Chapter 93: Assassinate

Chapter 93: Assassinate

The three happened to walk in right as Fang Shishi was bending over and kissing Tang Zheng’s lips.

All three revealed different expressions, but they all maintained their silence.

Fang Shishi heard the door opening and hurriedly lifted up her head to look at the three. Her face flushed red.

“Teacher Liu, how come you guys are here?” She hurriedly stood up and greeted them.

Liu Qingmei gave a cough to cover her awkwardness and said, “Since something happened to Tang Zheng, we naturally came to check on him. How is he?”

Fang Shishi’s expression became dark. Tang Zheng had yet to wake up, and she has been laying by his bedside. After watching him in deep sleep, she could not help but kiss him. That scene just so happened to be seen by the other three.

“He still has not woken up yet.” Fang Shishi said gloomily.

“Boss, please wake up. We have all come to visit.” Feng Yong sat at the bedside and gave a shout, but Tang Zheng did not move.

Ye Dingdang felt her heart go through ups and downs. She never would have expected that the powerful Tang Zheng would be involved in a car accident. There was an unconcealed sentiment within her heart as she temporarily forgot about the intimate scene she had just witnessed. She hurriedly asked, “Just how did this happen?”

“It was all because of me, it’s my fault. He ended up like this because he was trying to save me.” Fang Shishi said with incomparable sorrow.

Ye Dingdang felt her heart tense. He saved Fang Shishi without a care for his own life? This caused her to feel a bit jealous.

“My boss is too courageous; this is a real hero saving a beauty.” Feng Yong praised.

Liu Qingmei’s eyes flashed as this little brat actually possessed a bit of courage, which was commendable. Her original anger over what happened that night slightly diminished.

“What did the doctor say?” Liu Qingmei asked.

“The doctor said that he broke two of his ribs but that it is not dangerous. The main problem is that we do not know when he will wake up.”

Liu Qingmei patted Fang Shishi’s shoulders and comfortingly said: “Relax, Heaven helps the worthy. He will definitely wake up.”

“This is all my fault. If it wasn’t for me then he wouldn’t be like this.” Fang Shishi said as she still felt extremely guilty.

“Just how were you wrong? Stop blabbering. This is his fault.” She Mengqin abruptly walked in and loudly said as she gave her daugher a meaningful glance which Fang Shishi ignored.

“You are?” Liu Qingmei knitted her eyebrows and asked.

“I am Shishi’s mother.”

“Hello, I am their class teacher, Liu Qingmei.” She said extending her hand.

She Mengqin gave a cold grunt as she did not acknowledge Liu Qingmei, and turned to Fang Shishi to say: “Shishi, you shouldn’t speak nonsense. His injury is not related to you.”

“No, this is my fault. He was protecting me with his embrace and that is why I escaped this accident.” Fang Shishi obstinately shook her head and did not change her stance.

She Mengqin’s forehead went tense as she stole a glance at the three before saying: “Since you guys came then you should take care of him. We are returning home. Shishi, let’s go.”

Hauling Fang Shishi, she made for the door.

This one night was simply torture for She Mengqin because as a person who was raised with everything she has never had to suffer through any pains. Moreover, the strong disinfectant smell was hard for her to bare and it nearly caused her to collapse.

But, Fang Shishi threw away her arms as she once again resumed her position next to the bed, grabbing ahold of Tang Zheng’s hands and said: “I already said that if he does not wake up then I will not leave. You leave first.”

Saying up to here she stared intently at Tang Zheng and ignored everyone else.

She Mengqin savagely stomped her foot but did not leave. She stole another glance at the three people as she was afraid that her daughter would become more involved in this situation and end up bearing the responsibility.

Liu Qingmei gave She Mengqin a loathing look. This mother and daughter pair were simply too different, but it was not her job to become involved in their family’s affair. She could only advise Fang Shishi to take good care of Tang Zheng and tell her if she needs anything to call her. Also, if Tang Zheng were to wake up she should notify her immediately.

Fang Shishi’s heart was not with her. Both Feng Yong and Ye Dingdang both gave Tang Zheng another look as they left but Ye Dingdang did not return to school but went straight home instead.

“Dingdang, ei, how come you returned so quickly? Is something the matter?” Feng Siniang said with shock as she saw her daughter.

Ye Dingdang pretended as if she did not hear hwe and went straight towards Ye Xuanji and said: “I want to find Senior Medicine God.”

Ye Xuanji curiously asked: “Why do you want to find him?”

“To save someone.”

“The Medicine God is very busy. If you need to save someone then go to the hospital.” Ye Xuanji lightly said.

“Where is he?” Ye Dingdang’s voice suddenly went higher by a pitch as she loudly asked.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang were both shocked into a jump as they had never seen their daughter like this. Feng Siniang hurriedly went over to her and asked: “Dingdang, who do you want to save and just what happened?”

“Tang Zheng was hit by a car and is now lying unconscious in the hospital.”

“What, Tang Zheng was hit by a car?” Ye Tianlei jumped up from the sofa and walked over, his face immediately became solemn.

Feng Siniang could not hide her surprise as she followed up and asked what happened.

Ye Dingdang did not explain the details but said that he got hit in order to save Fang Shishi.

Feng Siniang’s eyes flashed, of course she remembered her daughter’s love rival but now was not the time to worry about this, hence she gave her husband a look.

Ye Xuanji gave a cold laugh and mockingly said: “It seems like this brat is not much. He could not even protect himself so how could he help me?”

“I want to find Senior Medicine God. Hurry up and tell me where he is?” Ye Dingdang did not acknowledge him and obstinately asked.

“Senior Medicine God is not an ordinary person. If he were to save everyone then wouldn’t he be worked to death.” Ye Xuanji refused.

Ye Dingdang stared at him and immediately flew into a rage: “Saving a person's life is the utmost important, don’t you understand that? Hurry up and tell me the address; I will go find him. No need for you to ask.”

Ye Xuanji felt that he couldn’t hold onto his face as he was being roared at by his own granddaughter. He stamped his feet and stood up. Flicking his sleeves he asked: “Just one stinken brat, based on what should the Medicine God save him? His life is not worth anything.”

“Lives are not worth more than others. Do not think that you are higher than others because in the face of death everyone is equal.” Ye Dingdang loudly berated.

Ye Xuanji felt his expression grow dark as the idea of death was looming over him like a sharp knife. Indeed, in front of death no matter how high one’s status was, they are the same as any other ordinary person.

It is indeed the truth but if he were to agree and voice it out loud then he would be in essence stabbing himself.

“Equal? Heng, what a joke. This little brat is nothing. What equal. In this word if one wants to be equal they have to be able to have the strength to back up their words.” Ye Xuanji lifted up his legs and walked away.

Ye Tianlei hurriedly said: “Father, please ease your anger. Dingdang is too rash and not careful with her words. But, Tang Zheng has done our family a great service so we can not just watch as he dies. If we were to plead Senior Medicine God for his help then Tang Zheng would definitely be saved.”

“The Medicine God is looking for the Godly Doctor. Let me warn you, do not go disturb him. Follow me.” Ye Xuanji ordered and Ye Tianlei could not go against his commands. They both left leaving Ye Dingdang who's angry panting sound rang out in the living room.

“To excessive, this is too much!” She fiercely stamped her feet as she really wanted to charge right at Ye Xuanji.

Feng Siniang gave a sigh as this was the difference in status. Those who hold great power are completely different from those who are ordinary.

But Feng Siniang never associated herself with those of high status so she flicked her lips in disdain. She held her daughter's shoulder and said: “What’s the point of being angry. Let’s go, do not think that he is the only one who knows where the Medicine God is.”

“Feng Siniang, you know where he’s at?” Ye Dingdang said extremely happy.

Feng Siniang proudly lifted up her head and said: “How can I not know this small news. Come, let’s go save the little handsome brother.”

Saying up to here they both got into the car which quickly arrived at a large house.

“Feng Siniang, are you sure that the Senior Medicine God is here?”

“Of course.” Feng Siniang said confidently.

“Please enter. Who are you looking for?” A middle aged housewife opened the door and asked.

“We are looking for Senior Medicine God.” Ye Dingdang anxiously asked loudly.

The middle aged housewife flashed with a weird light as she said: “Please wait a moment.” She then closed the door and not long later another stunning housewife walked out causing even Feng Siniang to unconsciously flash with a look of shock.

This housewife was Mu Hongyan who moved effortlessly, looking incomparably graceful.

“May I ask who you two are and why you are seeking the Medicine God?” Mu Hongyan could tell the two were not ordinary and asked politely.

Ye Dingdang wanted to impatiently reply but was stopped by Feng Siniang who could tell that Mu Hongyan was also not ordinary. Just based on Mu Hongyan’s temperament it could be seen that she was raised well, hence she replied in a courteous manner.

“It is simply to coincidental but Senior Medicine God has just left.”

“When will he be back?”


“If you do not mind, can we wait here?”

Mu Hongyan hesitated a bit before nodding her head in agreement.

Ye Dingdang was impatiently looking for a doctor to treat Tang Zheng while their were others who wanted nothing more than for Tang Zheng to die. Once Boss Fan learned that Tang Zheng was in an unconscious state he really wanted to look upwards and give a loud laugh.

When nightfall came, he disguised himself, for he personally came to the hospital looking for revenge. He wanted to take Tang Zheng’s life as he hated him to the guts. So much so that he did not send his lackeys but chose to do the deed himself.

He arrived outside of Tang Zheng’s sick room, of which he was the only patient. Of course, Fang Shishi was also staying by his side.

She Mengqin seriously could not stand it anymore and returned home alone, leaving Fang Shishi by herself.

“F*uk, how come there's still a little girl; this little girl is pretty. F*ck, this little brat’s luck is not bad. Last time the girl by his side was also of extreme quality.” Boss Fan licked his lips as he enviously said.

But Boss Fan was still a bit afraid and did not charge straight in because this was an assassination attempt. One must not cause to big a commotion or noise.

He was waiting, waiting for Fang Shishi to leave. After waiting for a while there was no movement and Boss Fan was nearly annoyed to death and wanted to charge in when Fang Shishi stood up. She patted Tang Zheng’s face and walked towards the restroom.

“Hei, my chance is here.” Boss Fan’s body flashed into the room, a gleam flashed off the knife within his hand.

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