Chapter 97: Identity Exposed!

Chapter 97: Identity Exposed!

Once that fear developed, Tian Chanzi felt that his heart wasn't able to calm down: "Could it be that he is related to that race? If so, then this would be a heaven covering calamity!"

Even though the matter has already passed for several tens of thousands of years and many people have already forgotten about it; there still exists those supreme beings who have existed for countless years and will never forget their innate rejection towards that race.

If those almighty beings were to catch wind that there still existed descendants from that race, then they may not sit by and watch, but instead, straight out kill Tang Zheng.

With countless thoughts and explanations flashing through his mind, Tian Chanzi still could not figure out how Tang Zheng was a part of that race.

"This won't do; I can not let other people know of this." Tian Chanzi decided while looking at Tang Zheng who was within the Fire Sea. Tian Chanzi did not have much attachment towards the battle that occurred countless tens of thousands of years ago. Moreover, his and Tang Zheng's life were interconnected, so he had to make sure he was safe.

Tang Zheng had already employed the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll, attracting qi to his Dantian in an attempt to light his spark but once his qi moved, it did not flow towards his Dantian but converged towards his Sea of Consciousness! It was like gasoline touching fire, resulting in his True Qi to start burning which gave him the sensation that his whole body, both inside and outside, were burning. The sharp, intense pain nearly caused Tang Zheng to collapse.

Since he had suffered bitterness from a young age, he continued to clench his teeth and persevere.

"Tian Chanzi, how come my qi isn't going towards my Dantian but instead to my Sea of Consciousness? How do I light my spark?" Tang Zheng loudly asked.

Tian Chanzi's voice was a bit shaky as Tang Zheng's words had confirmed his suspicions. He calmed his heart and said: "Alright, don't worry about drawing your qi into your Dantian and direct it towards your Sea of Consciousness. From there, try to ignite your spark within your Sea of Consciousness."

Tang Zheng was greatly shocked: "I can ignite my spark within my Sea of Consciousness? Is that possible? How come you've never told me before?!"

"How the hell would I know that things would become like this? Hurry up and stop wasting time!" Tian Chanzi said grumpily, not willing to say more as his heart was already in a mess.

Tang Zheng gradually settled down his heart and drew his qi bit by bit towards his Sea of Consciousness. In an instant, the fire became increasingly fierce and completely engulfed himself.

An unknown amount of time passed as the Fire Sea became smaller, turning from a bright red to a light purple color. It finally stopped shrinking once it was about the size of a fingernail, hovering and burning in the air, releasing a strange energy.

Tang Zheng's room was filled with quite a few people. Feng Siniang rushed over first thing in the morning and Ye Tianlei, who originally wanted to come, but Ye Xuanji dragged him along in search of the Godly Doctor's whereabouts. When Feng Siniang arrived, she discovered that there was someone else who came earlier than her. For Fang Shishi was already sitting next to the bed.

Fang Shishi seemed as if she really did steel her heart to accompany Tang Zheng. If he did not wake up, then she would not attend class. This scared She Mengqin as she could only follow along.

The Fang Family's investigation on the car accident did not bear any fruits and caused She Mengqin to be greatly disappointed. She initially believed that the whole situation was orchestrated by Tang Zheng but her plan to expose him failed.

Today she did not dare blabber off her mouth as from the moment she first saw Feng Siniang she acted like a mouse seeing a cat, not daring to be rash.

But Feng Siniang did not even pay attention to her and only sighed internally as she discovered it would not be easy for her family's Dingdang to get Tang Zheng; as Fang Shishi was always close by. When she returned home, Feng Siniang reaffirmed to herself that she would teach Dingdang a few techniques.

But that was a matter for later, the main question within her heart was how to make Tang Zheng wake up. Just as she was about to ask the Medicine King, she saw Mu Hongyan walking over while holding Nannan's hand.

Nannan was like a fluttering little butterfly as she flew over to Tang Zheng's side and cried out nonstop: "brother, Nannan came to see you!"

Mu Hongyan's eyes flashed with a weird look as her daughter acted out of her expectations. This caused her not to be able to help herself from examining Tang Zheng, but she did not discover anything odd about him.

"Senior Medicine King, when will he be able to wake up?" Fang Shishi hurriedly asked.

Everyone's gaze fell on the Medicine King, even She Mengqin, although she did not believe he would be of any help, as just how did these people find a doctor from Jiang Hu? He was probably just a swindler.

This was all because her status was not high enough; she would not have the ability to even hear of the Medicine King's name. This caused her to be both ignorant and unfearing.

The Medicine King's face was weary as he had spent the whole night tormenting himself over a feasible way of treatment, but the main issue was that his Qi was unable to enter Tang Zheng's body to perform a check. Just from outside inspection, he would be unable to give an accurate response.

"I still need to investigate more carefully; his disease is extremely weird." The Medicine King solemnly said.

Fang Shishi felt her heart thud as she hurriedly spoke, revealing her deep concern: "Senior, you must find a way to heal him. I beg of you."

"I will do my best."

"Brother is very amazing; he will definitely be fine." Nannan patted Fang Shishi's hands just like how an adult would comfort a child, "Anyways, I believe that he will quickly wake up. Moreover, he promised me…"

She did not even get to finish speaking when Tang Zheng's voice sounded out.

"Yi, how come there are so many people here?"

At that moment, the room turned silent; everyone's gaze turned towards the sound, all with varying complex emotions reflected in their eyes.

Tang Zheng scratched his head in puzzlement. What is going on here?

Just now, in his Sea of Consciousness, after the light purple colored fire took form, the restrictions placed on him by his Sea of Consciousness was lifted. He stood there, staring at the light purple flame and only after Tian Chanzi loudly cried out that he finally ignited his spark did Tang Zheng finally understand. The spark was a First-Grade True Fire!

So he was initially going in the wrong direction, his spark was not located in the Dantian, so no matter how hard he tried it would be a given that nothing would come of it. It was because of this car accident that he muddle-headedly entered his Sea of Consciousness, bringing forth a chain of events which led to him igniting his spark.

It could be said that he found fortune in misfortune. If it were not for saving Fang Shishi, then he would not have entered his Sea of Consciousness. This would then result in him not being able to find the mysteriousness of his spark.

Tang Zheng felt himself rejoice while happiness that sprung up from the depths of his heart arose. Now that he has ignited his spark, he would be able to use the Nine Revolving Pill furnace to refine pills!

But Tian Chanzi was not overly excited about him igniting his spark, but Tang Zheng did not pay attention to it. Since the restriction placed on him by his Sea of Consciousness was lifted, he naturally woke up.

The first thing he saw was a room full of people which caused him to voice his question unconsciously. This, in turn, caused everyone to be shocked.

Fang Shishi threw herself on him with tears of joy: "You are finally awake. Thank god, you are finally awake."

Tang Zheng lightly patted her shoulders and said: "Don't cry, I am fine. Are you injured?" Of course, he would remember the previous incident and was deeply afraid that she would be traumatized.

"I am fine; you saved me. I will definitely not get into a fight with you again. I will never get angry at you either!" Fang Shishi said through chokes of sobs.

She Mengqin, seeing this scene, felt so angry that smoke rose from her seven orifices until she finally could not bear it any longer and roared: "Tang Zheng, let go of my daughter! What happens if a scandal arises because of this?"

Fang Shishi did not let go of Tang Zheng but hugged him even tighter as she whispered into his ears: "Just ignore her."

Seeing that there was no reaction from the two and that Tang Zheng was holding her daughter even tighter She Mengqin's face became incomparably dark. She grabbed at her daughter but only saw a shadow flash and Feng Siniang was already blocking her path. As she looked at her with a smile that was not a smile, then said: "You want to make a move? The one who will suffer a loss will definitely be you."

She Mengqin unconsciously took two steps backward as she said shakily: "How does the way I teach my daughter have anything to do with you?"

"I have no qualms with how you teach your daughter, but if you were to make a move towards the handsome little brother, Tang Zheng, then you will have to pass through me."

"You…" She Mengqin was left speechless.

A state of hostility arose so Tang Zheng patted Fang Shishi, signaling her to get up. Fang Shishi reluctantly detached herself from him as this time she was hugging him in front of everyone; even though she felt embarrassed her emotions got the better of her.

"Mother, stop causing a ruckus." She advised, but her words only added oil to the fire.

As expected, She Mengqin pointed at herself and asked: "Me, making a ruckus? How am I making a ruckus? Shishi, since he is awake, then you should hurry up and go to class."

"I do not want to go; I want to stay with him." Fang Shishi said grasping his hand, oddly firm in her decision.

"Brother must stay with me too." A childish voice rang out and Nannan who had already climbed onto the bed jumped towards Tang Zheng. She had a silly smile as she said: "Brother, you are finally awake. Nannan already knew that you would be fine since brother is the most amazing person in the world."

Nannan's interruptions caused the hostile atmosphere to weaken a bit as quite a few people unconsciously looked at Nannan and Tang Zheng. They all saw Tang Zheng look at Nannan in shock as he unconsciously asked: "Nannan, why are you here?"

Only after his words rang out did Tang Zheng realize what he said, as he actually called out her name in front of everyone. This was especially so when he should not recognize her.

As expected, quite a few people looked at him, especially Mu Hongyan whose body was trembling as she finally recognized that voice. She pointed at him and said: "You… you are…"

Tang Zheng hurriedly coughed as he gave Mu Hongyan a look which she understood. She finally swallowed down her words, but the shock on her face was as clear as daylight.

Mu Hongyan was simply too shocked; Tang Zheng's voice was extremely familiar to her as it was the Senior Godly Doctor she was looking for. Moreover, once he called out Nannan's name, Mu Hongyan immediately confirmed his identity, and it also explained why Nannan liked him so much.

Mu Hongyan was, of course, both shocked and happy. She did not know what to do so she could only take a step forward and respectfully say: "It is great to see that you are better."

Tang Zheng nodded his head and smiled. He did not say any words, but others could see that Mu Hongyan's reaction was indeed mysterious. This was especially so for She Mengqin who stared with shocked eyes as if she had seen a ghost.

After all, she still did have somewhat discerning eyes as she could see from Mu Hongyan's posture and temperament that the other was definitely not simple. Upon seeing Mu Hongyan act so differential towards Tang Zheng caused her to feel cautious and solemn as she simply could not understand. This caused her to unconsciously voice out her thoughts: "This little brat is simply to demonic to recognize so many powerful characters."

Feng Siniang did not interject as she looked at the two with thoughts of her own. Only the Medicine King was impatient as he charged forth and raised a hand to grab Tang Zheng's hand to perform a thorough inspection.

Tang Zheng's mind trembled as he flipped his hands over and used his finger like a knife, shooting it out.

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