Chapter 94: Extreme Yin God Needles

Chapter 94: Extreme Yin God Needles

Boss Fan looked at Tang Zheng with arrogance, the light flashing from his blade gave off a deathly aura, as he malevolently gave a low laugh: “Heihei, little brat, it seems even you have a day like this. You actually dare go against this daddy so you deserve to die an early death. I will finish you off today and this daddy will then go to finish off Lin Hu to send him to accompany you in hell!”

Boss Fan raised his dagger and fiercely brought it down towards Tang Zheng's chest.

Suddenly, the door opened.

Fang Shishi walked over and loudly cried out: "Who are you? What are you doing?!"

Boss Fan was scared into a shock as his dagger unconsciously stopped in place. He turned his eyes to look at Fang Shishi.

Fang Shishi's gaze fell onto the blade, and a wave of cold energy emerged in her heart. She felt incomparable fear but did not run; in fact, she charged straight at Boss Fan in an attempt to steal away the dagger.

"You are not allowed to harm Tang Zheng."

Boss Fan was shocked, as this little girl was not scared of him. He started to cruelly laugh and think that she has sent herself to him. In a bit, he will take her away and have some fun with her.

Fang Shishi was weak in the face of Boss Fan who was at the third-grade Refining Body; she could not handle even one strike from him. Boss Fan easily grabbed onto her arm.

Fang Shishi tried to struggle nonstop and wanted to give a loud scream, but Boss Fan's hands were quick and muffled her mouth, only letting her emit ‘wuwuwu.'

"Heihei, little girl. You are pretty fierce, in a bit, I will have you obediently listening to me." Boss Fan said with a satisfied smile. He then waved his hand as his knife once again was sent towards Tang Zheng's chest.

Fang Shishi was scared witless; she did not know where she got her strength, but she fiercely bit down on the hand covering her mouth.

"Ah! F*ck, this daddy will kill you!" Boss Fan felt pain and loudly cried out. The dagger made a turn as it went towards Fang Shishi's chest.

A muffled sound rang out as Boss Fan was sent flying away and crashed fiercely against the wall, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Fang Shishi escaped his grasps and immediately shouted loudly: "Assassin! HELP!" Then she quickly stuck close to Tang Zheng as if she was protecting the most important thing in her life.

Boss Fan crawled up as he looked at Fang Shishi in shock. He then turned to scan the surrounding and found that there was no fourth person in the room and Fang Shishi herself was not a cultivator; so how could she send him flying away?

Just now, there was an incomparably strong and mysterious wave of energy that nearly stopped his heart from beating. It could be seen that it was no ordinary attack, but there was no one else present.

Of course, he would not know that Fang Shishi was wearing a jade Buddha that was a defense talisman. Luckily he was a martial artist and canceled out most of the retaliating force. Otherwise, if it were any other ordinary person, then they would have followed in Qiao Fei's footsteps and been knocked unconscious.

"Holy shit!" He loudly cursed as he once again thought about charging forward but then he heard loud footsteps outside the door. It seems that Fang Shishi's cries for help did not fall on deaf ears.

Boss Fan unwilling looked at Tang Zheng; this little brat's life was hard to take. Even now he was unwilling to die. His killing intent raged as he stared at Fang Shishi before lowering his head and running away.

Fang Shishi's fiercely beating heart finally calmed down a bit, and after her adrenaline racing through her body reduced, she felt as if she lost all her energy. She then slumped over the bed, laying on Tang Zheng's body.

Seeing the Tang Zheng close by, her lips curled up in a smile: I will not let anyone hurt you!


The door was, once again pushed open and Fang Shishi froze in shock. She thought that the assassin was back, but after looking again she realized that it was not the assassin who walked in but Ye Dingdang.

"What happened?" Ye Dingdang charged over and anxiously asked.

Fang Shishi awkwardly stood up as she said with lingering fear: "There was an assassin who was trying to kill Tang Zheng."

"Assassin?" Ye Dingdang wrinkled her eyebrows.

"Just now we saw a person in the elevator. Could he be the assassin?" Feng Siniang asked.

Ye Dingdang's eyes flashed, and she said: "It must be him, that was Boss Fan; he is a gangster leader in Chang Heng City. He and Tang Zheng also had conflicts before."

"Heng, he dares to try to assassinate the handsome little brother. Is he tired of living!" Feng Siniang gave a cold hmph as her killing intent soared.

"Let's not say anymore. First, let us check up on Tang Zheng's situation. Senior Medicine God, can you please take a look." Ye Dingdang anxiously pulled Senior Medicine God to the bedside.

But the Medicine God was not the only person, within his arms was a little girl——Nannan.

Nannan looked at the surroundings before her gaze fell on Tang Zheng's face. She wanted to loudly call out Brother Godly Doctor, but she suddenly remembered that it was her and Tang Zheng's little secret, so she closed her mouth.

The others did not notice the little girl's reaction as they were all focused on the Medicine God.

Feng Siniang waited at Mu Hongyan's house for the Medicine God, and upon seeing him, Ye Dingdang anxiously dragged him to the hospital. Except there was an extra little person that they brought along, and that was Nannan.

For the past few days, Nannan has been with the Medicine God, and she quite liked the white-bearded grandpa. The Medicine God, on the other hand, wanted to know just how Nannan's illness was treated.

So, when the Medicine God went out to search for Tang Zheng, he always brought Nannan.

"What happened to brother?" Nannan anxiously asked.

The Medicine God put her down and amiably said: "Nannan don't worry, grandpa will treat him."

He had already heard about how Tang Zheng had sustained injuries, so he stretched out his hand to feel his pulse. He placed two fingers on his wrist, and with a thought, he sent a strand of energy into his body to check up on his condition.

Suddenly, the Medicine God felt a powerful wave of energy break apart his energy causing him to feel a great shock. This energy was extremely concentrated.

Even so, he did not get scared and felt more curious. He once again felt Tang Zheng's pulse as if he wanted to explore deeper.

A muffled sound rang out, and the Medicine God was shocked awake and forced back a step. His face revealed a look of extreme grimness.

The others were shocked: "Senior Medicine God, what happened?"

The Medicine God splayed his arms and did not reply. He only looked at Tang Zheng occasionally shaking his head and occasionally nodding his head. This made everyone confused, but no one made a sound.

Even though Fang Shishi did not know who the old man was, she knew that anyone Ye Dingdang would bring was not ordinary, so she had on a face of hope.

A moment later, the Medicine God let out a distant sigh and muttered irresolutely: "I have never seen this kind of situation before; this is really too weird. Too weird indeed!"

It must be known that the Medicine God was a ninth grade Natal martial artists so even though he was not extremely power he had spent many years in the medical field and never had he been faced with his qi being rejected before.

He inherited the ancient Hua Tuo's teachings and trained in the Five Animal Technique; his qi was different in that it did not conflict with anyone's qi. This made it extremely useful for doctors to investigate the conditions of their patients.

But this time it was not the case as his qi was completely unable to enter Tang Zheng's body as his body possessed a strong wave of qi that would ultimately reject his qi.

The others saw him shake his head and say ‘weird' and felt their heart tenses. It seems the situation was not as simple as they thought it was and they hurriedly asked: "Senior Medicine God, can he be saved?"

"Saved?" The Medicine God stared with wide eyes, "His body is healthy, but it is odd that he is stuck in a state of unconsciousness. The key is how we should wake him up."

"Senior, you must wake up him. I beg of you." Fang Shishi grabbed onto the Medicine God's hand and pleaded.

The Medicine God nodded his head: "Miss, relax, I will do my best."

It is unknown when Nannan grabbed ahold of Tang Zheng's hand, but her small hand was currently firmly holding onto his large hands. She also had on a face of worry as she lifted her head and told the Medicine God: "Grandpa Medicine God, you must save brother, he is a good person."

The Medicine God smiled and said: "How does Nannan know that he is a good person?"

"Nannan just knows, anyways grandpa Medicine God must save brother otherwise Nannan will ignore you." Nannan seriously said.

"Nannan is too caring." Ye Dingdang patted her head. Within a short period, Ye Dingdang was completely conquered by Nannan's cuteness.

"Thank you, little girl." Fang Shishi gratefully said.

Nannan gave a sweet smile, but her gaze once again fell on Tang Zheng's body, revealing her worry.

"You first leave, I will stay here tonight to watch over him and try to find a method to heal him." The Medicine God said.

"No, I will stay with him. I want him to be able to see me the moment he wakes up." Fang Shishi firmly said.

The Medicine God gave her a look and said: "Miss, your body is also in chaos. You must have stayed awake for the whole night so you should go back and rest. Otherwise, you will also fall ill and when that happens who will take care of him? Moreover, he will not wake up so quickly, so there is no point in you waiting here."

"But…: Fang Shishi wanted to continue insisting, but Ye Dingdang blocked her and advised: "You return; first, I will take care of him."

Upon hearing those words, Fang Shishi wanted to insist even more to stay as how could she let Tang Zheng stay with Ye Dingdang. But before she could refute, the Medicine God waved his hand to signal that everyone should leave.

The people present had no way and did not dare ignore the Medicine God's words.

"Someone wants to do him harm so you should be careful." Fang Shishi did not forget to say albeit with great difficulty.

The Medicine God gave a confident smile: "If someone dares come here to do evil then they are seeking their death."

A ninth grade natal stage martial artist is already an exist that stands at the top. Within Chang Heng City there are few that could threaten him.

Feng Siniang was clearly more seasoned than the rest and knew that the Medicine God did not want to be disturbed while he treated Tang Zheng, hence why she took the rest away and even sent Nannan back home.

Once the patient room quieted down, the Medicine God looked towards Tang Zheng as if he wanted to see through him. A moment later, he sucked in a deep breath and said: "Since he has an extreme yang qi, which is rarely seen, and I do not know what type of martial arts he trains in I can only use yin energy as his body rejects all yang energy. To balance out yin and yang, I will have to use the Extreme Yin God Needle."

After he had finished speaking, nine needles appeared within his hand, each three inch and three parts long. The light glinted off of it, as one could only see his hands flashing like lightning as one after another needle were placed onto Tang Zheng's chest.

His needlework was extremely fast and not like an ordinary traditional Chinese doctor. In between each breath, his needle would be precisely placed into Tang Zheng's body.

Just from his handiwork, it can be seen that his skills far surpassed ordinary.

One after another the needles, within a few tens of seconds, were placed in their respective locations. Only then did he finally relax and reveal a satisfied look.

Suddenly, his smile froze.

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