Chapter 92: Looming Danger

Chapter 92: Looming Danger

Ye Tianlei made a phone call to find Tang Zheng in order to bring up the meeting but he was not aware of the car accident and the fact that his grandfather went to bed early. Therefor, he could only advise Dingdang to invite Tang Zheng over to their house tomorrow.

At this time, the surgery on Tang Zheng was completed. The massive impact caused both his shoulder to break and he was currently in an unconscious state.

Fang Shishi sat at the bedside, grabbing her own hand as she stared at him without moving.

“Shishi, it’s late. Tomorrow you still need to go to school so you should return home.” She Mengqin advised.

Fang Shishi firmly shook her head and said: “No, I need to accompany him. I will wait for him to wake up.”

“How could he possibly wake up so quickly. Even the doctors could not clearly determine when he will wake up. So you staying here is useless. The high school exam is approaching so you should place more importance on it.” She Mengqin bitterly advised.

Fang Shishi fiercely lifted her head and decisively said: “If he does not wake up then I will not take the high school exam!”

She Mengqin was shocked to the extreme and blurted out: “How can that be? You can’t decide to not take the high school exam just because of him.”

Fang Chongguo advised: “Shishi, listen to your mother’s words. It is useless staying here with him. He will naturally wake up when it is time.”

Fang Shishi stubbornly shook her head: “This is all my fault. If he does not wake up then I will stay with him for a lifetime.” A pair of large eyes shown with firmness.

The couple looked at each other as it seemed that they had underestimated their daughter’s decisiveness. She Mengqin in turn fiercely stared at the unconscious Tang Zheng as she hated him to the bones.

“Let’s return.”

Fang Shishi waved her hand, not acknowledging her parents. She focused her attention on Tang Zheng as his peaceful face now possessed a layer of odd splendor causing her to be entranced.

She Mengqin wanted to speak but was stopped by her husband who gave her a look. The two then retreated from the room.

“What are you doing? Why won’t you let me speak?” She Mengqin angrily asked.

“Do you think that at this time she will listen? It would just produce the opposite effect and push our daughter to the other side.” Fang Chongguo said.

She Mengqin unwillingly said: “That is hard to say. Did you not hear the doctor's words? The chances of him waking up is hard to determine. Could it be that you want our daughter to not go to school and stay by his side? Is this living?”

“Let’s not talk anymore. In the end he did save Shishi.”

She Mengqin’s eyes flashed as she said: “He saved Shishi? Heng, I do not think so. Shishi, is to naive. I think she was tricked by him. What if this is all just an act? He probably just wants to firmly grab onto Shishi and then enter our family. How could I not understand these kind of people’s thoughts?”

Seeing how their conversation was getting off topic, Fang Chongguo hurriedly chided her.

But how could She Mengqin be so easily stopped. Her eyes lit up as if she found a new path and she excited said: “That’s right, this situation must be carefully investigated. We must find the opportunity and see if that little brat was just playing an act. Chongguo you yourself know that human nature is wicked so this situation must be thoroughly looked into.”

Fang Chongguo’s heart moved as he had been traversing this world for a long time and he did know clearly that human nature was wicked. Not to mention pretending to be hurt to gain pity, he even saw more unimaginable acts before.

Moreover, this was his only daughter and his son-in-law would have be chosen with the utmost care. Otherwise his lifelong business would be wasted.

Even though he already made plans to send his daughters out of country after the high school exam, from now to that time was still a little over a month and in that time there were a lot things that can happen. From today’s events he could tell that her feelings were already deep.

If this was all an act by Tang Zheng then he must make the necessary preparations to severe the feelings between them.

“I will do some investigations. You first stay at the hospital to take care of our daughter.” Fang Chongguo solemnly said.

She Mengqin was overjoyed at this news as she hurriedly nodded: “Don’t worry, I will keep watch over that little brat.”

At this time, within a nightclub Boss Fan was sitting on a comfy sofa with a young lady with heavy makeup exerting all her strength on his crotch when suddenly, his body straightened and he grabbed her head. Half a moment later his shoulder relaxed as he took in a breath then resumed laying on the sofa. He then calmly looked at the little brother by the door and said: “Speak, what is the matter that has you disturbing this daddy’s mood.”

The young lady cleaned up herself and hung half her body over his.

The little brother enviously looked at the young girl and swallowed his saliva before saying: “Boss, the little brat you had me watch over finally had some activity.”

“En, what happened?” Boss Fan sat up straighter as his expression became solemn.

He suffered great loss at Tang Zheng’s hand and not only had he lost his gun he also lost some face. He had previously sent someone to monitor Tang Zheng, wanting to find his weakness to gain revenge.

Even though Huang Ziyang already promised that he would deal with Tang Zheng that was only after he broke into the Natal realm and who knows how long that would take. Therefor Boss Fan decided to see if he could take matters into his own hands.

“This little brat was run into by a car today and suffered great injuries. He is currently laying in the hospital.” The little junior laughed finding joy in anothers pain.

“Haha, the heaven favors me. The Heaven’s have finally opened their eyes. The little brat is so arrogant that even the Heavens look down upon him, even wanting to deal with him.” Boss Fan was shocked but then started to madly laugh.

The little brother hurriedly nodded his head and said: “Yes, he dares go against Boss, you, so he is seeking his own death. This is all of his own doing.”

“Then how is he now?” Boss Fan asked again.

“After he was sent to the hospital, I do not know what happened, but if he does not die after being hit by a cement truck then he should be close to death.”

“Heihei, good. Send someone to the hospital to take a look. This daddy wants to know if he died or not. If he is not dead then this daddy will not mind sending him on his way.” Boss Fan tightened his fist, letting out ‘kaka’ cracking noises.

Ye Dingdang was sitting in a car, as she involuntarily smiled. Yesterday night she hurriedly started training in the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra.

The priceless treasure was indeed unordinary and in just a night she felt her strength increase by quite a bit. She felt that she was even close to breaking into the seventh grade of refining body.

It must be known that she was stuck at the sixth grade of refining body for close to a year and never had any hints of breaking through but just after one night she had such great gains.

At this time, she was extremely satisfied with the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra. Of course, her feelings towards Tang Zheng also increased.

Like mother like daughter, Feng Siniang advised: “Dingdang, remember your mission today is to invite Tang Zheng over to the house. Moreover, your attitude must be better and try not to annoy him too much. It is unladylike.”

“How am I rude to him?’ Ye Dingdang refuted.

“You see, I say a word and you talk back. How can this be. Even though girls must have character, when you and Tang Zheng are together you must be warm and gentle. Since guys like that a lot.” Feng Siniang said teaching by word and example.

Ye Dingdang felt her face turn red as she said: “Feng Siniang, what are you blabbering about now? Moreover, I do not see you acting all warm and gentle and didn’t dad still marry you.”

“Hey, you silly little girl, you want to compare with me? What I have is called innate beauty. It is one of a kind so your dad obediently sent himself to my door. You, on the other hand, are unable to do so as you have not inherited this outstanding gene of mind. Hence, why you have to make it up with something else so you have to put in work in order to rope in Tang Zheng’s heart.”

“Feng Sinaing, your face is very thick isn’t it to boast so shamelessly.”

“I am just speaking the truth here. In the past you did not think that Tang Zheng was good, but today after interacting more with him you understand that he is not ordinary. So, my eyes are better than yours and you should obediently listen to me. I will help you take him down.”

Ye Dingdang had her own thoughts but she did not refute. The image of Tang Zheng was slowly, step by step, overlapping with the unrivaled hero of her dreams.

But when she reached school and the bell rang to signal the start of school she had yet to see Tang Zheng. At this time her face turned ugly as she also discovered that Fang Shishi was also not in class.

These two who never ditched class had both actually disappeared together, making this extremely suspicious.

“Could it be that the two were doing naughty stuff last night? So that is why they were unable to get out of bed today…” Thinking up to here she unconsciously leaned towards this thought.

Gradually her heart was thrown into disarray with a hint of sourness: “How can he do that? He is to much like a beast. This won’t do. I must make clear this situation.”

She secretly dialed Tang Zheng’s phone number but was notified that his phone was not turned on. She started to become angry as he actually dared to turn off his phone. He must have been doing something bad.

The chaos within her grew as she did not even listen to the lecture. She just sat there stupidly, dispirited and downcast as she felt muffled anger.

When the bell rang to signal the end of class, the assigned teacher left and Liu QIngmei walked in. Her expression was ice cold, even colder than normal.

Everyone discovered that something must have happened as they all stopped what they were doing to listen.

Just as everyone expected, Liu Qingmei looked at everyone and said solemnly: “I have a grievous news to pass onto everyone. Yesterday, one of our students was hit by a car and is currently laying in the hospital. Therefor, I want to remind everyone to please be careful of your safety. Your lives are your own so do not be careless with it.”

At this time, everyone burst into discussion as their gazes fell on the two empty desks.

Ye Dingdang’s heart thud as she suddenly had a foreboding feeling. She nervously looked at Liu Qingmei and only heard her continue to say: “Student Tang Zheng was hit by a car and I will be leaving in a bit for the hospital to see him. I hope everyone will send a representative to go with me.”

“I’ll go!”

“I’ll go!”

Two voices rang out at the same time. It was Ye Dingdang and Feng Yong, the two both had anxious expressions on their faces. Liu Qingmei gave Ye Dingdang a deep look and nodded her head in agreement: “Okay, then we will leave immediately.”

The three walked out and the classroom was once again thrown into chaos. Simply too many things had happened to Tang Zheng, stacking onto each other. The matter about the confession still has not died down and now he was involved in a car accident. Could it be that he wanted to keep being the center of attention?

At this time no one was paying attention to Gao Dazhi whose lips cracked out in a smile. He really wanted to laugh out loudly three times. He even silently prayed that Tang Zheng died so no one can fight him for Ye Dingdang.

The MINI car raced towards the hospital and they arrived shortly. When the three appeared outside of Tang Zheng’s room an unexpected situation greeted them.

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