Chapter 96: Consciousness Sea, Fire Sea

Chapter 96: Consciousness Sea, Fire Sea 

The battle was not only fierce and intense but also filled with desperation as both their bodies were covered in countless wounds and dripping blood.

The Medicine King was a ninth grade natal stage practitioner with countless tens of years of experience; he was an expert. But, he had just used the Extreme Yin God Needles which consumed a majority of his qi.

On the surface, it may seem like a few tens of second had passed, but just that short period of using the Extreme Yin God Needles would result in him needing to rest for several days before he could treat other patients.

This time he only employed this technique because he was piqued and attracted by Tang Zheng's unique situation. Even after he used the needles and was pinching and pushing around his body, looking like he was taking advantage of Tang Zheng; it was actually a form of massage technique that also required the use of qi.

Once the qi within one's meridians was consumed, it would require a period of time before it could completely recover. At that time, even if someone of high cultivation were to fight in a weakened state when faced with someone of a lower cultivation, they may not necessarily be able to push their weight around.

Right now, the Medicine King and Huang Ziyang were in this situation as Huang Ziyang's cultivation was extremely low when compared to the Medicine King. Huang Ziyang was only at the First-Grade Natal Stage, but he reached that stage from the Sixth-Grade Refining Body in an incredibly short time. From this, it can be seen how strange the technique Tian Chanzi gave him, allowing him to progress with insane speed.

Even though Huang Ziyang could tell that the Medicine King's level was high, he was not afraid as the longer he fought, the more confident he became in himself.

If this were under normal circumstances where a Ninth-Grade Natal Stage was to face off against a First-Grade Natal Stage, then Huang Ziyang would die without a doubt, but this was clearly not the case. However, even in this weakened state, it would still be impossible for the Medicine King to be killed by Huang Ziyang. In essence, they were currently in a stalemate-type of a situation.

Since Huang Ziyang was unable to kill the Medicine King, he started to form other plans as his primary goal this time was to kill Tang Zheng.

As a result, he made a feign, avoiding the Medicine King's Spirit Deer Technique and charged straight at Tang Zheng.

Since Tang Zheng could not move at all, if he were to be hit by this, then he would most definitely die.

The Medicine King was sure of this point and seeing this he gave an angry roar: "Stop!" With a single hand, he pushed off against the wall and took off into the air like an ape, flying straight at Huang Ziyang's back.

But it was too late.

Huang Ziyang's lips curled up into a cruel smile as his claw-like hands were already at Tang Zheng's chest; as if they were ready to rip out his heart.

"Tang Zheng, you are dead for sure!"

His claws fiercely grabbed at Tang Zheng's chest, and the Medicine King let out a sigh of despair. All was lost, he was unable to block it; even if Tang Zheng were to die, he would not let off this killer.

A wave of burnt meat smell wafted out from Tang Zheng's body, and a strand of red light appeared looking like a flickering flame.

At this, Huang Ziyang acted as if he met his nemesis and also as if he had grabbed onto a scalding hot iron; his hand released smoke. He let out a cry and fiercely retreated.

A muffled collision sound rang out as he happened to fall right into the Medicine King's hands but with a stumble, he fell to the ground. He immediately rolled away before jumping back onto his feet and then gave Tang Zheng a look of shock.

The red light already disappeared as if it had never appeared. But the two knew that they definitely were not seeing things as they both gave each other a glance, almost as if to make sure of what they just saw.

The Medicine King felt his heartstrings tremble; he has never heard of such weird situation before. Moreover, that flame-like red light seemed to be specifically geared towards restraining Huang Ziyang, especially the burnt smell that still pervaded the air.

Huang Ziyang lifted up his hands to take a look and only saw a charred black mass; his skin had already puckered from the fire.

A hundred thoughts flew through his mind, but he still could not find the reason as both his eyes gradually emitted killing intent: "Why? Why can't I kill you? WHY?!"

He let out a gut-wrenching roar of hatred that came from the depths of his heart which embodied his rage and unwillingness.

The Medicine King let out a breath of relief. Even though he did not understand the situation, it seemed that at least Tang Zheng's life was preserved. Now, he moved to stand in front of the bed not giving the other a chance to get close.

Dong dong dong!

Rushed footsteps rang from outside the door, and the police came in. The hospital had already discovered that there were signs of a struggle and had phoned the police.

"The people inside, listen carefully, you have been surrounded; put down your weapons and surrender." The police shouted.

Huang Ziyang did not move at all as he was not the least bit afraid of the police. He only stood there clenching his teeth in anger as he fiercely said: "I will come again."

Saying up to here, he was like a gale of wind and escaped through the window. The Medicine King did not investigate as he knew this height would not serve an issue for the other.

"Come in; the evildoer has already escaped." The Medicine King said in a loud voice.

The police took precautions as they charged into the room, the black muzzle of the gun aimed at the Medicine King who lightly said: "I am the patient's relative. The evildoer has run." He then pointed towards the window.

Several of the police hurriedly ran towards the window but did not see even a shadow; this was the ninth floor, and if one were to jump off here then they would fall to their death. Hence the police did not dare follow in pursuit.

"Just what is happening here?" Deng Maocai shook his head and entered, his stern voice ringing out. This hospital was part of his administrative region, so once he received the report, he came in a hurry.

"It's nothing; there were just some people who came messing around. They have already left." The Medicine King said as he did not wish to associate with these people and wanted to focus more on Tang Zheng's condition.

Since the police were already here how could they leave so easily? Moreover, the hospital nurse said she saw some intense fighting occurring here.

Deng Maocai had just stepped into the patient room when he glanced over the bed and was scared. His pupils constricted and he nearly retreated in fright.

"How come it's him?" He was extremely fearful of Tang Zheng as his weakness was in the others hand. Moreover, there were several times when series of events had brought them together so that even if he wanted to hide, he could not hide.

Trembling in fear, he asked: "What's wrong with him?"

"He's sick?"

"Oh, is it serious?" Deng Maocai nervously asked.

"He'll be fine in a few days."

Deng Maocai shrunk inwards. Since Tang Zheng will be fine in a few days, then it would be better if he did not provoke this calamity. Otherwise, he would be further implicated. Moreover, the other clearly did not want the police to have a hand in the situation so he would just go with the flow and quickly leave this place.

The patient room once again quieted down as the Medicine King calmly looked at Tang Zheng as he pondered over new methods of treatment. Even though Tang Zheng did not move, his body was in a highly healthy condition.

Since the moment he was unconscious, he had entered a mysterious realm. In this realm, he felt as if he stood in front of a volcano entrance as boundless flames burned in front of him and the scorching wave of air nearly lit him on fire.

"Tian Chanzi, come out, just where am I? How come I am here?" Tang Zheng loudly called out.

"Little brat, stop calling me. This is too shady, you've been imprisoned in your own Sea of Consciousness. Just what the hell happened? How come your Sea of Consciousness has this fire sea? How did I not find this before?" Tian Chanzi's voice rang out as if he too was also extremely shocked at the situation Tang Zheng found himself in right now."

"Sea of consciousness, Fire Sea?"

"Little brat, aside from the Dantian, the other most important area is the Sea of Consciousness which is located within the mind. It controls a person's thoughts and the Spirit energy I mentioned before also converges within the sea of consciousness."

"Then why am I in my Sea of Consciousness and what is this area of fire?"

"How should I know?" Tian Chanzi said grumpily, "You, little brat, are different from an ordinary person. Very shady indeed; very weird. Yi? Look at that Fire Sea."

Tang Zheng raised his eyes to look into the distance only to see that within the Fire Sea, the flames seemed to leap up so that it finally formed characters.

"Raging Inferno burns the body, create the spark."

The eight red characters were blazing to the eyes, attracting Tang Zheng's gaze.

"Spark?" Tang Zheng trembled. This was the source of one of his pain as he had been unable to light his spark with any means; making him incomparably dejected.

"Could this be related to my spark?"

But Tian Chanzi was muttering irresolutely as if he were in his own thoughts. A moment later he said: "How can the spark be related to one's Sea of Consciousness?"

Based on Tian Chanzi's knowledge, the Sea of Consciousness was only related to Spirit energy and not the spark, but these eight characters clearly indicated otherwise.

"Weird, when it comes to you little brat, one can not use reason. Weren't you unable to light your spark no matter what you did? How about trying what this sign says?"

"What do I do?"

"‘Raging Inferno burns the body,' of course, you jump into the Fire Sea.

"Jump in?" Tang Zheng stared with wide eyes, even though he was only a strand of consciousness; when faced with the thought of jumping into this Fire Sea, caused an indescribable fear to arise within himself.

"What the hell are you afraid of? Just try it out. Moreover, your consciousness has already been confined here. If you do not follow the signs then what else are you going to do?" Tian Chanzi helplessly said.

Tang Zheng had already tried different methods to leave this place, but no matter what, he could not escape. It seemed as if his Sea of Consciousness had an attractive force on him that firmly locked in him, even preventing him from knowing what was occurring outside of his body.

He only remembered that to save Fang Shishi, he was hit by a car and then later he appeared here.

"Alright, I'm going to give it my all." Tang Zheng took one step after another towards the Fire Sea, and with a leap, he jumped in. The flame let out a ‘sou' as his body fell in and a second later his body was surrounded by flames.

As a person who was alive, he felt an excruciating agony penetrating his whole body that caused him to let out a pitiful cry unconsciously.

"Little brat, you must persevere, I think this may just be a rare opportunity for you. If you can bear through it, who knows, maybe the problem with lighting your spark will be solved." Tian Chanzi encouraged as he had his own speculations.

"F*ck, this feeling is too hard to bare. ‘Raging Inferno burns the body,' will I really be burned to ashes?" Tang Zheng cried out in bitter and in pain.

"Shouting like a p*ssy, just calmly experience the transformation and try to light your spark!" Tian Chanzi firmly said in a tone that could chop the nail and cut the iron.

This Fire Sea suddenly brought up a legend, a legend from countless tens of thousands of years ago. This legend said that there was once a race whose techniques were all incredible, and their abilities allowed them to sweep through the lands. Moreover, this race possessed a cultivation type that was different from ordinary people, and they were looked upon by the crowd as heretics.

These heretics were of course later killed until they were extinct; never to be heard of again.

Still, the legacy remained in bits and pieces that told of how this races spark was not in the Dantian, but in the Sea of Consciousness. In fact, it was said that their might was so great, even more so than the ordinary cultivator and they far surpassed any other race.

Tian Chanzi once again looked at the Fire Sea in the Sea of Consciousness, considered everything from all angles before he recalled this legend. Even so, he was not joyful or excited, in fact, he felt an intense fear creep up within his consciousness.

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