Chapter 98: Not Human!

Chapter 98: Not Human!

The Medicine King let out a sound of shock as he retracted his hand with lightning speed and said: "Don't misunderstand; I do not have any intention to harm you. I am the doctor and only want to check if your body is okay."

Tang Zheng did not relax as the doctor was actually a Ninth Grade Natal stage warrior. From this, it could be seen that he was definitely not an ordinary doctor.

"Thank you, I am fine, so there is no need for inspection." Tang Zheng could not let this expert find out that he has Nine Main Meridians and True Qi which was different from Inner Qi.

The Medicine King unwilling said: "Youngster, you passed out for several days and that in itself is very weird. We must come to a clear understanding; what if there are backlashes."

Tang Zheng firmly shook his head: "I understand my body. There is no need, thank you!"

The Medicine King was simply too unwilling as he looked towards Feng Siniang, hoping she would help his case as he was extremely curious about Tang Zheng's situation.

Feng Siniang gave a smile as she knew that Tang Zheng was different from others. If he did not want to be investigated, then they should not force it. Hence she said: "Senior Medicine King since the handsome little brother is already fine then there is no need to check up on him. Thank you very much, and this time it is all thanks to you."

The Medicine King regretfully shook his head as he said: "I did not do much. He woke up himself, but it really is weird; his body is weird too."

"Shishi, can you help me take care of the procedures to leave the hospital? I want to leave now." Tang Zheng said as he did not want to be surrounded by so many people.

"You only just woke up so what is the rush to leave the hospital."

"I am already fine, look." Tang Zheng got off the bed and took a deep intake of breath, ‘si,' feeling a sharp pain from his ribs.

"Who told you to try to act strong, you broke two ribs, don't you know?" Fang Shishi said with red eyes as she supported his arms like a meticulous wife caring for her husband.

She Mengqin once again wanted to blow up but with great difficulty endured.

Tang Zheng checked out his body and discovered that two of his ribs were indeed broken, but it wasn't a major problem. Also, him staying in the hospital was an inconvenience. Moreover, his grandfather was at home, so he was adamant about leaving the hospital. Since Fang Shishi could not persuade him, she could only help him take care of the process to leave the hospital.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming to visit. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated, and on another day I will visit each and everyone of you in gratitude." Tang Zheng said nodding towards the crowd.

"Handsome little brother, you do not need to be so polite with me. Since you are awake, I am relieved. Our family's Dingdang is also very worried for you. She visited you yesterday and wanted to come today, but I sent her to school." Feng Siniang said with a smile.

It was at this time that she had to make her daughter's concern known.

Tang Zheng felt his heart warm up because previously the only person who would care about him was his grandfather, but now there were more people who cared for him. This caused him to feel pretty good as he felt warm and comfy all over.

Mu Hongyan stared at him foolishly before she finally gathered the courage to say: "May I have a word alone with you?"

"Okay." Tang Zheng agreed. Since the other already recognized him, then there was no longer any way to keep it hidden. The others could only leave the room, but the Medicine King took a look back for every three steps he took, his eyes were glowing as he looked at Tang Zheng as if he was unwilling.

Tang Zheng was still not clear on just which expert this old man was, but he was still caution around him.

"Senior Godly Doctor, I did not think that I would meet you here. I…" Mu Hongyan's expression was very agitated as she was a bit at a loss for words.

Tang Zheng splayed his hand to signal her to calm down as he calmly said: "Maybe this is Heaven's Will? But since you already know my true identity then there is no need to call me senior. You can just call me by my name, Tang Zheng."

"How can I do that?"

"If you were to go around calling me senior then what would other people think? So, you should just call me by my name and moreover I do not wish other people to know." Tang Zheng still wanted to stay low-key.

Mu Hongyan nodded her head in understanding.

Nannan has always held onto Tang Zheng's hand and shook her head saying: "Brother, I never told our little secret to anyone, even my mama."

"I know, Nannan is very obedient." Tang Zheng gave a bitter smile. If Mu Hongyan had not personally come then maybe this secret would have been able to be maintained.

Mu Hongyan saw that the two had a good relationship and relaxed a bit as she smiled: "This little girl even kept the secret from me; I think she may just be more close to you than me."

"What are you saying, mama? I am equally as close to both of you."

"Seni…. Tang Zheng." Mu Hongyan unconsciously wanted to call him senior but finally caught herself, "Senior Medicine King does not have bad intentions, and he is a renowned doctor. Previously he tried to treat Nannan, but this time when he heard that she had been treated, he hurried over. Yesterday, it was Feng Siniang who personally came to him asking for him to help you."

Tang Zheng finally came to an understanding. He turned and looked at the glass wall and discovered the passionate Medicine King's gaze on him.

"So he is a fanatic doctor, but I wish you can keep my identity as the doctor who healed Nannan a secret." Tang Zheng said.

"I will naturally keep your secret, but… Senior Medicine King has always wanted to find you. He has an old friend who has a unique disease whom he wishes you could help with."

Aside from possessing the Life Continuing Pill, Tang Zheng did not have an ounce of medical knowledge so how could he even compare to the amazing Medicine King?

Tang Zheng hurriedly shook his head and refused: "No, my medical skills are not high, so I am unable to help. Hence I still need you to continue keeping my identity a secret."

"This… Tang Zheng, I have a presumptuous request, Senior Medicine King has always had a benevolent heart and has saved countless people's lives. He even did his best on many occasions to treat Nannan, and I would feel terrible for lying to him. Is there any way you can be flexible just this once. I promise that not a lot of people will know of this matter. I will only tell Senior Medicine King as this matter is still related to another person's life."

Tang Zheng hesitated.

"Tang Zheng, I know that my request may be too much, but I have personally experienced what it feels like to have someone dear to you be sick with no hope in sight. All they can do is hope for a miracle, just one miracle to give them a thread of a chance."

Tang Zheng gave Nannan, who was playing with Tang Zheng's finger's a look, who upon discovering Tang Zheng's gaze revealed a bright smile that was incomparably cute.

Thoughts of his grandfather appeared unbridled in his mind as he gradually was able to understand how Mu Hongyan feels. Moreover, he remembers that his grandfather taught him to be a person with morals. Hence his thoughts became more flexible, and he said: "Alright then but others can not know this matter. Only by that friend of his and us. They should find the time for me to check up on his disease."

Tang Zheng did not plan on showing off but if he could help then he naturally would, but if he could not help, then that was Heaven's Will.

Mu Hongyan hurriedly nodded as she gratefully said her thanks.

Tang Zheng sat in the Fang Family's car to his home; when they arrived Fang Shishi supported him to his small abode while She Mengqin stood in the distance. She had never come to such a place and she wanted nothing more than to lift her head and run but she could not as that would be leaving a male and a woman together and god knows what would happen.

"There really isn't any major issues as it does not hurt as much now." Tang Zheng sat down and hurriedly said as he saw Fang Shishi's pained look

"Your ribs are broken, so how could it be easy for you. Listen to me and go lay on the bed." Fang Shishi was not at all uncomfortable with the small house as she nimbly supported him onto the bed and even personally took off his shoes.

Tang Zheng was wordless as he could only lay on the bed and watch her bustling figure racing back and forth, causing warmth to arise within his heart.

"Shishi, come and sit for a bit." He waved his hand, and Fang Shishi obediently sat by his side, "Are you still mad at me?"

Fang Shishi hurriedly shook her head: "No, I will never be mad at you again. I know you treat me well, so I will not listen to rumors.

"Good, that's a good girl." Tang Zheng held her hand and said with satisfaction.

Fang Shishi gave him a kiss and said: "This time you really scared me to death; you should rest up. I need to go back to school. Otherwise, my mom will come and yell at me again."

"Okay, then I will take a rest." Tang Zheng grabbed her waist and kissed her lips as she reciprocated with the same passion. They parted a moment later, but it was clear that they did not want to stop.

"Even when injured you are so naughty. Be a good boy and take care of yourself and once you are all better you can do anything you want to me and I'll listen."

Tang Zheng felt his heartbeat increase as he asked: "Really?"

"You guess." Fang Shishi gave a cute smile as she turned her body and ran out the door, leaving behind only a beautiful silhouette."

"Ai, it seems I must hurry up and treat my injuries and quickly get better." Tang Zheng agitatedly thought.

"Little brat, you finally grew up." Tian Chanzi once again appeared, "Hurry up and take down that girl then the problem of you exploding will be temporarily resolved."

"Eavesdropping is not a good habit. This won't do, since I am already at the Fourth-Grade Refining Qi, I must learn the Sealing Technique and seal him up so that he will not see what he should not see." Tang Zheng was suddenly struck with the idea.

Tian Chanzi angrily roared: "Little brat, do you treat me like a gangster? I am an expert cultivator, do you think I do not know what I should look at and what I should not?"

"And you say you are an expert cultivator, heng; I see that you are no different from a gangster." Tang Zheng retaliated, "Hurry up and teach me the Sealing Technique and also how to use my True Fre to refine pills."

"You little brat don't be in a rush to cultivate; I have something important to tell you." Tian Chanzi's voice was extremely solemn and grave.


"You little brat have a weird body. Do you know that ordinary people have their True Fre in their dantian, while you have yours in your Sea of Consciousness, which is a huge difference. Do you know why that is so?"


"You are I are not the same type of being."

"No shit, I am a young man while you are a thousand-year-old monster."

"Rubbish, I am saying that we are not of the same race." Tian Chanzi flustered, and exasperatedly said.

"Not of the same race? Could it be that you are not human, but a monster?"

"Stop pestering; there are many races of humans just how there are different tribes. A long time ago there was a time when many difference races of people existed, but they were all involved in a mutual battle. In the end, only one race was left which who are known as man."

"Are you saying that I am not human?"

"I am not too sure of the specifics as this was something that happened countless tens of thousands of years ago. Anyways, you must not let this secret become known by others because if others know, you will be hunted and killed. Just like the Medicine King before, even though his level is not that high his medical techniques are good, and if he were to be allowed to look at your body, then he would discover that it was different. Of course, since this matter occurred ages ago he would most likely not have any knowledge of it. However, it is still a danger you must avoid taking. Do you understand?" Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng was stupefied as he could not find it in himself to accept this news. Just when did he become a non-human being?!

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