suitable for you. Do you really think that a Heaven grade treasure would be that easily used? It requires a corresponding amount of cultivation and sufficient qi to use, which you do not have. On the other hand, the proper path is to use an Emperor grade treasure and slowly consolidate your foundation.

Tang Zheng gave a cold hmph. Anyway, he didn't understand all this to begin with. Furthermore, a camel who is starved to death is still bigger than a horse, and this was still, at the end of the day, a magical treasure.

He lovingly fondled the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace, feeling excellent about himself as he finally has his first magical treasure!

"Even though this Nine Revolving Pill Furnace has become an Emperor grade treasure, it does not change the fact that it used to be a Heaven grade. In the future, you may still be able to recover it to its former status as a Heaven grade treasure.

"That's possible?"

"Of course it is. One can raise the grade of treasures, do you not even know that?" Tian Chanzi said with satisfaction,

"If you didn't tell me then how the hell would I know?" Tang Zheng refuted.

Tian Chanzi pretended that he didn't hear and continued to say: "When refining pills you have to draw your True Fire into the pill furnace and the refining is just like you had done when you made the Life Continuing Pill.

"So, I want to first refine the Spirit Gathering Pill." Tang Zheng anxiously and impatiently said. *TL: previously used Spirit Pills for ??? but I prefer Spirit Gathering Pill*

"First get all the materials."

"Right, what materials do I need?"

Tian Chanzi recited a long list of materials required and after Tang Zheng had heard it all, he let out a breath of relief as they were all easily obtainable at herbal stores.

"Refining Pills require a central ingredient which serves the important role in the pill. For the Spirit Gathering Pill, it does not require something as valuable as the Heaven Fragrant Flower and only needs a three-hundred-year-old ginseng root.

Three hundred years old?

Tang Zheng stared with wide eyes. No matter how much he does not understand, he could guess that this three-hundred-year-old ginseng was something that he could not find. As it was a treasure that could be met by chance but not sought out. Tian Chanzi thought that it was not precious, but trivial and ordinary?!

"It's only three-hundred-years-old, you must know that back then, even countless thousand-year-old ginseng was not a rarity. So, what would this count for? You dirt poor little brat, what are you all shocked for." Tian Chanzi did not think much and said.

"That was in the past! You have to know that the spiritual qi is sparse so where the hell would I get a three-hundred-year-old ginseng?" Tang Zheng said dejectedly.

"Heaven will not bar one's path, go find it then! Moreover, don't you still have nine hundred thousand left over? Use that money to go buy it."

"Buy my ass! We are talking about a three-hundred-year-old ginseng and you even want to buy it with nine hundred thousand dollars? Stop dreaming."

Tian Chanzi laughed and said: "This is not my problem, anyways I already told you the recipe."

Tang Zheng was here fretting about the ginseng while the Medicine King, after hearing the news was shocked. He would never have thought that the weird youngster was that mysterious doctor.

At that moment, he felt an increase of interest towards Tang Zheng and wanted nothing more than to compare notes with him carefully. It was seriously too shocking!

"Senior Medicine King, back then I promised Tang Zheng that I would not reveal this news to anyone, so can you please not tell too many people. Later, it will be enough to just set up a meeting between your friend and him for treatment." Mu Hongyan said.

"I will definitely keep it a secret. Hei, his medical skills are actually that high. I definitely must find a time to compare notes with him." The Medicine King eagerly said before he impatiently contacted Ye Xuanji to tell him that he has found the Godly Doctor and that tomorrow they will make a trip to visit him.

Ye Xuanji was also excited as he finally had a strand of hope.

Ye Tianlei, once knowing this news was also very excited and on the second day, he specifically drove to bring Ye Xuanji and the Medicine King to their destination.

Ye Xuanji stared outside the window and even though his expression seemed very calm there was still a hint of oddity to it. The Medicine King tried to loosen the knot in Ye Xuanji's heart by patting him on the shoulders and saying: "Ol' Brother, I think that you should place your hopes on this person. This person is simply too mysterious, so much so that even I can't see through him."

"Just where did this godly figure come from and how come I have never heard of him before?" Ye Xuanji curiously asked.

"Heihei, all will be revealed. It really is as they say that new waves push the old wave's forward. Anyways, this time I have much to learn and will definitely not miss even the smallest of things. Who knows, I just may be able to improve my medical skills and make that leap!" The Medicine King generously gave praise and was extremely excited for the coming meeting.

Ye Xuanji has never seen the Medicine King praise another person so much, and the confidence in his heart grew by quite a bit.

"Ai, how come the surrounding is becoming more and more desolate? Why would the godly doctor live here?" Ye Xuanji stared into the neighborhood that grew closer and shabbier; as this was a complete contrast from the city center's splendor.

The Medicine King gave a look as he too found it weird but this was the address that was given to him directly from Fang Shishi's mouth, so there definitely shouldn't be a problem.

"Maybe he likes to live in seclusion?" The Medicine King casually explained.

But when the car finally stopped in front of a low squatting house, the three's expression were all weird. The surrounding was simply in ruins; how could a godly doctor live here? This was simply a house for people who picked up trash?

They did not guess wrong, as Tang Zheng's family did indeed pick up garbage for a living.

The three looked at each other as they were all suspicious but they still continued forth. They first must make clear of the situation before doing anything so Ye Tianlei walked straight towards the door just in time to see an old man walk out.

"Old gramps, excuse me…" Ye Tianlei was in the middle of his words when he felt his throat constrict. This old man...

"Are you Tang Zheng's grandfather?" Ye Tianlei couldn't help but ask as the last time he saw Tang Dahai; it was when he was on death's door, and his chances of living were minuscule.

But here was Tang Dahai, looking healthier than ever, the wrinkles on his face were even less evident by several degrees.

Ye Tianlei even suspected that this person was Tang Dahai's little brother.

Tang Dahai looked at the three weirdly and replied: "I am. Who are you looking for?"

Once Ye Tianlei received confirmation, he felt that the situation was even more unimaginable. Tang Zheng said that his grandfather had already recovered, but he did not believe it at all, but now he personally saw that he was indeed completely recovered. This kind of vigorous looking man did not fit the picture of an old sickly man.

It must be known that Tang Dahai was deemed by doctors to not have many days left, but reality proved otherwise and he could do nothing but believe.

Ye Tianlei did not get the chance to continue asking questions when the Medicine King charged forward towards Tang Dahai as if he saw a delicious cake. *TL: I swear that is what it says ???= delicious cake (or popular person)*

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