Chapter 95: Demonic Way

Chapter 95: Demonic Way

As a doctor for countless decades, the Medicine King has never seen something like what he was witnessing right now. The nine silver needles were actually being pushed out as if a wave of energy was forcing it out.

Sou sou sou…

Suddenly, with silver light flashing, the nine silver needles shot out as if they were arrows. They embedded themselves in the ceiling board, shaking in position with resonating noises, ‘weng weng’.

The Medicine King stared at the ceiling in shock as if he were in a dream.

The Extreme Yin God Needles was his sect’s secret art, and he wouldn’t normally use it. He was forced into a difficult situation this time, so he was forced to use it.

But never would he have thought that the results would end up like this.

After a while, he clenched his teeth as his gaze once again fell on Tang Zheng’s body. His eyes were glowing as if he were a hunter looking at his prey, or if he were a gourmet looking at an extremely rare delicacy. Anyways, he felt an unprecedented interest in Tang Zheng at the moment.

As an especially famed doctor, he most liked to treat difficult cases. The easier it was to heal a disease, the less interest he held for it. Therefore, at present, only these challenging cases could cause his blood to boil.

As of now, his blood was very much boiling, but his outer temperament was as calm as an ice cold cave. After Boss Fan had left the hospital, the more he thought about what happened, the weirder he felt it was.

Since he failed in his assassination of Tang Zheng, he knew that Tang Zheng would definitely not let him go when he wakes up. Even without interacting much with Tang Zheng, he came to a conclusion from his fighting style. He knew that when it came to death battles, the other would not be weak of heart or forgiving.

If he does not take this rare opportunity to kill Tang Zheng, then he knew he was dead for sure. Therefore, he bit his teeth and raced towards Huang Ziyang’s residence.

In reality, he really did not want to see Huang Ziyang because he felt that the other’s aura was becoming increasingly weird. The cold gloomy feeling he emitted gave him the feeling of hell.

But since today his life was in jeopardy, he will make a visit even if it was hell.

He entered Huang Ziyang’s villa, a wave of night wind blew over followed by a dark and icy cold aura which smashed into him. This feeling started giving him the shivers.

“Fu*k, wasn’t the weather supposed to warm up? How come it’s still so damn cold?” He mumbled to himself as he lifted his gaze to scan the dark villa.

“It seems like no one is home. I guess I’ll have to come another day.”

Suddenly, a weird voice rang out from the dark villa, “Boss Fan, come, come in.”

Boss Fan was scared witless as this voice seemed to drift without a resting place. The scary part was that it seemed to echo out from a coffin, carrying with it a sinister air.

Even though it had changed, he could tell with great difficulty that this was Huang Ziuang’s voice.

“Young Master Huang, is that you?” He nervously asked.

“It’s me. Enter.” The voice rang out, and the previously tightly closed door opened up on its own. The pitch black behind the door seemed to contain the big maws of a bloodthirsty beast.

His heart trembled. He hesitated before stepping and saying, “Young Master Huang, how come you don’t open the lights? Is there no electricity in your house?”

“Gaga, why have you come?” A cold air passed, skimming by Boss Fan’s ears and causing him to tremble. He hurriedly turned his head and a sinister face appeared by his side. Borrowing the moonlight from the outside, he could see that face clearly.


He gave a frightened scream as he hurriedly retreated.

“What are you shouting for? Are you really that afraid of me?” Huang Ziyang’s silhouette flashed as if he were a specter, appearing once again in front of him.

Boss Fan’s heart was trembling in fear. As a gangster, his guts were not small. Yet when faced with Huang Ziyang, he felt a frigid coldness arise from the depths of his heart.

“No…I’m not afraid.” Boss Fan pretended to have some guts since he didn’t know whether his visit today was right or wrong.

“Gaga, not afraid of me? I think you really are afraid of me actually. Well, it is good to fear me, I like it when others to fear me.” Huang Ziyang once again let out a high pitched laugh.

Boss Fan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he said, “Young Master Huang, let me tell you a piece of good news. Tang Zheng was hit by a car and is currently laying in the hospital unconscious. Right now would be the best time to kill him!”

“Tang Zheng!” Huang Ziyang’s voice abruptly changed, becoming even colder as the room temperature seemed to plummet. This caused Boss Fan to feel as if he appeared in a world of ice.

“Right, it’s Tang Zheng. If Young Master Huang were to make a move now, then he is dead for sure.” Boss Fan said gathering false bravado and urged.

“Gaga, the heavens are helping me. My godly technique has made great leaps, and it is time for me to taste his blood in celebration.” Huang Ziyang gave a crazed laugh.

Boss Fan felt his heart beat rapidly as he hurriedly flattered him, “Congratulations Young Master Huang, there is no one who will dare go against you in Chang Heng City anymore.”

“Tang Zheng is only the first step. I want to rule over the entire Chang Heng City. The Ye Clan is my real enemy, but I will start with the small and insignificant little Tang Zheng.”

Another wave of cold air blew past and Boss Fan only saw a shadow flash, Huang Ziyang had already disappeared out the door. It only then did he finally let out a breath of relief as he said to himself, “Just what kind of demonic martial arts did Young Master Huang practice into to become so sinister.”

He hurriedly shook his head as he did not continue down this line of thinking. Since Huang Ziyang has made his move, then Tang Zheng is completely done for. This way, his troubles will be solved. Now he only needed to go against Lin Hu.

Once Nannan returned home, she acted as if she had great matters weighing down on her heart since she did not say a single word. Mu Hongyan could not wrap her mind around just what happened on this trip to cause the little girl to become so unhappy.

She hurriedly tried to inquire, but Nannan did not reply immediately. She first thought about it for a bit before replying, “Mama, tomorrow I want to go to the hospital okay?”

Mu Hongyan was shocked into a jump by her words and asked, “Nannan are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? I will immediately take you to the hospital.”

Nannan shook her head, “It is not me, I want to go visit brother tomorrow. Can you please take me?”

“Brother, is it the person Senior Medicine King went to heal?” Mu Hongyan curiously asked.

Nannan solemnly nodded her head and Mu Hongyan let out a breath of relief as she laughed involuntarily, “Why?”

“Because Nannan likes brother.”

“Likes?” Mu Hongyan spurted out a laugh and smiled.

Nannan pouted and protested, “No laughing, I am serious!”

“Okay, I won’t laugh, but isn’t the patient unconscious? You haven’t heard him talk so how do you know that you like him?”

“That’s because…” Nannan wanted to say that he was her Brother Godly Doctor, but then she thought of their agreement and did not reveal her secret. She then threw a childish tantrum, “If I say I like him then I like him. I want to go tomorrow, mama!”

“Okay, I will take you there. It has been a while since we left our old home. So for these few days, I will take you out to play around Chang Heng City and then we will return home.”

“I don’t want to go home.”

“Hehe, we have already been away for so long, so grandpa will miss you.”

“Then…okay.” Nannan drooped her head, “But we must wait until brother gets better before we leave.”

Mu Hongyan patted her daughter’s head and smiled, “Okay, we will follow you. Tomorrow we will visit this brother of yours.” She was a bit curious towards this mysterious brother.

Nannan has always had a weak body constitution, so she was always shy with strangers. Aside from the mysterious Senior Godly Doctor, she did not have much good feelings toward anyone else.

After the Medicine King’s Extreme Yin God Needles failed, he did not dare use his needles again, but that does not mean he stopped working. One moment he would be pitching here, then the next he would be patting there. Anyways, Tang Zheng’s body has basically been touched by him in one way or another.

If Tang Zheng were to know his treatment later, it would be unknown if he would shudder. As a doctor, he carried on his role with the heart of his patient’s parents, and did not possess any ill will.

A wave of cold wind blew over.

The Medicine King suddenly stopped his movement, then lifted his head as he stared at the door. There appeared another person whose body was enshrouded in an oversized black color garment. His face was unable to be seen clearly.

The Medicine King wrinkled his eyebrows and got right to the point, “You came for him?”

The black-clothed person was naturally Huang Ziyang, he had come to kill Tang Zheng. Seeing this old expert, he was not scared, but gave a sardonic smile, “That is right, so why aren’t you obediently stepping to the side?”

“You want me to step to the side? That would depend on your ability. To dress up as god and play the devil, to train in the demonic arts and not dare show your true appearance.” The Medicine King loathingly said.

“If you want to witness my true appearance, it would be like looking upon Lushan. Which would depend whether you have the ability or not.” *TL: Lushan is a famous, mysterious place.*

“Before you act, can I ask why you want to kill him? What enmity do you have with him?” The Medicine King was extremely curious about Tang Zheng and could not help but ask.

“Leaving him alive in this world would be leaving concealed dangers for me, so of course I will get rid of him. He and I have quite a bit of enmity on the side too.” Huang Ziyang had always believed that he and Tang Zheng had trained in the same techniques. Since this technique was so powerful, he would not just leave Tang Zheng with it.

The Medicine King wanted to continue asking but Huang Ziyang acted impatiently and waved his hand saying, “Old man, you ask too many questions. Wait until you are on the path of the Yellow Springs to ask the little brat.”

Huang Ziyang’s movements were quick and resembled lightning. In the blink of an eye he appeared before the Medicine King, but the Medicine King’s movements were by no means slow. The Medicine King’s feet shot out with a ‘sou’.

He was like a savage tiger leaving the mountains and bringing incredible force and power with him.

The Five Animals Technique is a technique that imitates five animals: bear, crane, tiger, deer, and ape.

The Medicine King started with Tiger Steps, from this name it could be seen how domineering and powerful it was. With a wave of both hands, it was like the two sharp claws of a savage tiger, aiming straight towards Huang Ziyang’s chest.

Huang Ziyang gave a sinister laugh, ‘gaga’, and casually waved his hands forming his five fingers into the form of a claw.

Pu pu!

Two ripping noises rang out and the Medicine King’s shoulders were ripped open with fresh red blood leaking out, but Huang Ziyang also had a large chunk of his chest ripped out. There was also five claw marks on Huang Ziyang’s chest that flowed with dark red blood, looking oddly sinister.

“So, it is indeed a demonic technique that you are training in.” The Medicine King stared straight at the dark red colored blood. His face was incomparably solemn as he asked, “Just what kind of cultivation technique is this?”

“Gaga, of course it is one designed for killing. What? You afraid?”

“Heng, the demonic way, is punishable by death! Today, I will have you stay here.” The Medicine King spread out his shoulders, like a crane spreading its wings, bringing with it a strong gale from all sides. The patient room was suddenly closed with a loud ‘peng’.

With a move of his leg, Huang Ziyang charged forth like a demon, bringing with him a sinister cold air that immediately pervaded the room. Two shadows flashed, the room was filled with silhouettes as the two were moving extremely fast in that moment. So much so that they could not be seen clearly.

The Medicine King did not dare leave Tang Zheng’s side for too long. He was deeply fearful that the other would bait him and draw him away like one would lure a tiger out of the mountain, all for the sake of killing Tang Zheng.

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